Dr. Otto Maduro, Professor of World Christianity, retired after teaching at Drew Theological School since 1992. He was a Latino philosopher and sociologist of religion whose brilliance and passion have indelibly touched so many of us in the academy and the church from all around the globe, particularly in the Americas.

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334 Responses to “Honoring Otto Maduro”

  1. Mati Moros says:

    Ottico! Perdona mi desorden al escribirte…Ahora que te jubilas de profe en Drew, pienso en tantas cosas. La primera vez que te conocí, tu no te acordaras, pero fue en San Cristobal, en la época del nucleo de la ULA! Y que tal el famoso evento en Vanderbilt, con los Teólogos de la Liberación, y las peticiones excéntricas de cada quien, jajaja! Como gozamos! Todas tus noticias, tu apoyo incondicional y tus consejos, como agradecerte? Sin ti, no hubiese ido a Drew! Aprecio del alma todo tu cuidado, como profesor, como mentor, y como amigo sobretodo! Tu letra milimétrica en tus cartas lo dice todo…tanto por dar y contar en tan cortico espacio, tu apertura humana a tantas cosas! Eres hermoso, y dejas un legado difícil de seguirte los pasos, o de llenar tus zapatos, tu aporte académico, tu gran corazón, ambos inmensos! Como me dijo una vez un maestro peruano…Arriba siempre arriba, y hasta las estrellas, así he sentido que dices tu también! Adelante y con mucha esperanza! Besos y GRACIAS!!! -Mati

  2. DONNA MOROS says:



  3. Megan Brown Sutker DTS98 says:

    Dr. Maduro, although I never took a class with you, you influenced me more than any other during my time at The Theological School. As a fairly new seminarian, you offered a sermon in Chapel where you distinguished the difference between “either/or” and “both/and”. That sermon opened my eyes and my heart and was transforming for me, my theology, and my ministry as nothing else has been. I give thanks for you daily. Thank you. It is my prayer that in your retirement, you know how much you have mattered to your students and others. Blessings!

  4. I first met Professor Otto Maduro in the year 2000. I enjoyed his personality as a teacher and enjoyed all the courses I was privileged to take with him. I remember one time when I was struggling with my program and went to consult with him in his office. His kind words inspired me and steered me towards completing my program. Pfofessor, you may not even remember this, but I feel privileged to let you know at this moment that – you were and continue to be such an inspiration to me. Your words changed my perspective to the various challenges of life I was encountering and yes indeed, that short visit was a turning point for me. I owe you my success at Drew University even though you may not think you did much for me. You were amongst the professors who truly inspired me to go for what I thought I could accomplish in spite of.

    I appreciate you as a person, and your friendship is even more appreciated. I love you so much and wish you all the best in your health and your life after retirement. I will always try to stay in touch. I thank God that our paths crossed. You made a difference in my life and I will always remember that as I strive to make a difference in those whose paths cross mine. Be blessed and know that you are always appreciated.

  5. anthony reddie says:

    I don’t think we’ve ever met, but I have read your work and been inspired by your passion, conviction and of course your commitment to liberative praxis. You have exuded a brilliant combination of activism and robust scholarship, which has inspired younger scholars such as myself. Keep on keeping on Professor Maduro. Peace and Love.

  6. Orlando Espin says:

    Compadre, ya son décadas, desde que éramos estudiantes doctorales: tú en Lovaina y yo en Río. Siempre te he seguido y admirado. Eso no ha cambiado ni cambiará. Con el gran abrazo de siempre, de hermano y co-conspirador.

  7. Claire Saunders says:

    I was truly blessed to have taken a course with Dr. Maduro! His class, Religion and the Social Process, truly changed the way that I thought about social justice within the church setting. I will ever be thankful for his presence at Drew Theological!

  8. George Cruz-Martinez says:

    Otto, gracias por haber compartido tu vida con el pueblo de Dios con un verdadero espíritu de humildad. Que la gracia y paz del Dios de vida te acompañen todos tus días. Shalom, Jorge (George)

  9. Matt Westbrook says:

    Otto, I am so grateful for your mentoring and guidance throughout my education. Your teaching was probably the best I have ever experienced, and your extensive notes and carefulness and precision in your theory and in your setting out the theories of others has been–and remains–an inspiration to me. Thank you, so much, for your dedication to your students.

  10. Carlos Sintado says:

    Querido Otto:
    Va un enorme saludo desde Ginebra!!!… Muchas gracias por tu compañía y solidaridad durante los años pasados en Drew. Tu sonrisa, tu presencia y tu contribución siempre quedarán conmigo. Nuestras discusiones sobre “peroncito,” matizadas con otras tantas serán inolvidables.
    Les deseo a tod@s ustedes, a Nancy, a Mateo y a ti lo mejor en la continuación de vuestras tareas.
    !!Un gran abrazo latinoamericano!!!

    Carlos A. Sintado

  11. Tim Helton says:


    Thanks for your friendship and the mentoring that you’ve provided. I will always remember fondly the Bourdieu class, but even more, the class I attended on Pentecostalism when I visited the school before enrolling!

    You are loved and appreciated!

  12. Richenda says:

    Dr. Maduro!! Blessings to you! I am so grateful to you for all you have contributed to Drew. Thank you. The Celt in me offers you this blessing: May each step you take find the thundering earth rich and dusty and good and solidly beneath your feet. May the wild, ruckus-y geese of the Spirit herald your way with great loud honks and spread your path with feathers of flight. Bueno. -Richenda

  13. I had the good fortune and the honor to spend time with Otto when he came to the AAR offices in Atlanta. His compassion, caring, concern for confidentiality, ethics and all around good nature left a wonderful lasting impression. Thank you Otto for letting me get to know you.

  14. Querido Prof. Maduro, when I studied theology in Brazil. Mapas para a Festa deeply impacted me. When I had the privilege to meet you here in US you spoke in Portuguese with me. I honor you and thank you for your wisdom, love and fight making a new way for all of us who came before you. Peço a Deus pelo senhor.

    Um grande abraço,

    Cláudio Carvalhaes

  15. Diana Ceballos-Gonzalez says:

    Saludos Otto, tuve el honor de conocerle en el Programa Hispano del Verano 2011. Usted nos trataba como si nos conociera de toda la vida, con mucha amabilidad, sencillez y una hermosa sonrisa. Que Dios le bendiga y conceda la salud para poder disfrutar de esta nueva etapa en su vida junto a su familia.

    • Rev. Daniel B. Edwards says:

      Dr. Mauduro was a great contributor to the field of Liberation Theology. His writings and lecturers at Drew Theological School were great assets. I first learned about the subject in-depth “Liberation Theology” from Dr. Maauduro. I became very much interested in the subject because of him. He was an outstanding Professor who listens to his students. He never said no. He always had time to listen.

      May God bless him and his fmaily, may he rest in perpetual peace.

      Rev. Edwards
      Alumni 2011

  16. Traci West says:

    How can I briefly summarize how much I love and admire you my dear colleague Otto? It’s not possible. You have given so much to this institution–countless committee hours and emails promptly answered and reports written and classes taught and students mentored. I admire most your boundary-pushing: from offering a regular Theo course with “LGBT” in the title to offering radical hospitality across the boundaries of Drew schools as an Area Convener. You have given such brilliant critical contributions and political analyses to the field of religion and society–your speech as President of the AAR is only one recent example. But to me you have been an amazing supportive friend and colleague reaching out when I needed it most: teaching me complex sociopolitical theories and unfailingly offering me warmth, graciousness, and kindness. Gracias. Merci. Muito obrigado.

  17. Peter Savastano says:

    Dearest Otto,

    It’s hard for me to think of you not being at Drew. Having you as a mentor and friend during those early days of graduate school (1995) and the Newark Project (1995-2002) are some of the warmest and fondest memories I have and you are central to those memories. I am so very grateful for your support, friendship and love over the years. You are such a groundbreaker. I specifically remember how we all worked together with you on creating your course “Gay and Lesbian Liberation Theologies in the Americas”, the first time a course on such a subject was taught at Drew. What incredible conversations we had in that course and what profound emotional and spiritual changes we all went through as a result of taking it with you as our professor. You have always been my model for teaching as a collaboration between students and professor. You are also one of the most loving human beings I have ever met. You have supported me over the years in all my endeavors, always offering to write letters of support or do whatever you can to help me along. For that I shall always be eternally grateful. It fills my heart with such sadness to know that you are leaving Drew. Be that as it may, in donig so you are living out one of the central truths of Buddhism, everything is impermanent and must change. Although I haven’t been in touch with you for the last year or so, I have offered many prayers and meditations on your behalf and will continue to do so. I love you Dearest Otto and I will miss you terribly. Even though we have been out of touch, it was always a consolation to me to know that you are nearby if I needed to talk with you. Hopefully, that won’t change. I am sending so much love and appreciation you way for thw wonderful man that you are.

  18. Ernie Rubinstein says:

    Dear Otto,
    I haven’t had enough occasions to hear you express your thoughts on so many important topics, or to feel the warm embrace you extend to everyone around you, but I am grateful for the occasions I’ve had. You’re how I feel on a cold day (like recently!) when I find the patch of sun that warms me up. One of my favorite images of you is of you saying how much you like the monthly faculty-staff meetings because you enjoy so much being with your colleagues–we’re all made better simply by hearing that. So I’m glad now that we can all be with you, even from afar, with these messages.
    Un abrazo (as dear Ada Maria used to say), Ernie

  19. Kris Black says:

    Dearest Otto,
    It has been an honor to be your student and advisee at Drew. You helped shape me as a scholar and a teacher and I will forever be grateful for having had the opportunity to study with you. Yet, even more than that, I am grateful for the honor of claiming you as a dear friend. Thank you for all of your guidance, support, your scholarship, and your friendship.

  20. Matt Riley says:

    A course with Otto Maduro is a life-changing event. You will learn, you will think, and you will be inspired. Otto has an unbounded love of learning and is capable of achieving the deepest of insights. In private he is as caring and warm-hearted as he is erudite. I can say with absolute certainty that being with Otto has made me a better scholar.

    I am proud to be able to call Otto “my teacher.”

  21. Miran Jeon says:

    I recall the Otto’s back making dough at night to prepare for Venezuelan breakfast next day in order to feed students and Dr. Boesel who were members of cross cultural trip to El Salvador in 2011.
    Otto has shown us his greatest love and kindness as well as he has been a wonderful teacher who challenges students to think deeply and learn thoroughly. I would like to express my deepest gratitude for having him in my life and my studying experience at Drew.

    Otto, I will keep my prayers for you. It was my honor to spend time and learn from you. I can’t forget your love and sweetness.



  22. Tanya Linn Bennett says:

    Dearest Otto,
    The first time I met you was in the chapel. You had brought Mateo to worship with you–he was not even two years old! With tenderness and love you held him close as we sang and prayed together during that service. It is with tenderness and love that we hold our dear friend and colleague close even as you finish your time at Drew. Your fierce passion for justice and mercy for all God’s people, and intense intellectual pursuits of theory and knowledge that undergird this quest, are contagious, and continue to fuel my journey. Your guidance and encouragement, and all those emails with Keep Going!!!!! carried me through difficult times in my dissertation process. So now I offer those words back to you, with many more exclamation points, each one carrying my love and gratitude to you. Keep Going!!!! With much love and admiration, Tanya

  23. Susan MacDonnell says:

    Professor Maduro- Your open and loving smile is one of the rays of sun I miss most from my years at Drew. How and/or why I never was able to take a course with you is beyond my understanding, but I remember conversations we had and all the small ways you were a light and encouragement for me. I pray you will enjoy and long and happy retirement.

  24. Eric Pridmore says:

    Dear Otto,
    Words cannot adaquately express my gratitude for all that you have meant to me. You taught me, mentored me, challenged me, and encouraged me. You gave me an opportunity at Drew and helped me make the most of it. You would not give up on me or let me quit. Your gracious spirit and genuine concern for me and my family touched me deeply. You taught me how to be a true scholar and mentor. I cannot imagine Drew without you. I consider it a high honor and priviledge to call you my professor and friend. I wish you deep peace and strength.
    With love and gratitude,

  25. Tina Pippin says:

    Otto–You were so supportive of the Teaching and Learning Committee of the AAR, and we appreciated your comments on our last e-bulletin on teaching. You have such a gentle and open spirit! I wish all colleagues in the academy were as knowledgeable and supportive of pedagogical theory and practices as you are. With much appreciation–Tina Pippin, Chair, AAR Teaching and Learning Committee

  26. Patricia Bonilla says:

    Dearest Otto,
    I was a student at Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary when I first met you and it changed my life forever. I was finishing my Master’s and had a little inckling for something after but I wasn’t sure what that might be. It wasn’t until after a presentation on Liberation Theology and Social Conflict in Latin America that you presented that I knew this was what I was interested in, or some semblance of it. I had no idea about the Theological School at Drew until you invited me to apply and two years later I was slowly, but surely working towards a PhD with you as my mentor. Your support and mentorship has meant a lot to me through difficult times and in spite of them. I thank you for your kind encouragement and dedication.
    May you and your family always be blessed.

  27. Maggie Kribs says:

    Dr Maduro,
    While I wish we had become as close as we did within the PREP setting of Edna Mahan as we planned, I treasure our days spent together in the Simon Center at Morristown Medical Center that were still filled with deep meaning and loving support. I offer this note of congratulations from both Heaven and Earth, from Robert and Me, with deep respect and best wishes for a wonder-filled retirement.
    Blessed Be,
    Maggie Burbank Kribs

  28. Tamar Auber says:

    Dr. Maduro taught me one of my most important lessons at Drew, and in life-the importance of choosing words of caring, not judgement. Since leaving Drew I have gone on to speak and write on disability issues and sustainability, and often, I hear his words and thoughts echoed in my own prose.

    It is in these moments I smile to myself, thank Dr. Maduro, and know that, indeed, I have been well-taught.

    Thank you Dr. Maduro for helping each of us imagine a world where -isms and labels could help color our souls but never overshadow the person we were meant to be. And thank you for giving us to courage to be activists in our own communities and bring a piece of this ideal into our own lives and the lives of those around us.

    Most of all, thank you Dr. Maduro, for bringing your gifts to Drew.

  29. Ellen Kohn-Perry says:

    Thanks so much for all the gifts you have shared with the Drew community and with those of us blessed to have been your students! I hope to see you again in the future. Thanks and peace. Ellen Kohn-Perry

  30. Mark Miller says:

    Otto! Thank you for all the encouragement and love you have shown me and Michael! I cannot believe it has been almost 20 years that we have been colleagues together at Drew. You made me feel welcomed and part of the community when I was still in my twenties (and probably not your first choice for the job!) and have been an inspiration for me ever since. I will never forget the powerful and prophetic moments when you would speak in chapel (service after 9/11/01 being on of them) and the support you gave me and Tanya in our roles as worship leaders. You helped me find my voice when you gave me a chance to tell my story and to help deconstruct sexism/heterosexism in RSP…over and over again! Haha! Thank you thank you thank you for that opportunity. Love you mi amigo.

  31. Herb Huffmon says:

    Dear Otto,
    Writing this following Maundy Thursday and Good Friday and reaching Easter Eve, I have been reflecting very much on the theology of the Cross,and in that connection I am especially reminded of your presence within and contribution to the Theological School, which I have directly observed, and the larger world, which I have read about and heard about from a rather wide variety of persons. You are indeed an embodiment of the self-giving, the passion, the commitment, and the proclamation of the Cross. You came into the world of the Theological School and you raised us all to new heights. To paraphrase Francis–the Saint and hopefully the pope as well–you have been an instrument of the peace of the Lord Jesus.
    Ad multos annos!

