The Psychology Department’s mission is to teach psychology as a research science in the context of a liberal arts education through a comprehensive curriculum and innovative pedagogy. Our curriculum provides a grounding in all the main core areas of the discipline, but also allows opportunities for students to do independent research and to study specialized, interdisciplinary, and applied topics. Because the total number of credits required to complete the major is limited, students are also able to take advantage of the full range of liberal arts courses offered at Drew. Our pedagogy promotes a high quality education by emphasizing excellence in teaching, research methodology, experiential learning, mentoring, independent study, and utilization of technology.

A Note to Potential Majors or Minors

Psychology is an area of study to which most of us can relate. The discipline of psychology, however, is less well understood. You can discover the level of your interest in psychology as you engage in the process of choosing a major by taking both Introduction to Psychology and Introduction to Psychological Inquiry early in your college career.

We pride ourselves on being attentive to students’ needs and genuinely interested in engaging our majors in all aspects of psychological inquiry. Feel free to make an appointment with one of us to discuss your questions about the field and/or major of psychology. Good luck in your decision process!

There is a Moodle site for Psychology!

To enroll in the Psychology Majors/Minors Group:

  1. Go to Moodle and log in.
  2. Select the “Courses” tab.
  3. Select “Group” under “Course Catalog”
  4. Find “Psychology Majors/Minors Group” and enroll.

Major/Minor Requirements & Course List

Please view the college catalog for a full and up to date list of requirements and courses for this program.