By design, the College Seminars actively involve you in learning as envisioned by a liberal arts education. The small class environment allows for the examination of an academic area in a way that encourages first-year students to think critically and analytically. Since the instructors of the college seminars serve as their students’ academic advisers, they can assess the students’ abilities, interests, and concerns, and provide them with the proper counsel.

Carefully examine the offering of College Seminar topics for this semester. In making your selection, please keep in mind that the seminars are not introductions to major programs and you are not expected to have any prior knowledge of the subject matter. In your seminar you are required to:

  • Attend and contribute to every session. The exchange of ideas and information belongs to the process of learning and is an inherent feature of a seminar.
  • Study reflectively the assigned books, articles, and other readings.
  • Write several brief papers. It is important to write carefully, edit, and re-write your papers before submitting them as you work to improve your writing skills. Your instructor will help you with the organization and style of your papers.
  • Participate actively in the seminar, presenting your ideas formally and informally. You learn to develop the skills that are required to make effective oral presentations.

You will note that many of the faculty are teaching courses that go beyond their own disciplines. As a liberal arts student, you, too, should explore a wide range of interests, and the College Seminar will provide you with an excellent opportunity to begin to do so.

Your academic adviser, the instructor of the seminar, brings to it not only scholarly expertise and professional experience but also a special interest in the topic being studied and in the College Seminar program itself. All of the instructors have participated in special training workshops and have agreed to adopt a uniform set of written and oral requirements. Everyone is ready to help you benefit fully from this experience.

Assignment to a Seminar

The seminars to be offered during Fall 2014 will be listed soon.

Note: You will need to complete the Drew Online Network User Training to earn credits for the Common Hour. You have the option of either self-paced online or instructor-paced class with lectures and demonstrations.