  32. Maxine Clarke Beach says:

    April 1, 2013

    To my dear friend Otto,

    How I wish I could be there at your retirement celebration to raise a glass and salute you as you transition to another stage of life. Surely you can feel the good wishes that come your way from so many places and so many different people.

    You are truly a global citizen! You are bilingual in language, comfortable in multiple cultures and world views and yet always consistently YOU.

    Your clarity about the needs of the world make it difficult to be complacent in your presence. Because of your level of commitment to those who are not in the room, not invited to the table and vulnerable, conversations are better and outcomes more just.

    Your scholarship has always been not only about enriching a discipline but also about facilitating a better world. Your students learn to share your passion.

    When I first met you, you were battling cancer! You did it with determination and grace. One can not say that your life has been easy! But all must say that your life has been full of integrity and strength!

    Enjoy the next stage of life with Nancy and Mateo and your other family members. Rest in the assurance of a life well lived!

    All my love and respect,

  33. Chris Haynes says:


    There have been so many moments when your presence at Drew has been a guiding light for me, and an inspiration to keep asking difficult questions, no matter where that questioning might lead. You are among a very few teachers I can count as both a trusted mentor and a good friend. Thank you for all you have done at Drew, and my prayers and blessings go with you as you move forward.

    All best,

  34. Estimado Otto, hermano, gracias por tu fuerza y determinación que hasta aquí continúa siendo fuerza de inspiración para mí. I am sure there are many plnas you have and so I just want to wish you the very best as you enter this new phase of your life.
    Abrazos hermano

  35. Aryana Bates says:

    I gathered much from my teachers at Drew, challenges and sustenance for the mind, spirit, and heart. You gave me all of these, and most to the heart. When I teach and need to illustrate through my own experience a mentor who helped me feel real and whole as an intellectual, I speak of you. I hope we cross again on the serendipitous, meandering paths of life.

  36. Fernando Segovia says:

    Mi querido Otto:

    A word of gratitude, for all you have taught me, in deed and in word. A word of congratulations, for all you have done and have said. A word of best wishes, for that remains for you to say and to do. I stand in awe and in debt.


  37. Andrew K. Lairenge says:

    Taking “Pentecostalism as a Religious Resistance” course left an indelible mark in my Christian and social justice life.

    Your unique and sweet to listen accent (Latinglish)makes those of us with accents appreciate the beauty of diversity that you’ve so much advocated and represented.

    Wish you all the best in the next undertakings in your retirement.

  38. Gaston Espinosa says:

    Querido Otto:

    You are a large man with a great heart and gentle soul. Gracias for your warm and genuine friendship in our life journeys. You are very special person – uniquely transparent, honest, and authentic. I still remember with fondness our visit to the little smoke-filled jazz/blues club in inner city Chicago many years ago – two storefronts over from a little Latino Pentecostal storefront, sharing stories and life together.

    Thank you being an exemplary human being, amigo, and international leader in the study of Latino/a & Latin American religions, World Christianity, and the sociology of religion.

    With heart-felt affection,

    Gaston Espinosa

  39. MT Davila says:

    Otto, when I was being introduced to Liberation Theology it was my looking into your work that provided a deep and complex picture of what I was getting into, on what I was dedicating my career to. That probably wasn’t grammatically correct. But every time I felt like I had covered enough ground or had challenged my intellect enough, your work and your direction would prompt me into considering the areas previously unlooked, to try to make my work relevant, to reconsider, at each stage of my career, what it is that I’m doing and for whom. And all of this without me every being your student! You are an inspiration for how “the academy” should work, but especially the theological academy. Enjoy retirement, hermano. You bet I will knock on your door to enjoy some of your beautiful hospitality!! Con cariños, MT

  40. Milly Peña says:

    Queridisimo Otto, I have never shared with you the first time I came across your work. I was a second year graduate student looking for something to read that would connect with my interests as a Latina U.S. scholar. I was looking for words and frameworks that would inform my work that I did not find in my assigned readings. I then came across your book, Religion and Social Conflicts, and I found my way to the sociology of religion. You have impacted so many of our careers and more importantly your work and your mentoring has inspired many of us to find our own voices. Gracias hermano for all you have given us and I look forward to seeing you soon! Un fuerte abrazo, Milagros Peña

  41. Lluis Crespo says:

    Querido Otto, a punto de jubilarte de tu docencia e investigación en Drew, quiero destacar en estas líneas la impresión que experimenté al conocerte, hace ya unos años, por tu vehemente pasión por el espíritu, por todo lo que es humano y por sus más elevadas creaciones. A lo largo de esos años te has convertido para mi, en un sereno referente de humanidad y amistad y en un clamor de esperanza, lo que es muy de agradecer en nuestros convulsos tiempos. Un gran abrazo.

  42. Jose Manuel Risquez says:

    Otto, amigo, leo la abrumadora cantidad mensajes de tantos amigos y colegas que te expresan su aprecio que bien sé, te lo tienes bien ganado. Te confieso que estoy profundamente conmovido por las palabras que Nancy, que han llegado a mi por intermedio de nuestra
    querida y común amiga Emma Matos. Nunca imaginé que tan brutal contienda pudiera otra vez tener lugar porque después de la última batalla en la que saliste airoso te hiciste a mis ojos, invencible. Duro,tener que admitir nuestra debilidad ante las inexorables fuerzas del destino. Tan solo quiero decirte que estoy, con todo mi corazón y con mis mejores sentimientos, a tu lado y al de Nancy y Mateo. Pido a la Divina Providencia haga tus dias llevaderos en medio del amor y el sincero aprecio de todos quienes siempre te hemos apreciado y querido.Otto, mi mas intenso y cálido abrazo.

  43. Althea Spencer Miller says:

    Dear, Dear Otto,
    When I first came to Drew, you were a name that loomed large. I hung all kinds of ideals upon your shoulders.It is a good thing that you are strong. I expected you to be earnest, keen, justice oriented, thought-filled. I found all that, and I found more. Your embrace of your colleagues, your investment in our Theo School, your presence in worship as you claimed us as your community, your ability to critique the road that your country had taken, your love of Matteo and Nancy, the twinkle in your eye, the warmth of your greeting, and the treat in you culinary efforts, and so much more. As a wonderful idea you were great! As a human being, flesh and blood, it only got better. I hold you in my heart and prayers and with amazement at your courage and will. Peace, my brother, peace and much love.

  44. Barbara Whitlow says:

    Dear Dr. Maduro,
    Although our time in class with you this semester was very brief I thank you for sharing your passion for social justice. I will always remember you as the professor who led me to see social justice action as a critical tool for living out how I care for humanity.
    While you are greatly missed in the classroom your teaching assistants are taking advantage of every opportunity to share your perspectives and sayings on a variety of topics in precept. I am truly thankful for being a beneficiary of your years of research, travel and teaching experiences.
    I wish you a happy and prosperous retirement.

  45. Carmelo Álvarez says:

    Mi hermanazo, Otto:
    Hace algun tiempo nos encontramos en CEHILA, el DEI, SPS, HSP. Siempre he admirado tu inteligencia, entusiasmo, y sobre todo, tu capacidad extraordinaria de ser amigo.
    Abrazo y salud,

  46. Donna Bowman says:

    Otto, as soon as I met you, I regretted that I hadn’t known you all my life. I have never known anyone who so combined the virtues of careful listening, generous and humane attention to the other, and powerful personal spirit. Your legacy will never fade because the people you have touched will carry it and transmit it without any loss of agency. I aspire to be this kind of person, and I couldn’t be more grateful to have found you as a model, although how much more could I have benefited if we had met decades ago!

    May your retirement be full of bliss, contemplation, passion, and the love of friends, family, and admirers. I know I need not even make that wish — because how, given who you are, could it be otherwise?

    Yours with true and undying affection,


  47. Janet Jakobsen says:

    Dear Otto,

    I have admired you for so long, and thus, it was such a pleasure to serve on the AAR Board with you as our fearless leader. Your commitment to and passion for justice provided a guiding light, even as your concern for others provided a strong sense of how best to follow that light. Although we, your colleagues, will miss seeing you and hearing from you so often, I hope that your retirement offers you well-deserved time with all of your loved ones. We will carry on the struggle.

    With fondness and admiration,

  48. Jane Smith says:

    Dear Otto,

    I had the pleasure of meeting you at the Annual Meeting this last November in Chicago. I have heard Jack and Deborah speak of what a special person you are and I wish you all the best in your retirement.

    Warmest Regards,

    Jane Smith, AAR Staff

  49. John Esposito says:

    Dear Otto,
    What more can one say then what has been said above: your courses, sermon, conversation was a “life changing event,” your masterful and most importantly honest and outspoken scholarship and passion for social justice, your commitment to, care for and relationships with students, staff and faculty at Drew and colleagues internationally. You are indeed one of a kind.

    I have been fortunate and yes blessed that my election to the board of the AAR provided the occasion to be with you and get to know you bo th professionally and personally. Your life, work “spirit” are reflected in the Prayer of St. Francis of which you have been and are an embodiment.

    Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.
    Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
    where there is injury,pardon;
    where there is doubt, faith;
    where there is despair, hope;
    where there is darkness, light;
    and where there is sadness, joy.

    O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek
    to be consoled as to console;
    to be understood as to understand;
    to be loved as to love.
    For it is in giving that we receive;
    it is in pardoning that we are pardoned;
    and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life. Amen

  50. Cheryl A. Kirk-Duggan says:

    Dearest Professor/Brother/Doctor/Friend:

    You are all of that and so much more. So glad that we have an opportunity to state publically how we feel about you, how you have touched our lives. You are an incredible, prophetic, empathetic tenacious gift to us, to the world. Your graced aplomb radiates generosity, humility, and justice. As you have and continue to move in a variety of arenas, we are all the better for you sharing your beloved self with us. Your keen intellect and insight, and how you share yourself is magnanimous, gentle, and kind. What a gift you are. Thanks for being our own best self — a phenomenal spouse, father, professor, mentor, friend to us all. Thank you for bring critical, inspiring illumination to an academy that sometimes majors in obtuse rhetoric: clanging symbols, signifying nothing. Know that you remain in my prayers; in our prayers. Keep the faith! Carpe deum! Blessings and joy! Cheryl

  51. Charles Perabeau says:


    I remember the first time ever speaking with you. Before my matriculation at Drew, you called me at my home to personally inform me of my acceptance to the university. Little did I realize then just how indicative that warm act of kindness was and is of you. You bless people by your affection, authenticity, heart for justice, discernment, encouragement, and ability to bring clarity and insight to the social realities in our world. I cherish your honest feedback on my own work, conversations while working as your TA, co-teaching with you in the divinity school, evenings in Chicago listening to the blues, and your continued friendship. Congratulations on your retirement; I’m confident that with this transition many others will come to experience the blessing of knowing you. Fondly, Charles

  52. Stephan McKinney says:

    Hello My Friend,
    I had the good fortune of meeting you my very first semester at Drew (F’95–wow!!), & from that moment forward, you remained a source of inspiration, encouragement, and no-holes barred guidance during my pursuit of my academic goals. My most vivid memories–which I sometimes share from the pulpit or whenever the topic turns to academics–are of the countless times you returned one of my term papers, or a comprehensive exam, or a dissertation chapter, with so much red ink it looked as if I had let an artery all over it. I still hear the thunder of your baritone voice yelling at me, “This is just not good enough, Stephan!” It took me five years to get an acceptable first draft of my first chapter past you, all previous attempts being shot down with such bullets as “shallow,” “superficial,” “less than your best.”

    But more than anything, I recall how, despite our flare-ups, you ALWAYS ended on a note of encouragement. More than once, I had a notion to give up. You would have none of it. And then, after so many setbacks and disappointments with that first chapter, you sat with me one afternoon in the Fall of 2006 and, step by step, helped me frame a method for the dissertation. After that I was off and running, and I couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks man.

    But I am thankful that our relationship encompassed more than just academic stuff. You and I were able to talk about masculinity, fatherhood, husbandhood, etc. During our lunches together we sometimes sat and talked for hours about everything BUT academics. I watched you raise your son, and the deep, mystical nature of your interaction with your wife. From these things I have taken many lessons, and hopefully I am the better for it. Again, many thanks Otto.

    I’ll be there on the 10th to pay my respects in person. For now, here’s wishing you, Nancy, & Mateo a future even brighter, more glorious, and as fulfilling as your illustrious past. I love you Otto.


    • Berthelena Maduro says:

      Dear Stephan,
      I am writing to you on behalf of my brother, Otto, to let you know that the retirement celebration has been moved to Friday, May 3rd, at 4:00pm
      In Craig Chappel at Seminary Hall.

      Kind regards.

      Berthelena Maduro

  53. Emma Matos says:

    Que maravilla aprender a traves de tantos admiradores los innumerables logros de una vida dedicada a la profesion. Comparto con todos ese reconocimiento del impacto tan signficativo que has tenido en la vida de tantos, incluyendo a aquellos que no tuvieron la oportunidad de escribirtelo aqui, pero que como yo han sido inspirados por tus sabias reflexiones sobre la vida y la espiritualidad.
    Aunque no fui una de tus discipulas, igualmente aprendi muchisimo leyendo tus libros y sobre todo dialogando contigo durante tantos anos de sincera y calida Amistad.
    Emma Matos

  54. Nancy Pineda-Madrid says:

    Otto — What an amazing presence you have been in my life and in the lives of so many of my students. I will always remember the wonderful presentation you gave to my Liberation Theology class at the University of San Francisco. Your stories, joy, unflinching work toward a more just world — all of these so impressed me and my students. Your time here in Boston was also such a gift. I am so grateful that you shared so much of wondrous spirit with me and my colleagues here at Boston College. Thank you for your grace and dedicated leadership. Your support of me particularly when I was up for tenure meant a great deal to me and to Boston College. From the bottom of my heart Thank you! Un abrazo fuerte! Nancy Pineda-Madrid

  55. Michel Desjardins says:

    Otto, when I think of you today what comes vividly to mind is our conversation sitting side by side on a bench in the Santa Barbara airport many years ago now. That conversation trumps the many AAR meetings in which we participated, and it trumps your (powerful) plenary address last year.

    That day you opened the gate, gently as always but a bit more broadly this time, to the roots of your passion for liberatory justice (your engaged history), and your respect for the finely-wrought scholarship of some of your peers (your life as a scholar). Listening to your words, for those fleeting moments until our flight was called, felt like holding something precious in my hands, at once delicate and raw, cutting to the core of our responsibility as scholars to think, understand and act.

    In my better moments I am now more thoughtful because of you. Thank you.

  56. Janet Jacobs says:

    Dear Otto,

    You have touched so many lives with your wisdom and sense of humanity. Your work has made an incredible contribution to the sociology of religion and to my own scholarship and understanding. I so appreciate your support of my research throughout the years. Your leadership and your insights are invaluable. I wish you all the best with this transition into retirement.

    Warm regards,

  57. Alberto Pulido says:

    Dear Otto – I wish to pay tribute for all to know that you were one of the first scholars to teach us Norte Americanos the personal and transformative power of Liberation Theology coming out of Latino America back in 1981 when you were a visiting professor@ the University of Notre Dame. I recall your direct and honest pedagogy acknowledging that we were “all on a journey” together as students,scholars and community members and that we must be mindful that our paths had crossed for a reason. You became a wonderful guide and mentor, but most importantly a true friend.

