If you are interested in the biological aspects of behavior, you might work either with
Professor Robin Timmons or Professor Graham Cousens.

Professor Robin Timmons is a biological psychologist specializing in behavioral pharmacology and limbic system mechanisms of behavior.  She is co-author of a 1990 textbook, Principles of Behavioral Pharmacologyand has publications on the effects of drugs and the limbic system on the behavior of young and adult rats.  Recent projects with students have included the effects of chronic nicotine and/or caffeine exposure on the behavior of young and aged rats; the effects of AChE-inhibitors, opiate antagonists and NSAIDs on stress-induced behavior in the rat.

Professor Graham Cousens is a behavioral neuroscientist broadly interested in the neural substrates of learning, memory, emotion, and drug dependence. His laboratory research focuses on the nucleus accumbens and closely associated brain regions, including the amygdaloid complex and frontal association cortex, and utilizes neuropsychological, electrophysiological, and neuropharmacological techniques. Current projects underway in the lab are examining the role these brain regions play in the formation of olfactory memories and how odors can elicit emotional states.