Social Psychology Lab at Drew

Faculty Advisor
Dr. Jessica L. Lakin, Ph.D.

Overiew of Research in SPLAD

Overiew of Research in SPLAD

My two primary research areas are automatic influences on behavior and motivated cognitive processes and behaviors related to the self. My research on automaticity explores nonconscious behavioral mimicry, which is the tendency for people to copy or imitate automatically the nonverbal behaviors of interaction partners. I am particularly interested in factors that increase or decrease people’s nonconscious mimicry behavior. My research has demonstrated that people mimic the behaviors of interaction partners more when they have an active affiliation goal or have recently experienced social exclusion. My research on the self explores the motivations that affect people’s cognitive processes and behaviors, particularly self-evaluative and self-protective behaviors. This research has demonstrated that a person’s regulatory focus affects self-evaluative processing by focusing attention on self-esteem or self-certainty, and that people show consistency in motivated cognitive processing across self-related domains.

I also supervise student research on a variety of social psychological topics.

Representative Publications

Representative Publications

Lakin, J. L. & Chartrand, T. L. (in press). Behavioral mimicry as an affiliative response to social exclusion. In C. N. DeWall (Ed.), The Oxford handbook of social exclusion. New York: Oxford University Press.

Leonardelli, G. J. & Lakin, J. L. (2009). The new adventures of regulatory focus: Self-uncertainty and the quest for diagnostic feedback. In R. M. Arkin, K. C. Oleson, & P. J. Carroll (Eds.), The uncertain self: A handbook of perspectives from social and personality psychology (pp. 249-265). Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

Lakin, J. L., Chartrand, T. L., & Arkin, R. M. (2008). I am too just like you: Nonconscious mimicry as an automatic behavioral response to social exclusion. Psychological Science, 19, 816-822.

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Leonardelli, G. J., Lakin, J. L., & Arkin, R. M. (2007). A regulatory focus approach to the self-evaluation process. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 43, 1002-1009.

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Student Projects

Student Projects

Lakin, J. L., Allshouse, A. D., & Osorio, B. (2011, January). Oh, the places we could go: Priming travel increases self-improvement intentions. Poster to be presented at the meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, San Antonio, TX.

Allshouse, A. D. & Lakin, J. L. (2010, October). Perceptions of cartoon and non-animated violence. Poster presented at the Drew Summer Science Institute poster session.

Betz, D. E., Lakin, J. L., & Cermele, J. A. (2008, February). The impact of sexist humor on women’s self-stereotyping. Poster presented at the meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, Albuquerque, NM.

Alquist, J. & Lakin, J. L. (2006, October). Ego depletion’s effects on decision making. Poster presented at the Drew Summer Science Institute poster session.

Morales, A., Milke, K., Ray, A. S., Trawick-Smith, J., & Lakin, J. L. (2006, May). We’re not ALL sheep: The effects of personal relevance on conformity priming. Poster presented at the meeting of the Association for Psychological Science, New York, NY.

Moss, R. & Lakin, J. L. (2005, October). Groups, mimicry, and persuasion. Poster presented at the Drew Summer Science Institute poster session.

Steven G. Young (2004-2005): To contrast or assimilate: The moderating role of a primed exemplar’s group membership or individuality. Unpublished undergraduate honor’s thesis, Drew University, Madison, NJ.