    Many years later I would recognize your impact on those of us who called ourselves “Chicano Scholars” who back then were interested in religion but had no guides and references to follow.

    In an essay that appeared in a book entitled: American Sociology of Religion edited by Anthony Blasi in 2007 I wrote the following about the emerging field of Chican@/Latin@ Religions during the early 1980′s:

    “…Scholars such as Otto Maduro whose work had just recently been translated into English, accentuated the importance of Marxists and Gramscian perspectives for situating religion within a social context, bringing forth an understanding of religion as a product of social conflicts. In addition to the emerging scholarship coming out of Chicano Studies, for the first time Chicano scholars of religion could draw from the indigenous or insider’s perspective for understanding how religion should be understood.” (p.242)

    Muchas gracias hermano y carnal.

    Te Quiero mucho,

    Alberto Lopez Pulido

  58. Danny Carroll Rodas says:

    Querido hermano Otto:

    Tuve el privilegio de conocerte en HSP hace un año y medio en Mundelein. Fuiste tan abierto y animador conmigo; aprecié tanto tus gestos de amistad, esa gran sonrisa y tu sentido de humor. Qué el Señor te fortalezca en estos días y que sientas en una form muy especial y palpable la realidad de su presencia.

    Gracias por tu aporte a la reflexión teológica, a nuestro pueblo hispano y a mi vida.

    Un abrazo,

  59. Jung Mo Sung says:

    Caro Otto,
    Desde que li, no curso de teologia, seu livro “Religião e luta de classes”, o seu pensamento tem estado presente no meu. Os encontros no DEI deram calor humano e afeto a essa influencia intelectual. Que “Deus em nós” continue lhe dando força espiritual para esse momento. Um grande abraço, de longe, mas juntos na “comunhão dos santos”.


  60. Faustino Teixeira says:

    Querido Otto. Penso sempre com muito carinho em você. Os laços que nos unem são fortes e duradouros. Sinto-me muito junto a você nesse momento. Estamos aqui no Brasil concentrando nossas forças espirituais para desejar a você muita esperança e muita luz. O abraço amigo desse mineiro que te guarda com muita ternura no coração.

  61. Sandra Duarte de Souza says:

    Querido Otto,
    primeiro te encontrei nos livros, nas linhas graciosas de sua sociologia da religião. Me apaixonei pelo intelectual comprometido. Depois, fui te encontrando em lugares com gosto e cheiro variados: em Drew, em La Habana, em São Paulo…Lembro que nosso último encontro no Brasil teve sabor de café, naquela padaria em Santo André, lembra? Minhas memórias de você envolvem todos os sentidos, pois você é alguém que deixa marcas sempre. Obrigada por sua amizade, por sua singularidade, por sua sabedoria, por ser um incansável hermeneuta da vida, por ser simplesmente Otto. Com carinho e até breve, Sandra

  62. Lucia e Luiz Alberto says:

    Queridos Otto y Nancy.

    Queremos estar muy junto de ustedes y de Mateo Leonardo el día 10, en la ceremonia de la despedida y jubilación en la Drew University. Pensamos mucho en ustedes con enorme cariño. El trabajo de Otto en las Américas es enorme y sin límites. Deseamos estar muy cerca de los tres, haciendo una gran corriente de solidaridad con tantos hermanos del mundo entero, que siguen la vida y la salud de Otto, la vida de Nancy y de Mateo Leonardo.

    Con una muy grande ternura,
    los hermanos Lucia y Luiz Alberto.

  63. Juan José Monsant A. says:

    Otto, amigo, hermano, compañero de sueños aún esperados pero observando que se decantan como los buenos vinos, oco a poco, como lo propuso el grande Theilhard de Chardin que vino Francisco a rescatarlo.Hace poco, releyendolo mwe preguntaba que carajo tenía que ver sutesis evolucinista con la poltica

  64. Juan José Monsant A. says:

    Otto,amigo, hermano, compañero de sueños. Y finalmente no pudimos coincidir en El Salvador para refrescarnos. Pero eres de esos seres que se añoran donde quiera que se encuentre. Te quiero mucho y pido al Señor nuestro Dios, en este Pentecotés, te apoye, te sostenga con ese mismo amor que has derrochado. Un abrazo, hermano!

  65. Chunghwan Kim says:

    Dear D. Otto, I was surprised with the news that you will retire soon. I thought that you have more time at Drew.
    How can I express my deepest gratitude for your greatest commitment, love, and efforts to teach seminarians and to fulfill a lot of duties for Drew Theological School. I still clearly remember my first class with you at Drew and the last moment with you after completing my dissertation. I wish that you remember the fact that I always appreciate your love and support.
    I wish that I could be at your retirement ceremony and celebrate the moment. Unfortunately, I have duties here in Korea. But I am giving my love and thanks from Korea.
    I hope that you will enjoy another life.
    Love and Grace of God be with you.


  66. emilie townes says:


    I have valued your warmth, intellect, humor, and gracious spirit as a colleague and emerging friend. I wish you increased health and rest as you retire and trust that our paths will continue to cross.


  67. Jin Y Park says:

    Dear Otto (if I may),
    We didn’t have a chance to properly meet but I’ve heard you talk at the AAR and heard a lot about you from the members of the AAR Board of Directors. I joined the AAR board of directors this year as a At-Large Director. So I just missed a chance to work with you. I very much enjoyed your presidential address at the AAR last year. That was a very moving talk, and one of the best talk that I’ve heard recently. I hope you will soon regain your health and I hope that your retirement brings you a new lively life. With warmest regards,

  68. Rosa Maria Avendaño says:

    Querido y recordado Otto,te escribo desde Caracas,ya abuela y viendo transcurrida mucha agua bajo el puente. Sabes que Gustavo,hijo, me pregunta como hice para obtener esa coleccion completa de los discos de Elvis Presley?(que conservo intactos en lugar privilegiado de mi casa).En aquellos años tuvistes el presentimiento que podia ser la persona correcta para una custodia especial de ese tesoro que te era tan apreciado,que de tiempos aciagos en Paris querido amigo! Sabes que estaran siempre a tu disposicion.Gracias por ese gesto que significo mucho para mi por el afecto y admiracion que sentiamos Gustavo y yo por ti.Me amociono saber de ti y que te encuentras en jubilacion,etapa distinta, pero bonita de nuestras vidas. Te recuerdo con profundo cariño,recibe un estrecho abrazo amigo!

  69. Edgar Barrios says:

    Querido y recordado Otto, te conocí temprano en nuestras juventudes,allá por los años 60, en San Fernando de Apure. Vinistes bien equipado de ideas, principios y sentimientos. Venías cargado con la idea de una VENEZUELA URGENTE, si para aquellos años era urgente te puedes imaginar cuanto la necesitamos en estos momentos. Te recuerdo como un buen amigo en los ideales, porque los amigos en los ideales nunca están lejos y siempre están. Abrazos querido Otto.

  70. Francisco Parra says:

    Otto, apreciado hermano, este homenaje que te rinde la Universidad de Drew, es sin duda, como se evidencia de los comentarios de tus alumnos o lectores, un reconocimiento a la extraordinaria labor que has realizado. me siento profundamente orgulloso de tu obra. Hermosos recuerdos vienen a mi memoria, de conversaciones que sostuvimos en el pasado y que nunca olvidé, ni olvidaré. Recibe un gran y fraterno abrazo, de un viejo amigo. Francisco (Pancho)Parra

  71. Kenneth Ngwa says:

    Dear Otto,
    I am and always will be grateful for the many opportunities I have had to learn from you and be your colleague. When I arrived here at Drew in 2007, your warmth of spirit, your gentle humor and candor, and your consistent appreciation for your colleagues made me feel at home immediately. Although you are a man of extraordinary intellect, you often spoke with great enthusiasm for and praise about the work of your colleagues. Your humility of spirit and greatness of personality went beyond official duties. You always asked me about my health and life, and that of my family, genuinely inquiring about my well being. Otto, I hold you in my prayers at this time, celebrating and honoring your strength of spirit. May you have peace; may the love and peace you have embodied and shared with others abide even more with you at this time. Much love to you, my dear.


  72. Virginia Burrus says:

    Dearest Otto,

    There is so much to celebrate, so much to remember, from our two decades and more of shared time as colleagues at Drew! I first met you–if I remember correctly–at Karen Brown’s birthday party in Tribeca in the early 90s, a meeting accompanied by the beat of Haitian drummers….

    We were all young then, weren’t we?

    And then again, you are someone who has always been youthful! Always willing to take risks, to push the envelope, to seek for the transformative possibilities, to open yourself to joy…. You have also expressed yourself deeply in other registers–sorrow, anger, discouragement–but your capacity for joy, your capacious gratitude for life’s gifts, registers most strongly for me, I think. Your joy has taught me so much. Thank you for that!

    Who else but you confesses repeatedly that he loves his colleagues so much that he looks forward to faculty meetings and retreats? And when you say that, I am able to recognize that I feel this too! Who else tells entering PhD students, year after year, that they will never have more joyous years than in graduate school, years more full of passion and excitement and pleasure, years more open to disruption and transformation? And when you say that, they believe it and live into it!

    Your joy has taught me so much, but so has your anger and your honesty. I celebrate our many lunchtime conversations, where we dared to speak truth to each other as best we were able, and sheltered each other in that venture. I am also in your debt for the many times in which you spoke publicly, your eloquence prompted by no more than tiny notecards (to my astonishment), in ways that cut to the heart of things and changed my own understanding of the world.

    You have lived life fully, at every point, and have taught me the importance of that gift.

    You greet us all with your hugs and kisses. They return to you abundantly now: so many hugs and kisses….



  73. Valentina Mujica says:

    Queridísimo Otto, aunque te he visto muy poco en mi vida adulta, las referencias de mi papá, mi mamá y mi tía Mafer y de seguro el cariño que me diste cuando era muy pequeña, me hacen sentir muy conectada contigo. Eres una de esas “referencias” que uno tiene en la vida. Te pienso y lo hago con muchísimo cariño.
    Te cuento que me mudaré en muy pocos meses para Toronto y espero acercarme a Nueva York y verte a ti, a tu familia y a mi primo Jonathan.
    Traté de llamarte hoy a tu casa, pero no me comuniqué. Lo intentaré nuevamente.
    Disfruta mucho de tu homenaje de jubilación.
    Recibe un gran abrazo de sincero agradecimiento,

  74. Hyo-Dong Lee says:

    Dear Otto,

    17 years ago, when I was contemplating doctoral studies, Murdock and Debbie (McFarlane) suggested I apply to study with you. Their effusive praise of you as a renowned scholar, a dear friend, and simply a decent human being gave me a faint glimpse of the kind of person you are. My studies took me somewhere else then, but never did I imagine that, by a stroke of good fortune or providence I would end up, many years later, here at Drew, and have the honor of calling you my colleague. From the very first day I arrived, you made me comfortable and feel at home with your radiant warmth, disarming honesty, gentleness of spirit, subtle humor, and ebullient joy. Younhee and I hold in our hearts the hospitality you, Nancy, and Mateo extended to us after Saehan was born, opening your home to us and feeding us such a wonderful home-cooked meal. Above and beyond what is ordinarily expected of a colleague, you have been a caring person, never forgetting to ask me about my family and how I was doing. I cannot remember any occasion in which I did not feel the fullness of your humanity when I was around you. It has truly been a privilege to feel genuinely appreciated by someone so intellectually brilliant and whose heart is so always in the right place, with your passionate concern for those at the margins and just anger towards all that demeans and dehumanizes. As a scholar, public intellectual, and a human being, you have been a model.

    So, Otto, let me say from the depth of my heart: Thank you. Thank you for being Otto. And may the love, care, and respect you abundantly gave me and others flood back and embrace you, and hold you now, as we celebrate your life.


  75. Catherine Keller says:

    Dear Otto—

    When you are away, as this semester, I miss bumping into you in the hall: your affectionate embraces, somehow unconditional in their Yes, have always instantly revitalized me. There is something you always know, and it is always different, and it is never certain, and you may be saying it, or not, and it is passionate and it is unpredictable and always somehow also about the knowing itself. These days as I try to write about the docta ignorantia of negative theology, a knowing unknowingness for now, your epistemology accompanies me. It conveys to me the missing piece. It captures the paradox and the productive potentiality of the sort of rigorous attention to the multiply unknown and the differently known that you have so brilliantly practiced, taught and embodied.

    This is a celebration and not a symposium, but you will forgive me one citation:

    “The paradox of a way of knowing that aims to undermine an authoritarian, hierarchical, exploitative social system is that, in order not to mimic, legitimate, and serve as an instrument of that very system, it needs to shape itself as an open, humble, dialogical, consistently self-examining way of understanding and producing knowledge—which inevitably turns it into a more fragile, vulnerable way of understanding and producing knowledge, even more liable to be destroyed by the very social system it emerges against.”

    Otto Maduro, “An(Other) Invitation to Epistemological Humility: Notes Towards a Self-Critical Approach to Counter-Knowledges” (in Decolonizing Epistemologies: Latina/o Theology and Philosophy. Transdisciplinary Theological Colloquium Drew 2008. Edited by Ada Maria Isasi Diaz & Eduardo Medieta; Fordham Press 2012)

    And because of you, and in the waves of your students, the currents of your words, it will emerge yet again, ever again,

    Your colleague of oh 21 years

  76. Sam Castleberry says:

    Dr. Maduro,

    When I entered Drew as a timid MA student, you were assigned to me as my advisor. I sent you an email to see if we could meet, and I was stunned when you invited me to join you for lunch. There is something familiar about sharing a meal together, and I sensed that you wanted to nurture a sense of “familiarity” between us, which was deeply humbling.

    When we went out for lunch you wanted to know where I came from, what my hobbies were, and what I wanted to do with my life. Most students realize that they aren’t supposed to over-share, and that it’s best to get to the point as quickly as possible. But our meal together embodied a different dynamic. I can’t tell you how important that conversation was for me. Though you didn’t know it at the time (or perhaps you did), I was at a point in my life where I felt particularly neurotic about being a graduate student, and I was fearful that I’d perhaps made a mistake by choosing to go back to school. Our conversation was the first time I started to feel at ease about my decision, and that meant more to me than you’ll ever know. (If you’ll recall, we spent the last half of lunch reminiscing about old college stories for so long that we were both almost late to class!)

    I will always remember the intensity of our discussions in the Sexuality and World Religions course, as well as your patience with me as I struggled and tripped through the weeds of queer theory. I remember at one point you said, “Well, Sam, your research project is certainly not what I had in mind when I constructed the syllabus, but I think you should go with it.” Thank you for the creative space that you nurtured, and for the obvious intentionality with which you engaged me as a student.

    One day, when I’m finally a professor, some scared and neurotic new student will send me an email and ask if we can meet. On that day, I’m going to invite them to lunch, and utilize a little Maduro pedagogy myself.


  77. Warren Frisina says:


    We met just over a year ago, and I’m struck by how big an impression you made on me in such a short space of time. You helped steer the AAR Board through difficult waters and we are all grateful you were there when we needed you. Congratulations on presiding over a splendid meeting in Chicago, and for bringing so many wonderful speakers to the membership’s attention – and of course, congratulations on that thunderous Presidential Address. Well done on all counts.


