Professor Mohanty lectures on Sino-Indian relations, Spring 2009.
Professor Mohanty lectures on Sino-Indian relations, Spring 2009.

The Janet T. Siler International Affairs Forum is an annual event named for an international relations student and friend to many of us in the Political Science Department, who tragically lost her life in a car accident several years ago. A number of her student colleagues conceived of this forum and endowed it as a memorial to her. It is a fitting tribute to a person who truly loved the study of international relations.

Past Forums

April 2010: “Evaluating the Obama Administration’s Foreign Policy”

Professors Debra Liebowitz, Andrea Talentino, and Carlos Yordan shared their views on President Obama leadership on foreign policy issues.

March 2009: “India-China Relations in a Global Perspective”

Manorajan Mohanty, Durgabai Deshmukh Professor of Social Development at the Council for Social Development in New Delhi, India, and Visiting Professor of Global Studies at UC Santa Barbara

November 2007:  “The Fourth Wave of Terrorism”

David C. Rapoport, Emeritus Professor of Political Science at UCLA and editor of the journal, Terrorism and Political Violence

March 2006: “National Policy, Torture and International Law”

Mark Garlasco, Senior Analysts, Human Rights Watch

February 2005: “Securing and Eliminating Weapons of Mass Destruction in the Former Soviet Union”

Paul Boren, Senior Analyst for Cooperative Threat Reduction, U.S. Department of Defense

March 2003: “Understanding the Iraq Crisis”

M. Ali Chaudry, President, Center for Understanding Islam