President’s Organizational Announcement on Interim VP of Enrollment and President’s Office, 11/26/18.


President’s Organizational Announcement on Interim VP of Enrollment and President’s Office, 11/26/18

Dear Faculty and Staff,

I hope that you had a good Thanksgiving holiday and some energizing time with family and friends. I write today to share some staffing changes in the Office of Experiential Learning and Career Development, the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid and the President’s Office.

Office of Experiential Education and Career Development

Interim Director of the Career Center. With the recent retirement of Richard White, Greg Townsend C’05, formerly interim chief of staff in the President’s Office, will serve as interim director of the center until the search for a new director concludes. In this position, Greg reports to Daniel Pascoe Aguilar, associate provost for experiential education and career development. During his time at Drew, Greg will also maintain the title of assistant to the president for government and corporate relations. In this role, Greg will support the University as a whole and the Career Center in developing relationships and partnerships with New Jersey and its many for-profit and not-for-profit industries, essential for a successful inauguration of Launch, and for enhancing the University’s profile across the state.

Office of Admission and Financial Aid

Interim VP of Enrollment Management.  As I shared in my start-of-the-academic-year letter, Bob Massa will retire in February 2019 after four years as senior vice president for enrollment. We chose this timeline to ensure that early admission decisions will have been made and all application deadlines will have passed. The search for Bob’s successor is well underway and making good progress, but we expect a period of interim leadership between Bob’s departure and the arrival of his successor. Accordingly, I appointed Colby McCarthy, currently associate vice president for scholarships and financial aid, as interim vice president for enrollment management, effective February 15, 2019. I am announcing this appointment now so that Colby can begin to prepare for this transition. We expect the new vice president for enrollment management to begin his or her tenure on July 1, 2019. I am very confident that Colby will lead our admissions and financial aid efforts successfully during this interim period. Bob, Colby and I also agreed that in order to ensure a smooth transition, Bob will remain with Drew part time through May 1, 2019 to assist Colby and Jim Skiff, executive director of college admissions, with the transition.

President’s Office

As most of you know, Marti Winer, chief of staff and vice president for university relations, left Drew in September 2018. Since then Greg Townsend has been serving as interim chief of staff.

In the past year the President’s Office has achieved a level of capacity that makes me and my office colleagues feel confident we can provide the same level of service with one less position in the office. After a thorough review, we have realigned some positions and shifted some job responsibilities to ensure the smooth functioning of the President’s Office. I am grateful to the colleagues on my office team both for their willingness to grow and take on additional responsibilities, and for their commitment to best practice. Please note the following changes and areas of responsibility.

Chief of Staff. Effective immediately, Barb Bresnahan (formerly project manager) will move into this role. In addition to providing executive leadership on my behalf, Barb will have oversight of major University-wide events, notably the Drew Forum and Commencement. Barb will also serve as the executive liaison to the Borough of Madison. In her new role, Barb will serve as a member of the President’s Cabinet and APBC (the Annual Planning and Budgeting Council).

Executive Assistant to the President/Liaison to the Board of Trustees. Kathy Sutherland’s title and primary role managing my calendar and supporting the work of the Board of Trustees remains essentially unchanged, but as we all adapt to new roles in the office, Kathy will be taking on some additional responsibilities that result from the re-configuration. Kathy should be your first point of contact with our office; she will direct your inquiries to the appropriate President’s Office team member.

Assistant to the President for Legal Affairs and University Policy. Meredith Palmer’s title has been changed to reflect her role in maintaining and updating University policies. All legal inquiries or inquiries about policy (exclusive of Human Resources policies) should be directed to Meredith. Meredith also serves as my office liaison for the Title IX team.

President’s Office Project Manager and Event Coordinator. Maddy Randall will move into this new hybrid role, reporting to Chief of Staff Barb Bresnahan. Under Barb’s leadership, Maddy will provide support for Drew Forum, Commencement, and other University-wide projects as assigned. In some unique cases, Maddy will facilitate new University-wide projects as they “get off the ground,” ultimately turning them over to their related divisions or departments.

Vice President for University Relations. This position/title has been eliminated and its associated responsibilities were incorporated into other positions.

President’s Office Hilltop House Manager. This position/title has been eliminated and its associated responsibilities were incorporated into other positions.

As Drew undergoes this period of simultaneous growth and more efficient and sustainable practices, I am grateful to all of the colleagues mentioned above for their commitment to Drew and for their willingness to grow, learn, adapt, and take on new responsibilities, and I heartily congratulate them as they move into their new roles.