  78. Elaine & Dale says:


    From Elaine: There are some people whom we meet that aid us in turning our lives around, in choosing to head towards a better life–fiesta!–and in my life you have been one of those. Thank you for exposing me to opportunities (Drew, HTI, HSP, and many more) that have opened the way for other good opportunities, for introducing me to Pierre Bourdieu (he turned my world upside down), for imparting to me your commitments for the immigrant and the marginalized, for being the real deal when it comes to marrying theory and practice, for being an authentic self.

    From Dale: It has been a long journey together. This small space can’t tell it all. But do know that I’ve long admired your work and valued your friendship. Your contributions over the years at Drew have touched us all and will long be remembered. Thank you for your genuine scholarship and teaching. You have helped to make the world a better place.

    Our prayers are with you and your family. Big hugs to Nancy and Mateo.

    Elaine and Dale

  79. Roberto Goizueta says:

    Otto–You have been and continue to be a true inspiration to me and so many others. Your infectious spirit, warmth, and humor have touched so many lives. Your profound commitment and ground-breaking scholarship have illumined the way for so many of us, your friends, colleagues, and students. Un fuertÍsimo abrazo amigo, Roberto Goizueta

  80. Krista E. Hughes says:

    Unlike so many on here, I do not know you through either your teaching or your scholarly contributions, Otto, even though I was a grad student at Drew. While I know of your brilliance in these areas — precisely because you have shone so brightly there — I know you personally for your warmth. When I think of you, I think of the kiss on the cheek with which you always greet me. And I remember the story you once told about a women’s conference where you had been invited as a keynote speaker. As I recall the story, you were one man in a room of hundreds of women. Only as you took the podium did you become aware of the injustice embedded in the very grammatical structures of the Spanish language. Grammatically you should have used the pronouns “nosotros” (“we/us”) and “nuestro(s)” (“our”) as you addressed the room, for the presence of just one man in a group requires speakers to default to the “neutral” masculine pronoun. Yet in that moment you realized how ridiculous that was, and you ventured to use the feminine pronouns, nosotras/nuestra(s)… something only women would (have to) ever do when speaking in first-personal plural. What a simple yet extraordinary, radical speech-act! In that moment, in which you were one man among women, you demonstrated that you are truly a “man among men.” As a woman, I thank you for your humility, your awareness, your solidarity. As a woman of privilege, I thank you for challenging me to think of ways that I might shift my own positionalities in justice-oriented, life-giving ways. And for so many other ways in which you have touched the Drew community and beyond, thank you, thank you, thank you. Con cariño. ~Krista

  81. Osvaldo Vena says:

    Apreciado Otto:

    Ha sido un placer trabajar con vos en el HSP todos estos años durante los cuales te he visto ejercer un liderazgo positivo y compartir una sabiduria institucional de la cual he aprendido mucho. He visto que es posible combinar pasión con administración, algo que siempre dudé. Tu atención al detalle y la profundidad de tus analisis sobre la situacion del programa me han servido para entender mejor el propósito del mismo. Te estoy muy agradecido por todo esto. Espero que te sientas mejor y mis oraciones estan con vos y tu flia.


  82. Stephen Moore says:

    Otto, you’re a very present absence in our faculty at present–in our faculty/staff meetings (we heard fond testimony at last Friday’s meeting that you’re that rare person who actually enjoys faculty/staff meetings), in the hallways and corridors of Sem Hall, etc.–because you’ve always been larger than life. A particular larger-than-life moment from recent memory occurred at the Drew reception at AAR/SBL this past November, Jeffrey introducing you as the new AAR President with the intense pride we were all feeling, you looking particularly sharp in your bolo tie (this answered a longstanding question for me: what does the resolutely non-tie-wearing Otto Maduro wear on those occasions when most men, even myself, feel driven to wear a tie?), and you proceeding to sound forth with easy, warm humility not about the accomplishments that had landed you the AAR presidency but about your love for your colleagues at Drew Theological School. Two prospective PhD students from a sister school in the NYC area that has been torn apart by internal strife who were standing in front of me gazed wonderingly at each other in the midst of your speech. Such intense and unfeigned collegiality is all too rare, and even on our exceptionally collegial faculty, nobody has exhibited it with more warmth than you.

  83. Carl Savage says:

    I remember you best as a fellow member of the 12 Campus contingent, where your office was once located. As such I was able to see you quite often and we could talk about growing boys, your dog, and other topics. You always entered the building with a warm greeting, and often left talking on your cell to students or colleagues as you hurried off to the “next thing” in your often busy schedule. You are a presence of warmth, vigor, focus, and engagement that is even now being missed.

  84. Rick Bohannon says:


    I am proud to have been one of your students, and have very fond memories of the classes I took with you when starting at Drew, now almost 10 years ago. You will always remain one of my favorite lecturers (which is somewhat humorous, given that you frequently apologized for lecturing so often), and I still use examples from your classes with my own students. What remains with me more, however, and is undoubtedly more important, is your thoughtful and compassionate and giving personality, and your commitment to justice, which is clear both inside and outside of the classroom.

    Thank you for all you have done for the community and students at Drew, and for the work you do in the world. You are a model for all of us; you certainly have been for me.


  85. Otto,
    I will join Rick in affirming the model you have given me, most strikingly a model of a personality of the professor’s role. Your warmth and your genuine care for your students is something that I hope I too can embody. Particularly as I became a mother, I always had the sense that you saw me as one whole person, intellectual and mother, and that you affirmed both. I still remember you having advice, not only on gay and lesbian liberation theologies, but also on holistic ear drops for babies. The world needs both, yes? I have uploaded for you a recent photo of our girls.
    In the easter light,
    from minnesota,

  86. P.S. You click on my name above to see the photos :-)

  87. Franck AGUILH says:

    Dr. Maduro, mi hermano, mi amigo:
    I give God thanks for bringing you into my life. From the first time we met during my Drew experience, it was clear that we connected at a different level than that of a professor/student. May be my being from Latin America and you from South America, with both of our countries subject to the oppression and exploitation of foreign powers, makes it easy for us to connect at the human level. I truly value the time spent in your classes where political and economic issues and their impact on the application of, and adherence to, religious doctrines were frankly and freely discussed.
    I cannot count how many times my wife had urged me to obtain a PhD under your tutelage, and I must confess that on many occasions I wished that I had taken her advice.
    You are, without a doubt, on the top of my list of most favorite professors. God willing, I will see you in May.
    Que Dios the bendiga.

  88. Tom Angotti says:

    Amigo Otto,
    It is gratifying to read so many testimonies that reinforce the impressions I have had of you during the years we have known each other. A warm, dedicated teacher with a huge well of compassion and love for people! I admire your brilliant work. Un gran abrazo,

  89. Maria Lise Iannuzzi says:

    Caro Amico,

    I’ve so enjoyed getting to know you over the past 9 years. Things that make me smile are the times you and Ada Maria would go at each other in faculty meetings like brother and sister; conversing with you in Italiano; your warm greeting with a kiss on both cheeks; your love for the Pentecostal church. Most of all, I am so glad we had the opportunity to drive together to Philly last August. That time with you was so special to me. I’m blessed to have you as my friend. The highlight of my birthday this year was a call from you, thank you for remembering me! God bless you on your well deserved retirement, I’ll miss immensely at Drew. Abbraci, Maria

  90. Anil Singh says:

    Though I aired the occasional disagreement with Dr. Maduro in class, I must say that his commitment to faithfully pursuing justice on behalf of the oppressed and the marginalized has had a tremendous impact on me. Themes of justice are a staple in my preaching and ministry. Many blessings to Dr. Maduro and all of my professors at Drew for having been such a positive influence on my outlook and my life. Blessings on your new adventure, Dr. Maduro! – Anil

  91. Efrain Agosto says:


    Congratulations on your retirement. Thank you for being a model of wonderful scholarship and great cheer sharing it. Your leadership of HSP the last few years was exemplary and invigorating. It was honored to be on your faculty the first summer you served as HSP director. We had great fun together in Durham those two weeks, where I get to know you a little bit better than before, and I am forever grateful for those special moments. Blessings to you going forward, my friend. Abrazos. siempre! Efrain

  92. Kate Ott says:

    Otto, I admire your scholarship and leadership in the academy. But it was not until I had the honor to join the faculty at Drew that I experienced your collegiality. I appreciate how warm, inquisitive, and supportive you are of me as a junior colleague. At AAR in 2011, I was shocked to see you at the paper I gave for a small section on Childhood studies and Religion. I felt honored to have you there, and continue to struggle with the question you asked after my paper. Thank you!

  93. Kathleen O'Connor says:

    Dear Otto,
    Congratulations on retiring after a glorious career/vocation as thinker, writer, professor, and rare human being. Always you have been hilarious fun to meet with, even in the lively caldron of theological debate and political intrique at Maryknoll School of Theology, you kept your sense of real life as funny and mysterious. What an honor it was for me to give a stereo graduation address with you that year. I still laugh about it. Your scholarship has been recognized by AAR and many other groups, but it is you humor, joy, and dancing spirit that makes you stand out from the crowd. Love to you, Nancy and Mateo.

  94. Barnaby Feder says:

    As the oddball U.U. among your advisees during my time at Drew, I will always appreciate your good humor at the endless revisions in my schedule as I grafted my branch onto the Drew Theo tree. And when it was all too confusing, I knew I had a spiritual compadre as we reached for the obvious solution: beg Dean Yardley for help. Best wishes for a joyful and stimulating retirement. Blessed be, Barnaby

  95. Eileen Gerety says:

    Dr. Maduro -

    What a honor and a privilege to finally have you as my instructor for the LGBT and World Religions class. In the midst of our stories and our pain, you carefully listened to it all, providing a sure, calming presence. Your warm reassuring smile beckoned us on to continue the journey despite the challenges. Your insight was spot on. I very much plan to continue the work we discussed all the while ever thankful that you were there.

    All the best,


  96. Sharon Browne says:

    Blessings Dr. Maduro,

    Congratulations on your retirement! I am so grateful that I had the good fortune to be in one of your classes. I remain impressed that three lines or phrases on a 3×5 card could yield an entire 90 min lecture. I’m still working on being able to do that.

    I pray that your time of leisure will be filled doing things that you truly enjoy. You are in my prayers. Thanks for imparting a good thing in my life.

    Via con Dios!

    CH(CPT)Sharon Browne – US Army

  97. Alberto L Garcia says:

    Estimado Otto,
    Ha sido un honor compartir contigo en el AAR y las actividades del Hispanic Theological Initiative. Tu espiritu de bondad y compasion siempre se han demonstrado en tu obra academica y entre nuestro pueblo. No obstante,
    el retiro significa que estamos jubilado y no fusilado. Jubilado significa un nuevo momento de ser, vivir y compartir. Asi esperamos de ti.
    Casualmente yo me retiro despues de servir como profesor de teologia en Concordia University Wisconsin y la universidad tambien me ofrecera una fiesta de retiro el 11 de mayo. Si pasas por Atlanta, hadmelo saber. Mi esposa y yo ya compramos casa cerca de Justo Gonzalez.
    Un gran abrazo y que Dios bendiga inmensamente a la familia Maduro.
    Rev. Alberto L. Garcia,Ph.D.
    Professor of Theology
    Concordia University Wisconsin
    12800 N Lake Shore Drive
    Mequon, WI 53097

  98. Luis Zambrano Sequín says:

    Estimado Otto:
    Conversamos poco, pero siempre con la profundidad y cercanía para que las palabras que nos dijimos queden como una referencia obligada en mis reflexiones sobre los temas que tratamos.
    Aunque no te conocí como docente, los múltiples testimonios que hemos leído dan buena cuenta de tu talante como profesor. Quisiéramos muchos escuchar alguna vez a nuestros estudiantes y colegas expresar sentimientos similares. Sin duda, tienes que haber hecho muy buen trabajo.
    También me uno a quienes brindan por tu salud y agradecen haberte conocido.
    Siempre estas presente en mis conversaciones con Mafer.

  99. Mafer Mujica Ricardo says:

    Querido Otto: mi amistad contigo nación en mi adolescencia. Jamás olvidaré las onversaciones sobre la viday muerte que tuvimos en Roma en 1972. Has sido para mí un maestro de sabiduría humana, un amigo incondicional, un ejemplo de que cualquiera de nosotros viviendo lejos podemos conservar nuestras raíces y nuestros nexos.
    Realmente te quiero mucho junto a Nancy ya Mateo y solo te deseo salud y más salud para que nos irradies de confraternidad entre los seres humanos.

  100. Mafer Mujica Ricardo says:

    Querido Otto: mi amistad contigo nació en mi adolescencia. Jamás olvidaré las conversaciones sobre la vida y muerte que tuvimos en Roma en 1972. Has sido para mí un maestro de sabiduría humana, un amigo incondicional, un ejemplo de que cualquiera de nosotros viviendo lejos podemos conservar nuestras raíces y nuestros nexos.
    Realmente te quiero mucho junto a Nancy y a Mateo y solo te deseo salud y más salud para que nos irradies de confraternidad entre los seres humanos.

  101. Mary Eldred says:

    Otto – Celebramos todo que has compartido con el mundo y con la gente que te quiere. Recuerdo unas noches divertidas en casa de Clara y Ken, compartiendo vino y conversacion contigo. Siempre has sido una gran e importante parte de la vida de mi amiga y prometo seguir ayudandola durante esta gran transicion que le afectara a ella tanto a ti y a Nancy y Mateito. Que gusto haber vivido contemporaneamente contigo en este mundo! Besos y abrazos, Otto. Bendiciones y paz, Mary

  102. Nancy VanderVeen says:

    Dearest Otto – What a blessing to be in your midst the past four+ years, from your days in 12 Campus Drive when Mateo and Leo would accompany you, to working alongside with you on events such as the Hispanic Lecture. I have always appreciated your warm welcomes, and am touched by your compassion and activism, always increasing our awareness and understanding. You have deeply impacted and touched the Drew community, yet your reach also extends well beyond the gates to the world. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of everyone you meet, and in the lives of so many who you have not met but benefit greatly from your gifts. We celebrate and thank you for you! Hugs to you and your Nancy, Nancy

  103. Oscar Ramos says:

    Apreciable Maestro Otto,
    Tuve la fortuna de encontrarme con usted en mi peregrinaje espiritual y teologico y agradezco a Dios por tal distincion. Como maestro y mentor para mi y mis companeros del doctorado fue usted una inspiracion constante y un constante aguijoneo intelectual. Sus clases son imposibles de olvidar y su tino en las observaciones dejan atras a David con su “honda” frente a Goliath. A pesar que se retira se que sera dificil de que usted deje trabajar y por ello me atrevo a pedirle que tome tiempo para usted y los suyos y sepa que su legado se ha esparcido por caminos inimaginables en diferentes paises tocando a su paso muchas personas que sin conocerle han recibido bendicion. Siempre le recuerdo con profundo aprecio y estima.
    Oscar Ramos

  104. Nancy Roberts DePoe MDiv02 says:

    Dear Otto,

    Hard to believe that you are retiring! What? You have way too much energy for that!…let’s just say you are moving on into the next phase of a glorious journey here upon this earth. All I can say is that I was blessed for a time to have traveled on the same road with you…particularly as it led to 12 Campus Drive, the DMin office for me — your office on the second floor…when I think of Drew I remember many fond memories of the people that came in and out of that office, “our home away from home”…and none more fondly than my memories of you, always a smile, always a laugh, always stopping to chat! Thank you…and I wish you and your family all the best as you travel on…go with God…love! Nancy

  105. Nelly van Doorn-Harder says:

    Dearest Otto,
    Thank you for being such a compassionate and inspiring leader and scholar. It was a privilege to get to know you and work with you. Your sense of humor brightened the long AAR Board meetings and your deep care for each of us helped us navigate choppy waters of change and transition. You showed saintly levels of patience when listening to our endless expositions, invariably giving us a brilliant analysis or suggestion.
    During “your” AAR meeting in Chicago I kept running into people who were inspired, elated, and reinvigorated by the program, the themes, and the speakers you had invited. I will always cherish the love and compassion you showered on us and trust that they will continue to carry and support you and your family in the next phase of your life. You will always be in my prayers, Hugs, Nelly

  106. Beth Beall says:

    Dearest Otto, when I’ve found myself thinking of you in these years since I’ve left Drew, it has always been with a sense of missing you. And now, odd as it seems, your retirement makes me feel that I will miss you even more. Your life imprinted my own, and I thank you. My favorite course with you was one whose name I’ve forgotten (something about Knowing) and it drew me into the world of epistemological map-making. Thank you for opening my life, my mind and my spirit to the importance of paying attention to the limits and possibilities of how and what we know. From my new and wonderful home (San Diego), I send you and yours much, much love always. Un abrazo grande. Beth

  107. Nancy Nason-Clark says:

    Dearest Otto:

    Your work is a great inspiration and I first became acquainted with your publications when I was a graduate student. The work was so powerful–full of ideas that were transformative and full of passion. What a wonderful model for so many of us to aspire to follow! And the lecture I invited you to give to the RRA received a standing ovation–that speaks for itself, I would say!

    But what I really want to say is thank you for who you are–I can still see you strolling my dear Natascha as I was about to give one of my first presentations at the SSSR in 1987. You try to live what you believe and on your retirement may we all remember to do likewise.

    With warmth,
    Nancy Nason-Clark

  108. Grace Davie says:

    Dear Otto

    Whenever I hear the news from Venezuela (which is quite often) I think of you and recall our conversations in different parts of the world. Thank you for these and for your contributions to our thinking in the sociology of religion.

    Grace Davie

  109. Laurel Kearns says:

    Dear Otto

    The messages of so many have already said the words that come to my mind, that perhaps just saying “all of the above, and more…” would make it easier to sum up 19 years of working together, and express my gratitude for almost thirty years of friendship. I met you at my first SSSR meeting in 1985 at Savannah, at a session on religion and social change. You were so warm and welcoming to a graduate student, and you encouraged my interest in feminist approaches to the sociology of religion, liberation theologies, the role of religions in social change. Through the years, we would run into each other at the meetings, and we shared mutual friends in Atlanta, including one of my house mates. So when I learned that you and I might both be at Drew, it was with much happiness. Suddenly, a new job and moving north didn’t seem so intimidating, but rather, a chance to continue a well-established collegial relationship. And I couldn’t have asked for a better colleague. We team taught religion and social process for a good decade, I think, and in the process I learned a great deal about being a professor, how to handle difficult conversations in the classroom, how to help students critically analyze their religious traditions and their culture and country, how to be kind, encouraging. What a privilege to teach with someone with such a deep passion for justice and a prophetic call to see through relations of power and complacency. Each class session, I continued to learn from a master teacher, while always being made to feel your full equal. I wish others could have such a rich opportunity. One memory that always makes me smile is how you would pause, and find multiple words to help add nuance to a point—it was like watching a word painting unfold, with each carefully chosen word (none of which were on your little 3X5 cards) adding a brush stroke to the portrait you were painting. I always joked how much better you were with English, your third or fourth language, than I was! I felt such a sense of loss the day we decided to split up, so that the course could be taught year round.
    That sense of being a team, however, never waivered in our years of planning courses and lectures, sharing ideas and resources, working with grad students, and our long conversations about our families, and raising sons close in age (I can still clearly remember when you told me, with such great joy, of yours and Nancy’s pregnancy). It has been a great 19 years working together, and I can’t imagine a better collegial relationship and friendship. Your warm hugs and smiles, your thoughtful consideration of new ideas and willingness to change your mind, your willingness to challenge your colleagues and deans and say the hard things that others won’t, your expression of your own deeply felt appreciation for Drew and all of us will be missed, and I will miss the chance of continually learning from your ideas and example on an everyday basis. And still, all these words later, are not enough to say thank you for being all that you are.

  110. Querido Otto:
    !Cómo puede ser que te jubiles si nos conocimos el otro día y teníamos veinte años! Eres una persona rara como sólo lo más precioso puede ser. Nuestra amistad me alegró siempre y me enseña a cada paso. Quisiera estar contigo el 10 de mayo; como no será posible, aquí te envío “colo, chamego e cafuné” desde Brasil. Que lo disfrutes con Nancy y Mateo, las joyas de tu vida.

  111. Eduardo Plastino says:

    Querido Otto:

    Los que no fuimos tus alumnos o compañeros de estudio también te podemos querer y admirar mucho!!

    Un gran abrazo y mucho cariño desde Oxford!

  112. Elizabeth Freese says:

    Dear Dr. Maduro,

    I want to express my immense gratitude for the all too brief time I have had with you at Drew Theo. In particular, I am so fortunate to have been properly schooled in Marxian and Bourdieuian approaches to religious study – I shudder to think what misrecognition I might have continued to perpetrate otherwise! Your patience, wit, curiosity, and frankness are always refreshing, and you will be truly missed in retirement.

    However, I am hopeful that you will be occupied analyzing the activities of Pope Francis and Venezuela’s other Maduro in their new social leadership roles. Please do pass along any insight!

    Much love, peace, and wellness for this next chapter,

    Elizabeth Freese

  113. Jim Beckford says:

    Dear Otto

    It seems like a long time since I received one of your special hugs, but your Religion and Social Conflicts still has pride of place on my bookshelves. And I recommended your “New Marxist approaches” article to the audience of a conference session only last week. But times change, and I hope that retirement will bring you all good things.


  114. Carlos Plastino says:

    Conheci a Otto em Louvain, quando ambos eram ainda estudantes. Desde o começo apreciei sobremaneira sua capacidade intelectual, vitalidade e coragem para enfrentar momentos extremadamente duros. Soube também me acompanhar quando foi minha vez -e de minha então companheira- de passar por momentos tão difíceis. Depois disso nos encontramos várias vezes, sempre muito intensas e enriquecedoras.Menos vezes do que eu houvesse querido. Bravo lutador, intelectual de mão cheia movido por uma inesgotável sede pelo transcendência, amigo querido, quero enviar por esta um grande abraço e um beijo carinhoso.

  115. Madeleine Cousineau says:

    Dearest Otto – Among my many fond memories of you are the first two — meeting you at the SSSR meeting in Providence in October 1983 and traveling with you two weeks later to meet a group of friends/colleagues for dinner in Northampton, MA, after your keynote address at another meeting. Before the SSSR we had been in contact only by phone and mail. But when I walked up to the front of the room after your presentation you said to the person with whom you had been speaking, “Excuse me, there is someone I have to hug.” Two weeks later, when my VW broke down on a country road between Amherst and Northampton I discovered that you were the person with whom one should arrange to have car trouble — calm, caring, and with a wonderful sense of humor. There were many more memorable times together before I moved out of sociology of religion circles, and of all the terrific people in that network, you are the one I miss the most.
    much love,

  116. Erica Ramirez says:

    Dear Otto,

    I was sitting in Seattle recently, talking with a very confident friend about politics and religion. We were discussing the rightful use of violence, specifically Bonhoeffer and Hitler-just a regular conversation amongst graduate students.

    At a certain point of heated conflict I said,

    “well, I would like to suggest . . .”

    My sparring partner, taking note of this departure from my usual style of argumentation, replied in mimicry,

    “well, then I would like to suggest. . .”

    I was instantly amused because I learned that phrase from you.

    “I would like to suggest. . .” is a phrase you often use when you correct us. This phrase exemplifies the open, humble, and dialogical way of understanding and producing knowledge that Professor Keller attributes to you in her comment. I have learned many, many things from you, but acquiring this intellectual habitus is something I will be working on for a long time. You’ll always be my model for it. (smile)

    Now, permit me to here suggest that your politely suggested points have been *as a rule* surer, clearer, and truer than so many confident rationales to which we, as students, have been previously exposed. Your points always complicate the matter in question and the manner of our questioning! Your approach to knowledge is not one aimed toward mastery, but one marked by passion and commitment. Thank you for being a person of striking intellectual integrity, and for being transparent about the patient work this kind of integrity requires.

    Thank you, also, for your warmth and generosity of spirit, for your time and attention, for your good will and humor. You loom so large in our halls at Drew; we will sorely miss you. But, I look forward to more relaxing days ahead for you, with thanks for everything you have shared with me.

    With Love,


  117. Enzo Pace says:

    Carissimo Otto,
    Eravamo “piccoli” quando ci siamo incontrati per la prima volta. Siamo cresciuti assieme; o meglio sono cresciuto ascoltandoti parlare, la prima volta qui a Padova, di Bourdieu, religione, Marx, capitalismo, Gramsci. Altri tempi. Poi a strappi nel tempo abbiamo continuato sporadicamente a incrociarci e a scrutare le tracce dei nostri pensieri. Devo dire che, a dispetto della distanza che genera lunghi silenzi, ogni volta che ti ho reincontrato mi sono ritrovato nei tuoi pensieri, come se gli anni non fossero passati. Ho ritrovato sempre oltre che la tua fine intelligenza, la tua grande umanità. Un abbraccio

  118. Jill Krebs says:

    Dear Otto,

    You are one of the most memorable teachers! I can remember your lectures and our conversations from “Classical Theories” and “Bourdieu.” You always made those theories so clear and brought in such interesting examples, then pushed us and challenged us in class discussion. I find myself using some of your same examples in my own classes. Maybe more than your classes, I will remember your generosity and warmth. You gave so much time, advice, and feedback on everything from “Reading and Research Reports” to comps and even conference papers. Thank you! Congratulations and best wishes as you move on from Drew.

  119. Linzi Guy says:

    Dear Otto,

    You are an amazing scholar, teacher, and person, and the Drew community is the better for having had you among us. You always created and nurtured a safe space in your classroom, one in which I felt affirmed as you led us through the intersections of personal and socio-political engagements. Thanks for your love, wit, and deeply inspiring empathy.

    With Love,

  120. Donna Laird says:

    Dear Otto,

    While preparing for my dissertation research at Drew I found that my questions needed a sociologist’s tools and so I found myself sitting in your Classical Theorists and Bourdieu classes where your clear teaching always provided “aha!” moments. I loved (loved!) those classes. Your classes not only opened the biblical text to me in new ways, but allowed me to grasp the dynamics of my own communities and life. For that alone I will always be grateful. However, you then cheerfully agreed to be a reader for my dissertation. You introduced me to Pierre Bourdieu, and opened the biblical text to me in new and, I believe, ethically important ways. You kept me honest with my use of theory, and always returned work to me with an encouraging comment. Your mentoring made my work so much better and your kindness and warmth were moments of light through the tough slough of study. For all that, I am (and will be) always grateful. Thank you.

  121. Mons. Ricardo Ramirez says:

    Otto, Te recuerdo con gran afecto. Nos conocimos por medio de CEHILA hace muchisimos años. Gracias por lo que has contribuido a la causa de los pobres y marginados.
    Yo ya empece mi jubiliación y la transición de actividad a tiempo mas descansado ha sido facil. Te felicito por todo lo que has logrado. Me es un privilegio contarme entre tus amigos.


  122. Margarida de Souza Neves says:

    Otto, querido
    Um beijo e todo o carinho de uma amizade que começou em Louvain, no final dos anos 60, que cresce e se aprofunda sempre e que a cada encontro me faz acreditar mais que os amigos são o grande presente da Vida.
    Obrigada por você ser como é

  123. Rich Wilinski says:

    Dear Otto,
    I will not be at your celebration at Drew on May 10th but will consciously bring to mind your passionate teaching at Maryknoll. I was so opened up to the church in Latin America that I choose to become a Lay Missioner to Brazil after the MA program. I thank you for being a part of that experience, as well as being able to see you here in Atlanta last year.

    Much love from Terri, Rich and Nathan

  124. Cecilia Tovar says:

    Querido Otto, me entero que te retiras, es decir, pasas a otro modo de hacer lo mismo que has hecho toda tu vida, y seguir aportando tu reflexión y experiencia a todos nosotros. Toki y yo te enviamos nuestro cariño y te deseamos que siempre haya mas plenitud en tu vida.
    Ojalá que en tu nueva situación puedas viajar, visitar quizás a los amigos.

  125. Wesley Ariarajah says:

    My dear Otto,

    ​My earliest memory of you goes to my very first encounter with the full faculty during my appointment to Drew.  Soon after the meeting, you took me to one of the adjoining rooms to brief me on issues related to being a third-world faculty member in the USA.  It was very good advice and has been useful to me throughout my time at Drew.  I was already amazed, on the first day, at the care, concern and solidarity that you extended to new faculty person.   Since then, you and Nancy have continually extended to me and Shyamala your warm friendship and hospitality.  We remember with much joy the many moments we spent at your home and the friendship we continue to share.

    ​Shyamala was also very happy that she had the opportunity to take your course during her M.A. program and had enjoyed every bit of it.  We are aware of the high regard in which students hold you and the high expectations you have of them.  You had been a wonderful teacher, mentor, and an advocate for social justice.  And, as you are aware, the Hispanic Summer Program that you led with Ada enabled so many Hispanic pastors to benefit from your scholarship and to upgrade their ministries.  We were pleased that the AAR acknowledged your scholarship and leadership with its invitation to you to be the President last year.

    ​We are deeply saddened that what would have been an equally wonderful ministry at Princeton has been interrupted by your illness.  You, Nancy and Mateo are very much in our thoughts and prayers.  We are disappointed that we will be away in Geneva during your Drew farewell, but we will certainly be with you in Spirit.

    ​Thank you for all that you have been to us and to the Drew community. We know that Drew would be hard pressed to find a replacement of a person that would carry the depth of scholarship, unwavering commitments, profound sense of solidarity with the marginalized and the remarkable graces that we found in you.

    ​With loving embraces,

    ​ Wesley and Shyamala

  126. Jean-Pierre Ruiz says:

    Dear Otto,

    I still vividly remember the first time I met you, at an AAR / SBL meeting in Washington, DC where we were both trying to find the room where the inaugural meeting of the Committee on Underrepresented Racial and Ethnic Groups was to meet for the first time. We eventually found the room…who knew that years later you would become President of AAR, leading the Academy forward. I am deeply grateful for your leadership!

  127. Betty Gannon says:

    Dr. Maduro your RSP class in the Fall of 2011 was one of the first classes I took at Drew. You started talking about a cow the first day of class, my first week at drew, and I remember thinking “what have I gotten myself into!” The point of the cow discussion was how everyone looks at a cow differently, the meat buyer looks differently then the environmentalist, then the kid, then the feed supplier and so on. RSP really helped to set me up for the education I would be getting at Drew and your skillful teaching of it made me wish there was an RSP2 (I may be the only student who feels that way!) Thank you for being my teacher.

  128. Teresita Matos says:

    Querido Dr. Otto Maduro,

    Aunque me quedo con los deseo de tomar una clase con usted, me queda el placer de conocerlo y haber colaborado juntos en el caucus Hispano aquí en Drew. Recuerdo el primer día que le conocí, me quedó grabado su calor humano y humildad. Me ha inspirado con su tesón y habilidad de llamar las cosas por su nombre con autoridad generosa. Como siempre mis oraciones y buenos deseos quedan con usted y su bella familia. Andando caminante pa’lante sin dar un paso atrás ni pa’ coger impulso, como decimos en Puerto Rico. Un beso y un abrazo, Tere.

  129. Nate says:

    Otto, It was a blessing to visit El Salvador with you and Boesel. Those late night and early morning conversations with you and the rest of our group shaped me as a theologian and pastor. Thank you for all that you have done for Drew and the world. Grace and peace friend, Nate.

  130. Hyoik Kim says:

    마두로 선생님 감사합니다! (Thank you, Dr. Madoro – in Korean)
    Your RSP class was one of the classes I took for my first semester at Drew. Through that class, I had the eye-opening experience and a lot of ‘a-ha’ moments. Yes, it became my favorite class ever. I will remember your life-changing lessons with low-toned and heart-warming voice. Once again, 선생님 감사합니다…

  131. Maylis de la Fe says:

    Querido profesor:

    Ya le he dicho unas cuántas veces cuánto usted significa para mí, pero otra vez más no está de más :). Le agradezco su enseñanza, la cuál ha sido de gran influencia en mi vida y en mi manera de entender cómo la fe que profesamos debe manifestarse en nuestra vida diaria y en las comunidades a las que pertenecemos. Pero además de eso le agradezco su espíritu, su risa, y el haber berreado con mi libro, y decírmelo :). Le quiero inmensamente y le doy gracias a Dios por darme la oportunidad de conocerle, de aprender de usted, y de compartir un espacio de esta vida con usted. Que Dios le bendiga y fortalezca. Con cariño, Maylis

  132. Elizabeth Taylor says:

    Dr. Maduro,
    I was one of the many students who took your Religion and the Social Process class in seminary. That class was an eye-opening experience for me as I learned about social justice issues through the lens of theology. You were patient with all of us, whatever background we came from. You had a sweet, friendly energy that invited all of us to be open and to reconsider our beliefs and positions. I will remember your class, and of course you, with admiration and thanksgiving.
    Thank you and Peace,

  133. Katrina Walk says:

    Dr. Otto,

    I will never forget the warmth with which you greeted me on our first meeting at Drew. That same kindness of spirit was present in our every conversation – never were you aloof, unfeeling, or oblivious to the students in your care, even if they had never been in your class. I felt that you took every opportunity to be a teacher (not just a professor) to every person who you talked with, and worked with.

    Thank you for walking in the light, and sharing it, so easily and freely with others.

    God bless and keep you, always.

  134. Jennifer Tiernan-Bindler (nunno) says:

    Dearest Dr. Maduro,

    Taking RSP with you was a wonderful experience. But I can hardly put into words the profound help and support you showed me when I lost my Dad suddenly right before starting my second year… You shared with me about your own grief and sorrow with me and I shared with you that everyone told me that I needed “closure” and how I hated that… These are the words that have always stayed with me.. You took my hands and looked into my eyes and told me to forget about closure.. That I don’t need it, that to you closure implied moving one but in some ways we never move on and that we always love the ones we have lost… My eyes fill with tears even now when I remember that you were the one who gave me permission to forget about closure…
    You are not only an amazing teacher but a minister of God’s love and peace.
    Bless you!!! There are no words of thanks that are enough to express the gratitude I have for your presence in my life.

  135. Julia Singleton says:

    I don’t even know how to begin to explain what Dr. Maduro did for me. I now see people and situations in a more justice-filled, love-filled, understanding way and that was because Dr. Maduro challenged me to look at the world in a different way and introduced me to people who helped me to see things anew. Others tried to show me, but it was Dr. Maduro’s gentle spirit that allowed me to lower my defenses long enough to let the light shine in. My world is forever changed and I have Dr. Maduro to thank for that.

  136. Julia Singleton says:

    Thank you Dr. Maduro and best wishes in retirement. You are a beautiful person. :)

  137. Luis María Goicoechea says:

    Querido Otto: He recibido hace pocos minutos las noticias sobre tus cuidados médicos.Te escribo con la confianza y la amistad de tantos años. Desde aquellas imborrables conversas cuando nos visitabas en el Secretariado LA del MIEC – JECI o cuando participábamos en las reuniones del MIIC. Y luego, año tras año, en nuestros respectivos cumpleaños, en Navidad, en Pascua.
    Sé con cuánto dolor y con cuánta fortaleza has sido capaz de encajar algunos golpes en la vida. Con cuánta fe, alegría, libertad, inteligencia has trabajado entre la sociología, la filosofía, la teología.
    Tú, Nancy, Mateo, pueden estar seguros de que somos muchos los que rezamos por ustedes.
    Un abrazo.
    Luis María

  138. Christopher Lee says:

    I really wish I could have taken a class with you. I really enjoyed our brief encounters in Seminary Hall. Thank you for being my Academic Adviser for most of my time here at Drew Theological School. You have been such a blessing to me as well as to so many others. I will miss you so much. Thank you and God Bless.

  139. Dearest Otto,

    Deep thanks for the lessons of life and of the classroom that you have shared with me. Those are the inseparable duo of a true teacher.

    Tenacity is the trait that you have passed on to me. Tenacity has helped me to persist when haunted by fear of failure and failure of will.

    I am also indebted to you for much discrete knowledge of the classical sociologists of religion and a healthy habit of practicing Bourdieuian suspicion.

    A fellow lover of music and languages, I wish I were adept enough at Spanish to wish you well in the language you love best, maybe with a banjo on my knee :-)

    Auf Wiedersehen,


  140. peng zhao says:

    Dear Professor Maduro:

    Thank you for all the work you did for us and I pray that Lord bless you for what you had done for him and bless you fully!

    • Nilsa Olivero says:

      Prof. Maduro,
      Espero que Dios siempre este con usted. Lo siento que nunca tuve el privilegio de ser su estudiante. Pero escuchado tanto de su vida en Drew i eso me da mucha motivacion para terminar este programa sobre un certificado in MDiv para escribir y lo que Dios quiera para mi vida. Se que siempre estas en las manos de el por todo sus efuerzos.
      Que la paz del senor siga estando en su vida.

      Nilsa Olivero


    Querido Otto, en este momento de tu retiro me acompañan los gratos recuerdos: primero en Bélgica donde coincidimos y nos conocimos, durante los años 70. Luego en Caracas, donde alguna vez conversaste con mis alumnos sobre M. Weber. Un café, a veces muy rápido, nos permitió mantener los hilos de la amistad en tus pasos por la ciudad cuando ya estabas en NY y un reencuentro reciente, en París, recordando a Marianella. Todo ello y tu inteligencia y calidez… para seguir adelante. Un fuerte abrazo.
    María Sol

  142. Catherine Peyroux says:

    Dearest Otto,

    Throughout my time at Drew you have been an inspirational voice and presence. Your warmth and generosity have made each conversation a pleasure. Your clear vision for transformative social justice has been an extended source of reassurance for me. What I treasure most is that time with you is an ever-reliable sanctuary from trivial, smug, or careless thinking. The urgency and vitality of your engagement with the world ripples through and beyond our community.

    Holding you and your dear family in the Light,


  143. Amy Jones says:

    Professor Maduro,
    I’ve been putting off this written tribute, in part because I keep hoping that maybe it isn’t true that you will be retiring, and also because I wasn’t sure how to best express my deep gratitude to you for your scholarship, your teaching, and your person. I think the greatest gift you give your students is the way you treat them like people – whole people, with bodies, emotions, families, situations and circumstances – and not just brains in need of knowledge. Few teachers know how to connect these things, but you do it so well.

    Thank you for the many gifts you’ve brought to the Drew community. I wish you all good things in retirement.


  144. Marie-Pascale Pieretti says:

    Mon cher Otto, comment te remercier pour ta sagesse et ta présence intellectuelle extraordinaire à Drew… ta personnalité attachante et ton caractère si chaleureux. Tu restes pour moi et pour nous tous un exemple formidable à émuler. Bises
    Marie-Pascale, Fred, Damien et Marina

  145. Chris Anderson says:

    Dear Otto, though I never took a course with you during my PhD studies at Drew from 2001-2003, I vividly remember talking with you one evening as a new grad student in front of the Shakespeare Theater. I had met you earlier in the week at a reception and that night you remembered my name. This made an impression on me I’ll not forget. Thank you for your service to Drew and to the academy at large.

  146. Stewart Penwell says:

    Professor Maduro,

    I only had the opportunity to take one class with you, but that class made a lasting impression on my life. Not only do I approach academics differently, but I have an entirely different perspective on life – a sociological perspective. You introduced me to ideas and scholars that I otherwise may not have encountered.

    Beyond the topics outlined in our syllabus, you taught me what it is to be a wonderful professor and a great man, both in and out of the classroom.

    I am truly grateful for everything you taught me. Thank you.

  147. Chris Taylor says:

    That deep rich voice, the broad friendly smile, the warm eyes with the hint of mischievousness, the ever-ready welcoming embrace, the honest laugh, that beautiful mind burning with passion for truth – always eager to engage in frank debate, but never losing respect for the intellectual adversary, who is also the dear friend — all these qualities have made you the most treasured of colleagues dear Otto. You have touched us all, and we are all so blessed to have known you as teacher, colleague and friend. Via con Dios!

  148. Kyungsun Hong says:

    Dear Professor Otto Maduro,

    It has been a blessing for me to have you as my advisor since my loss of Professor Karen Brown. But it is still a start for me to learn more of your scholarship and academic wisdom in a long run. Your academic assurance and scholarly openness have greatly impressed me and I want to go more with you for my work done. However, now I have to wholeheartedly put my hands together to hope for your healing and strength back. I miss you Professor Otto Maduro! I miss you!

  149. Milton Núñez-Coba says:

    Estimado Otto:

    Que privilegio haberlo tenido como profesor en Drew. Deseandole lo mejor a Ud. y su familia, adelante!

    Un abrazo,


  150. Miran Jeon says:

    Dr. Maduro!

    I miss you and love you.
    I hope to see you soon at school.


  151. Steven D. Kim says:

    Dear Dr. Maduro,

    I have not had the pleasure of having you as my professor in my years at Drew. I did briefly meet you in the Cross Cultural Class to Equador only to have my destination diverted to Malaysia, while you needed to withdraw from leading the trip due to your health issues.

    I will be graduating in May and have reflected deeply about Drew and, in particular, the faculty. I consider all of my professors whom I have had the privilege to study under and with, collectively, as a deep well that has provided compelling, provocative and transformative educational experiences.

    Since, I do not know you I read most of the tributes written here thus far and I must say I am very sorry that our paths did not cross. How much deeper and wider the well could have been had I had the privilege of learning from you and, more importantly, having the opportunity to experience your humanity and compassion. Still, I can just imagine all of that and more from these beautiful tributes that speak to your personhood in its totality.

    May God bless you and your family and the new chapter of life you’ll be transitioning into, and may God keep you in peace.

    - Steven D. Kim

  152. Barbara Brown says:

    Dear Dr. Maduro,
    Many have been reported to the Drew community as one who is ill, had family or their departure. It is an opportunity to express love and respect for a lost member. We’re not speaking of you in any way as mentioned… Because of your strong ministry of presence, we’re sharing memories of a family member that we will always be thought fondly of. We love you. We lift your name in prayer.
    Last, we smile. We have many smiles because you spread and evoked memories that moved clouds and brought the sunshine! May the Creator smile upon and bless you!
    In the spirit, Barbara

  153. Christina Riley says:

    While I’ve never had any courses or worked personally with Dr. Maduro, I have seen the warmth and care he takes towards his students. My husband, Matt, has worked with him and has said nothing but good things about Dr. Maduro. You will be missed, but thank you for all that you’ve done. You’ve made a strong impression not only on those close to you but those whom they affiliate with, as well.

  154. Suzanne Wenonah Duchesne says:

    I will never forget my first dinner at Drew. The beautiful table. Misty Howick on one side of me and Dr. Otto Maduro on the other. Everything was new – exciting and scary all at once. The encouragement, laughter and deep sharing about church, racism, and scholarship began a conversation which has changed my life in ways I hope will bring honor to the sacred stories told around that table. Your honesty when Ada would challenge you, your kisses and questions about how I was doing, your presence in the classroom – all brought an integrity, an intensity and a gentleness to Drew that will be missed.

  155. Beth Quick says:

    Dr. Maduro –

    I especially enjoyed taking Gay & Lesbian Liberation Theologies with you during my time at Drew. You were encouraging of outside-the-box thinking and yours was one of a couple classes where I was able to combine my love of theatre with my call to ministry by writing about sexuality on the stage.

    I appreciate so much your persistent voice for justice, your encouragement of students, your passionate eloquent words, and your gentleness all wrapped into one person. Your presence at Drew will be missed. May God bless you and yours!

  156. Kelly Predojevic says:

    Professor Maduro,

    You make me sing: “Senor me has mirado los ojos y sonriendo has dicho mi nombre….junto a ti buscare otro mar…

    Thank you for teaching me.

  157. Michael Granzen says:


    Thank you for your creative word and silence, through many difficult circumstances of life, your compassionate and truthful presence.

    When first nervously presenting my narrative on Elizabeth, NJ to the R&S faculty and students, your clear and abounding word to write a book!

    When teaching, your intellectual passion and tranparent joy.

    When called upon to be present, your brilliant audacity and fierce truth telling for the dispossessed.

    When our child became ill, your immediate embrace and prayer.

    When called upon again and again, grace under pressure–



  158. Susan MacDonnell says:

    Godspeed Dr. Maduro
    Muchisimas gracias por ser una luz de bondad por todos nosotros de Drew Theo.
    Su presencia se sentirá profundamente.

  159. Melissa Ann Rivera says:


    I give thanks to God for your wonderful contributions to The Theological School at Drew University! You are an excellent model of supreme intellect, fine integrity and strength. You have served as a special model to all of us, Latino/a students at Drew and I feel privileged to have met you!

    I pray God’s continued blessings upon your life and the wonderful legacy you have given to us here at Drew Theological School.

    Kindest Regards,
    Melissa A. Rivera

  160. Magaly Santillan says:

    Profesor Maduro,

    A pesar de que nunca tome una clase con usted y tampoco tuve el placer de tratarlo por mucho tiempo quiero que sepa que le deseo lo mejor de este mundo.

    Mi tio Arturo y mi tia Carmen lo recuerdan con mucho carino y le mandan solo buenos deseor y mucha salud.

    Espero que esta nueva etapa de su vida sea calmada y feliz y que se dedique ese tiempo que usted necesita para mejorarse y estar bien.

    Con carino y apreciacion,


  161. Margaret Kiernan says:

    To me your smile says everything about you. Warm, friendly, compassionate spiritual and always welcoming of everyone.

    Prayers to you and your family.

  162. Kelly Robbins says:

    Dear Otto,

    It has been an honor and a privilege to be your student and advisee. I am so fortunate to have been able to study with you. I will always be grateful for your knowledge, guidance, and care. You have truly helped me become a better scholar. It is difficult to think about Drew without you and you will be greatly missed. Thank you.


  163. Cesar Carhuachin says:

    Estimado Otto,
    Fue un gusto leer uno de tus libros en mi tiempo de estudios en Isedet. Fue mucho mayor el gusto conocerte en persona y tenerte como profesor en Drew University y tutor en mi tesis en el programa doctoral. Gracias por tu influencia en el pensamiento teologico y en el ministerio cristiano en los EUA y mas alla. Que disfrutes de tu retiro y que sigas dejando huellas! Un abrazo, Cesar.

  164. Cordelza Haynes says:

    You have given so much to so many. Graciaa y un abrazo!

  165. Cordelza Haynes says:

    You have given so much to so many. Gracias y un abrazo!

  166. Jeff Markay says:

    Dear Otto,
    Part of the preparation to our cross cultural trip to El Salvador in 1994 was to learn from you about the dynamics of the IMF, World Bank, and NAFTA as it effected the people of Central and South America. You taught us how to look through social justice lenses at the issues, people, future and political landscape of El Salvador. We don’t see what we are not taught to look for. You taught us what to look for, and we are forever grateful.

    Your warmth, deep soul, and big hearted love for Drew, and for the world, has shaped us, and we are forever changed. Thank you my friend. I write with much love.

    Via con Dios.

  167. Imelda Vega-Centeno B says:

    ¡Nos encontramos hace 40 años!, y fue un “amor a primera vista”, desde la primera conversa nos descubrimos creyendo y esperando tantas cosas en común… mucho más que los cursos de sociología de las religiones de Lovaina. Desde entonces ni el tiempo ni la distancia nos hicieron perder el contacto con el otro, a pesar de los problemas, las neuras y los imponderables.
    Sigo a tu lado, y al de Nancy y Mateo en la lucha que enfrentas hoy. Fuerza Otto, amigo, hermano del alma. IMELDA

    • Imelda Vega-Centeno B says:

      Otto querido, Otto de siempre, eres de los que no pasan, tu huella siempre queda y está viva en todos aquellos que compartieron VIDA contigo. Por eso te queremos tanto. Por eso nuestro duelo es tan fuerte.
      Otto siempre presente en aquellos en los que sembraste amor y alegría.
      Que el Dios de la Vida te dé su paz.

  168. Bill Presnell says:

    Dear Otto,

    Congratualtions on your retirement after the many years of smart, effective teaching and useful scholarship you lived out at Drew.I will hold in my heart the warm conversations we have had and our common interest in sustaining the Hispanic D.Min. program at Drew “back when.” I can join with the whole Drew community in a hearty thanks for your scholarly insights, friendship, and commitment to theological education across the world.

    May all the best things come to you and yours in the days ahead!

    With my sincere respect and affection,


  169. Joel Elowsky says:

    Dear Otto,
    Congratulations on your retirement! We shared the building on 12 Campus Drive for many years – You were upstairs, I was in the basement. :-) I was always impressed not only by your scholarship but by your wonderful loving, giving personality that had a kind work or gesture to offer. I’m sure you will be sorely missed at Drew, but I also pray that God may richly bless you in the days ahead.
    Blessings on your retirement,
    Joel Elowsky

  170. Alberto Chicho Durant says:

    Mi tan querido y recordado Otto. Han pasado casi de tres décadas desde que nos vimos por última vez en Londres. Pero en todo ese tiempo siempre has estado presente. Tu amplia y franca risa, tu integridad, tu inteligencia afinada, tu humanidad inmensa, tu generosidad y bondad en todo están en lo mejor de mis recuerdos. Se que estás delicado de salud y deseo con todo mi corazón y energía que te recuperes pronto porque se que tienes todavía tanto para darle al mundo. Desde Lima te mando un abrazo enorme. Tu amigo de siempre, Chicho.

    • Nancy Noguera says:

      Gracias Chicho,
      Otto te recuerda tambien y te agradece tus palabras. Si deseas llamarlo puedes hacerlo al +1862-22-6973. Puedes enviarle un mensaje de texto tambien con tu telefono.

  171. Fernando Linhares says:

    Obrigado para seu ‘ministério de presença’ que eu primeiro experimentei durante o 2011 ‘programa hispânico de verão’ e continuou a experimentar em Drew durante este ano passado. Goze a jornada meu irmão em Cristo.

  172. Nancy Ammerman says:

    Otto Maduro is a person whose life and work has meant a great deal to me. Not only has he taught me about base communities and liberation theology in Latin America, about social movements and social conflict, he has consistently reminded me that what we do matters. The critical sociological imagination is a tool intended to expose the sources of oppression and to shine a light on the lives of otherwise invisible people. He has used his keen critical capacities to help all of us understand and learn from the people from within the many streams of Latina/o and Hispanic life. I am incredibly grateful both for his own work and all the work he has mentored over the years. I am also grateful for those amazing sparkling eyes and that joyous laugh and what it meant to have my own work affirmed by the incredible and esteemed Otto Maduro. That’s not something I’ll soon forget.

  173. Linda Dietch says:

    Hi Otto. What a wonderful teacher and friend you are to so many! The outpouring on this site is a testimony to your warmth, brilliance, and humor. I experienced these firsthand my first semester at Drew in your classical sociologists’ course. I had no idea, at the time, that that class and your guidance would become so influential in my research–ultimately leading me to use Bourdieu in my biblical studies dissertation–and, more importantly, how I experience and understand the social. Learning sociology was like a conversion experience: it gave me frameworks for understanding and dealing with social processes that exerted power I could feel but were invisible. You helped me see, and did so in a way that exuded respect and expressed humility. Thank you for your example, for sharing your passion and gift for critical reflection, and for your warm and generous spirit. My very best regards! Linda

  174. My dear brother, Otto, you arrived at Drew a year before I did, and I immediately was drawn to you when we first met on campus. Your were faculty and I a student, but you treated me as peer. I remember the first time you and Nancy came to our house for a Halloween party in costume. You were the only faculty member there among our friends and fellow students, and you modeled egalitarian pedagogy. I remember fondly when you invited me to “lecture” in your early course on “Gay and Lesbian Liberation Theologies in the Americas.” You were unthreatened and genuinely interested in what a Nazarene evangelical student had to say about the subject. You always supported the socially and theologically marginalized at Drew and advocated for those who needed your strong voice. You welcomed our shalom students into your course on Social Process as examples of constructive engagement following social justice critiques of church and society. Your personal support of me and my family, your participation in the DMIN program (especially the Hispanic Leadership concentration we started together), and your enthusiasm for Communities of Shalom, will always be remembered. Thank you for your contribution to Drew and the larger world, Otto. I love you!

  175. Basit Koshul says:

    Dear Prof. Maduro,
    My debt to you cannot be put in words–beginning with the admissions process to the PhD program in 1996, during the course work in the Religion and Society program, and through the writing and defense of my dissertation your support, advice and guidance were always there. Along with Prof. Peter Ochs, I mention your name to my students in Pakistan as examples of the teachers who I consciously attempt to emulate in terms of demanding standards, intellectual integrity, courageous openness, and a borderline foolish faith/trust in their student. I doubt that I can match you in any of these areas but that will not keep me from trying–it is the least that I can do to honor you. The journey that I began with your help continues–as I am in the final stages of revising my manuscript on Weber and Peirce. Perhaps the best tribute that I can pay you is to let you know that because of what you taught me I have been able to help a few others begin their own journeys.
    With profound gratitude and respect,
    Basit Koshul

  176. Daisy L. Machado says:

    Querido Otto,

    We’ve traveled a long road together–from my days as the first Director of the HTI which was when we first worked together. Through the years you have remained a friend and have supported my work and for that I am grateful.You have also been an advocate for Latinas/os, you have represented us so well in the guild, and through it all you have remained kind and generous.

    I celebrate your life and thank God for having met you those many years ago. Y como siempre, te llevo en mis oraciones y en el corazón.

    Un fuerte abrazo,


  177. Maria Kennedy says:

    Querido Otto,

    Durante mi experiencia en HTI, tuve la oportunidad de conocer a mucha gente muy querida, y usted es una de esas personas. Me di cuenta de que la gentileza que siempre me mostro era genuina y siempre evidente con todos. Aunque no tengo los conocimientos academicos necesarios para evaluar sus aportaciones al mundo teologico, me siento lo suficientemente crecidita en anos para poder decir con toda certeza de que su dedicacion a la ensenanza ha iluminado e inspirado a muchos. En Mexico diriamos que lo que se ve, no se juzga. Le mando una abrazo muy carinoso, y sepa que aca en Princeton lo tenemos muy presente en nuestros corazones y en nuestras oraciones.

    Maria Kennedy

  178. Maria Ling says:

    Dr Maduro,
    You opened my eyes to see more clearly.
    You inspired me when you said you’re a polyglot (very nonchalantly in class one day).
    Your passion in your teaching and in your speaking rubbed off on me!
    You are loved and much appreciated!


  179. Gracias por compartir tantas experiencias y conocimiento. Admiro que siempre abristes tu corazón al grupo del DMIN en español. Eres tremendo católico-protestante como nos compartias. Recuerdo que aun en medio de tu enfermedad no abandonastes a tus estudiantes. Luego de salir de Drew y llegar a PR nuevamente a pastorear, muchas puertas me fueron abiertas y pude entrar por ellas gracias a lo que tu y Ada nos compartieron y enseñaron. Que Dios te siga bendiciendo cada día y que disfrutes tu tiempo de retiro, que para muchos es tiempo de lograr muchas metas personals.

  180. Rob Duncan says:


    I have fond memories of working with you at Drew.

    Your passion for education and inclusion had a profound impact on my understanding of education as ministry. Our conversations of how culture shapes what we do helped prepare me for my work at Bacone. I will always be grateful…


    Rob Duncan

  181. Isabel Quezada says:

    Querido Otto:

    Pocas palabras podrian expresar mi admiracion a tu trabajo y a tu persona. Definitivamente que fuiste una gran y positiva influencia en mi opinion sobre cultura, inclusividad, aceptacion. Recuerdo lo mucho que me enseñaste de los cambios sociales post dictadura en mi pais. Quiero decirte de todo corazón que tu aporte a la humanidad es irremplazable. Mi eterno agradecimiento. Dios te bendiga!
    Isabel Quezada

  182. Amy Harbo says:

    Dear Otto,

    It’s difficult to write about someone who has had such a deep personal impact. I can’t imagine Drew without your embodied standard of academic excellence and passion for social justice, your personal kindness, your enthusiasm, your impeccable sense of ethics and fairness for all. If anyone’s presence defines the word gracious, it is you. As a student, I recall so much of what you taught in the classroom, to the point where it is part of my inner voice and compass. As an individual, I remember your personal love, care, and engagement with those around you. What a gift your smile and hug have always been!

    My first Otto memory is of you and Mateo reading scripture at the Drew Chapel Christmas service. He must’ve been about seven years old and so adorable; you were glowing with parental pride and joy. Anyone who knows you understands that your love for Nancy and your beloved son is deep and abiding. As I went through painful personal times, you were generous in sharing the sad events in your life that (to me) made you more vulnerable and compassionate. Your support helped me so much.

    Your intellectual brilliance and contribution to world scholarship is something that your students may have sometimes have overlooked because of the easiness of daily interaction, but you have an international legacy and have made an enduring impact on the academic world. As a teacher, and I choose that word carefully, you were always patient and fully present, never judgmental. You recognized the best in everyone and in the words of Nelle Morton, were willing to hear them to speech. What a gift.

    Thank you, Otto, for making such a positive impact on my life, for freely giving your knowledge, your love, your friendship. Thanks for being fully you. I shall miss you and never forget you.

    With deep affection, (even though you were once a CIA operative)
    Amy L. Harbo

  183. Cheryl Townsend Gilkes says:

    My Dearest Otto–I so appreciate your booming welcoming voice and the wonderful hugs you have given me. You are one of those people who once we have met, makes such an impression as to engender a permanent “crush.” Your scholarship for social justice and your encouragement of those of us who needed to be nurtured will NEVER be forgotten. Because of your direct and enthusiastic encouragement of me and my work, I am pursuing avenues of research and writing I never envisioned in graduate school and am making African American religious agency visible in some new and different ways. Your beautiful booming voice has made a difference in my life and in the world. I am glad that God has allowed us to walk this earthly pathway together. Blessings and love to you. Thank you for the hugs that will never be forgotten!

  184. Carla Patterson says:

    Dr. Maduro,

    Your scholarship, passion, and prophetic voice trumpeting justice have always distinguished you! Accentuated by your rich baritone and melodius accent, I relished hearing you lecture and preach because you did so with such clarity and conviction. As one of your students, I was challenged, enlightened, and enriched by your mentorship. And you quickly became one of my favorite professors. With laughter, I recall how you prodded me to go beyond the borders of my writing because it was formulaic and bound by repetition. On one of my reflection essays, you commented: “Why do you always use the word illumine and cite so much? You write well. Write!” The revelation impelled me to think and engage with greater depth. I’m also reminded of how sensitive and loving you are. It was so endearing to watch you embrace and cuddle my godson, Amari (Paulette Thompson-Clinton’s baby) at our 2008 commencement service. The occasion is not only etched in my memory, thanks to Paulette, I have a photo of you and Amari that reflects your infectious smile which I will forever treasure. Your candor, kindness, our impromptu chats, and the laughs we shared will be cherished too. Thank you for sowing into my mind, life and spirit! I love you deeply. May God’s grace and peace abound.

  185. Diana Wilcox says:

    Dear Otto,

    I consider it God’s grace that I was able to be your student, and that the class was Religion and the Social Process in the context of the Edna Mahan prison. By your life, your witness, and your scholarship, we have all been blessed. Like so many others, I am deeply grateful, and hold you in prayer.

    With profound respect,

  186. Sloane says:

    Despite the hoopla of the defense and the much longed for graduation, I still seemed to be having “seminar withdrawal symptoms.” Sometime later, I saw the notice–”construction of knowledge”, “post-9/11″, “Otto Maduro”. You graciously let me audit the course. These many years later, in intercuts, flash backs and flash forwards, it continues to hold me, inspire me, and challenge me. Thank you, Otto. For this and so much more.

    Yo pienso en ti muy a menudo y echo de menos mucho tu presencia en el Seminario–aunque una presencia como la tuya nunca sale un lugar donde ha vivido por tanto tiempo.



  187. Malebogo Kgalemang says:

    Dear Dr. Otto,
    I will always cherish the day you came to our Methods of Biblical Interpretation seminar and dissected the history of Liberation Theologies. For an African in the diaspora, your lecture opened avenues of knowledge as it spoke to the theology of my people back home. In addition, your ignited in me a scholarly interest in the rise of Pentecostalism, particularly African Pentecostalism which is now on the rise like never before.

    I applaud and reverence your years of service to Drew Theological School, and your commitment to a scholarship of rigor and excellence. I remember with much grace your example of love through your cheek kisses and hugs every time we met. Thank you. May God grant you the Grace and Joy of retirement, and may your family be filled with peace and strength.


  188. Allison Delcalzo says:

    I took three courses with you and you were the first reader on my Master’s Thesis. During my time at Drew, you pushed me harder and expected more from me than any other professor. Usually I am intimidated by professors, but you were easy to talk to and understand the needs of your students so well, that I truly always have felt at ease in your presence. I am very sure that I can not say it better than what my predecessors have already said, but thank you Dr. Maduro for being in my life and helping to mold me into the person I am today. With love.

  189. Rev. Deborah Leah Stapleton says:

    Dr. Otto Maduro! Thank you for being a true hero for Liberation Theology, Social Justice, and Hispanic, African, and Caribbean centric religious/faith traditions. I so admire and respect you! I am so glad you were one of my sagacious, perceptive, and astute professors! Thank you, my comrade and brother, for your wisdom!
    I used Reverend as part of my name because I also wanted to thank you for your support during my journey. You may have forgotten, however I have not and will not. Had it not been for your encouragement, I might not be Reverend Stapleton. You were my guardian angel through guiding me over the rough side of the mountain. I pray these words of gratitude bring joy to your heart. Thank you, Professor Maduro!

    • Rev. Deborah Leah Stapleton says:

      Please forgive the mistake! The word “through” should have been deleted. The last paragraph should read:

      I used Reverend as part of my name because I also wanted to thank you for your support during my journey. You may have forgotten, however I have not and will not. Had it not been for your encouragement, I might not be Reverend Stapleton. You were my guardian angel guiding me over the rough side of the mountain. I pray these words of gratitude bring joy to your heart. Thank you, Professor Maduro!

  190. Gustavo Vasquez says:

    Otto, hermano, amigo y paisano, recibe un gran abrazo lleno del cariño, la admiración y el reconocimiento como compatriota e hijos del mismo Padre, por todo lo que has sembrado en mentes y corazones a través del don recibido de la enseñanza. Gracias por el ejemplo de superación, humildad y lucidez que has brindado a todos quienes nos abrimos camino en tierras que no vieron nuestro alumbramiento. Sigamos creciendo hermano!

  191. Rebecca Laird says:

    Dear Otto,
    I am grateful to have received welcome from your hospitable heart. You are a maker of parties, a creator of community, and wherever you are passionate conversation about life and justice and hope take place. Now that I am not in New Jersey, I truly miss your smiling greetings with a kiss, visits with you and Nancy, swapping kid stories and seeing you and the dog in Sem Hall! You are a remarkable scholar but even a better friend. Much love and many prayers….

  192. OTTITO,
    ¿Cómo me colé hasta este depósito de mensajes de amor, admiración y reconocimiento? No sé, pero aquí estoy, diciéndote lo que ya sabes porque te lo he balbuceado: has sido una referencia permanente para mí y, a pesar de mi inconstancia, me las arreglé para estar siempre “cerca”. Te he querido siempre y mucho, al igual que a Nancy y Mato (Tadeo) he estado siempre orgulloso de ser tu amigo y ahora que rejunto todos los sentimientos, estoy feliz. Bueno Ottito, hasta el próximo encuentro.

  193. Estimado Otto:

    ¡Hermano! Que decirte: un abrazo es todavía algo convencional e insuficiente…
    Tú sabes que todos estos años hemos estado juntos en esta lucha por el conocimiento crítico de nuestra sociedad y sobre todo por buscar la comprensión de cómo las angustias y esperanzas de nuestros coterráneos – compañeros todos y todas en esta aventura humana en este planeta único, vital, diverso y multitudinario – se transforman en proyectos y sueños, éxitos y fracasos sociales y personales.
    Tú nunca has estado ausente de este latir de la humanidad en este giro de milenio….
    ¡Gracias por todo…!
    Hermano ¡eres Grande!
    Nos veremos

    Cristián Parker Gumucio

  194. Maria Clara Bingemer says:

    Querido Otto, tu eres una de las personas más luminosas que he conocido. Transmites todo lo que crees y sabes con una luz y un calor que uno se siente envuelto, acogido, integrado de una manera cariñosa y plena.
    Serás esa luz y ese fuego donde quiera que estés y todos nosotros que te amamos estaremos contigo, de una o otra manera.
    Que Dios que te hizo tan lleno de dones te acoja y te sostenga en ese momento y en todos los que te toca vivir. Gracias por todo, gracias por ti y tu vida!

    Maria Clara Bingemer

  195. Soyoung Park says:

    I have kept thinking about you lately. More correctly, the memories about you have kept coming to me…I remember how tiny your letters were. When I asked about them, you told me that you wanted to put as many letters as you could on a postcard to home. I also remember how you often pulled your beard, while lecturing. Above all, I just remember how warm and authentic you were.
    Otto, I will always cherish these momories and you will be in my thoughts and prayers.

    Soyoung from Korea

  196. Betty Edwards says:

    Dr. Maduro -I never had the privilege of taking one of your classes, but you have been a warm and welcoming presence in and around Seminary Hall since I have been a student here. Thank you for all the ways your warmth and loving presence have extended hospitality and strength to all of us who have been touched by you, especially in small ways. I continue to hold you in my thoughts and prayers.

  197. João Monteiro says:

    Querido Otto,

    It’s been over twenty years now since our paths first crossed. I remember well the sense of wonder and blessed discovery I experienced when I sat in my first course with you. I quickly moved to get you to serve as my dissertation advisor, and that was the best decision I made at Drew. I can’t forget the independent study I did with you—I keep the written notes, mine as well as yours, the recordings, and mental notes of those lengthy conversations, in our unique blend of Spanish and Portuguese, so often informed by experiences and accounts from your beloved Venezuela mixed with those of my native Cape Verde. You were my teacher, but quickly became so much more. We were younger, you then about the age I am now. Discarding the cultural codes of seniority that formed both of us, you would not allow me to address you with the formal “senhor,” insisting instead on “você,” the term of familiarity and closeness that was to signal that ours was not just a hierarchical professor-student relationship, it was to be a true bond of personal friendship. And that it has been. I remember (I keep!) your notes on drafts of chapters of my dissertation, often followed by phone calls that were as stunning for their insight as for their generosity. I remember being welcomed with my family into your home on our way back to Boston after graduation. I remember our small kids, your Mateo and my Alex, playing together—and even “fighting,” in the lobby of the hotel in Cambridge. I remember your excitement when you called to tell me you had discovered the music of Cesária Évora, my late compatriot songstress. And how can I forget those times you stayed at my house, most recently with Mateo, now a handsome young man. Even the other day, when I got to be with you and Nancy in your home, the pain you were clearly in could not mask the warmth, authenticity, and care that for over twenty years you have shown me. For over twenty years now—and for many more to come—one of my warmest and proudest claims is my personal association with you. You were right from the beginning: how could I call you “senhor”? Yes, you are my senior, and always will be my teacher and mentor. But, above all, you are my friend, meu querido Otto, whom I love dearly.

    Um abração.


  198. Beth Caulfield says:

    Dearest Otto,

    Your warmth as a friend, ignition as a scholar and teacher, and kindling as my Advisor have all stoked the Pentecostal Fire within me. Thank you. I so appreciate you, the abundant life you exude and inspire.

    Beth Caulfield

  199. Rachel says:

    Dear Prof. Maduro,

    I am so very sorry about your battle with lung cancer. Thank you for all of your wonderful contributions to the scientific study of religion. The field, scholars, and students are better off because of your work. I hope you have enjoyed a wonderful life and I wish you much peace.

  200. Christel Manning says:

    Dear Otto,
    It’s hard to think of you in hospice as I always associate you with joy and life. You probably don’t remember, but we met years ago at a SSSR conference . . . it was late at night in the hotel lobby and my friend Julie Ingersoll was there and some other people I don’t remember, and were talking about life and religion and drinking wine and dancing. I was going through a rough spot at the time and you reminded me how good life can be. Thanks for your warmth and kindness.

  201. Anthony J. Blasi says:

    Dear Otto,
    I think we first met in the summer of 1973 in New York, at a meeting of the Association for the Sociology of Religion. Whenever it was, I know we found better than two minds in a common interest: two sympathies. “Don’t forget the poor!” you said so often. You let your intellect enlighten your heart, and your heart impel your thinking. It was your sympathies that drove your thinking through three distinct stages: Revelacion y Revolucion, Marxismo y Religion, and Religion y Lucha de Clases. This is known as inspiration, and you have been that for me. We have “gone through time together,” as Alfred Schutz would have put it–time with its protentions and retentions. Such mechanical language for sharing life and inspiration!
    Tony Blasi
    San Antonio, Texas

  202. Ted Mills says:

    Otto, in the happy memories of an old SSSR friend, you loom large and loved. May this next transition be a fulfillment of, and reward for, your gifts of fellowship to us all.

  203. Al Herzog says:

    Thank you Otto for your friendship and your respect for me as a person, believer, and scholar. The God we serve is loving, compassionate, and suffering. He is also one of justice and on the side of the oppressed.

    God is with you. You are not alone.



  204. Dear Otto,

    My thoughts and prayers are with you. You probably do not know what an inspiration and support you have been to me over the years. Your warm smile is contagious, and even seeing you on line brought both a smile (and tears). I join in celebrating your life, grateful that our paths have crossed. Our Father loves you. Well done, good and faithful servant.

    With love and prayers,
    Margaret Poloma

  205. Warren Goldstein says:

    Dear Otto,

    Thank you for your early support of the book series “Studies in Critical Research on Religion” and your more recent support of the journal Critical Research on Religion. Your attendance of our first board meeting in Chicago really meant a lot to me. I wish that you had not been afflicted by cancer and had more strength and energy including writing for the journal. We will always remember you and your work and inspiration will carry on!



    • ntonio says:

      Dear Otto,
      Although it has been years since you first joined SSSR, Lorraine and I still remmember the warm, engaging smile and enthusiasm with which you embraced the SSSR and its members. Your career has enriched the members of SSSR as it has enriched the lives of students and faculty at Drew University, as is so obvious in the lauditory remembrances expressed by so many.
      May this Friday’s program at Drew provide a befitting Alleluia to your career as teacher, counselor,and friend.

      Peace and love.

      Bill and Lorraine

  206. Alma Matos says:

    Amado Otto,

    Gracias por ser y estar. Gracias por tu amor y tu eterna sonrisa. Mis oraciones estan contigo y celebro la vida de un ser maravilloso. Te quiero de aqui a la eternidad y de vuelta.

    Un besote!

  207. Paul-André TURCOTTE says:

    Nous nous connaissons de longue date, à la ASR et au cr de Social Compass. Combien de fois nos échanges ont croisé des préoccupations communes, l’un à partir de son expérience haïtienne, l’autre celle du continent sud-américain. Le texte qui suit me concerne, mais aussi il te rejointes, surtout par ses références. Je te le partage.
    Des amis de longue date, canadiens ou allemands, n’hésitent pas à me demander comment je puis tenir et ne pas désespérer avec des appartenances à des groupes, religieux notamment, aussi peu consistants sinon déconnectés. Il y aurait matière à se plaindre, mais paradoxalement ce sont aussi des lieux stimulant la pensée critique et engagée. À la condition toutefois d’être autonome d’esprit et au risque de l’exclusion, directe ou indirecte. Dietrich Bonhoeffer, ce résistant dans l’Allemagne hitlérienne au prix de sa vie, soutenait que la prière et la préoccupation de l’autre, par la charité et l’éveil de la conscience, incombaient au chrétien croyant dans un monde où Dieu apparaissait absent, comme s’il s’était retiré. On a trouvé une position similaire auprès de Juifs du ghetto de Varsovie affrontés à des conditions particulièrement brutales. Des échos actuels vont dans le même sens de la part de chrétiens qui réfléchissent à la condition humaine dans ce monde, y compris les institutions religieuses, catholiques entre autres, avec ses malversations et incohérences. Ce n’est pas être morose que de réfléchir ainsi, c’est plutôt se donner la capacité de nommer au sens biblique de maîtriser, de consolider un espace de croire en une réalité autre, transcendant celle tournée sur elle-même, une transcendance procurant le courage de vivre en symbiose avec une plénitude qui, dans les réalités avant-dernières qui nous échoient, ne peut être qu’axiomatique. Je reviens à Bonhoeffer, comme quoi les oeuvres et attachements de jeunesse nous suivent jusqu’à notre entrée dans les réalités dernières.

    • Paul-André TURCOTTE says:

      Mon cher OTTO,
      Je revois et enrichis la présentation d’une courte réflexion que j’ai écrite récemment à l’intention d’amis. Nous nous connaissons de longue date, en Amérique d’abord et par la suite à la rédaction de Social Compass. Nous y avons même collaboré à la fabrication de numéros thématiques. Combien de fois nos échanges ont croisé des préoccupations communes! Le texte qui suit me concerne, mais aussi il te rejoint, surtout par ses références. Je te le partage tel quel, comme un vis-à-vis suscitant des résonances, et dans la langue de tes études à Louvain, au temps de ta jeunesse intellectuelle.

      Comment tenir et ne pas désespérer avec des appartenances à des groupes, religieux notamment, aussi peu consistants sinon déconnectés. Il y aurait matière à se plaindre, mais paradoxalement ce sont aussi des lieux stimulant la pensée critique et engagée. À la condition toutefois d’être autonome d’esprit et au risque de l’exclusion, directe ou indirecte. Dietrich Bonhoeffer, ce résistant dans l’Allemagne hitlérienne au prix de sa vie, soutenait que la prière et la préoccupation de l’autre, par la charité et l’éveil de la conscience, incombaient au chrétien croyant dans un monde où Dieu apparaissait absent, comme s’il s’était retiré. On a trouvé une position similaire auprès de Juifs du ghetto de Varsovie affrontés à des conditions particulièrement brutales. Des échos actuels vont dans le même sens de la part de chrétiens qui réfléchissent à la condition humaine dans ce monde, y compris les institutions religieuses, catholiques entre autres, avec ses malversations et incohérences. Ce n’est pas être morose que de réfléchir ainsi, c’est plutôt se donner la capacité de nommer, de maîtriser, de consolider un espace de croire en une réalité autre, transcendant celle tournée sur elle-même, une transcendance procurant le courage de vivre en symbiose avec une plénitude qui, dans les réalités avant-dernières qui nous échoient, ne peut être qu’axiomatique, jusqu’à notre entrée dans les réalités dernières.
      Paul-André Turcotte

  208. Roberto Cipriani says:

    Otto carissimo,
    un forte, fortissimo abbraccio. Il resto fa parte di un dialogo a distanza con il quale ci intendiamo a volo ancora una volta, a partire dal primo incontro alla Conferenza de l’Aia. Con tanto affetto. Roberto Cipriani

  209. Kevin Christiano says:

    Un fuerte abrazo for you, Otto. You are one scholar whom I have always admired for merging theoretical understanding with a commitment to justice and a passion for living.

    I am grateful, too, for the personal interest in me that you have shown over the years, and all the warmth with which you greeted me wherever we met.

    Peace to you (and to the rest of us!)


  210. Helen Rose Ebaugh says:

    Otto, remembering many good times at SSSR and sharing many good laughs! I always enjoyed your hearty laugh. Love you and am with you in my thoughts and prayers. Helen Rose Ebaugh

  211. Kathleen Maas Weigert says:

    Dearest Otto,

    How Andy and I wish we could be with you! Since we can’t, a note from each of us will have to suffice (and copies of photos that Andy will send).

    Such fond, happy, fun memories from the very beginning back in 1982 when you came to ND! Bear hugs, great laughter, wonderful conversations, expansive visioning and commitment…. and birthday greetings, all these years. April 14 will always be special to us.

    Thank you, Otto, for being the gift you are.

    un abrazo muy fuerte to you, Nancy, and Mateo from all of us (Karen and Sheila, Andy and me).


  212. Querido hermano y compañero Otto:

    Te conocí personalmente en Princeton Theological Seminary en el “Hispanic Summer Program” de 1995. Allí fuiste mí profesor de sociología de la religión y yo un estudiante haciendo estudios graduados en teología en el Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago. Pero aunque ese fue el primer momento en que me educases presencialmente, ya yo me consideraba tu discípulo desde que en el Seminario Evangélico de Puerto Rico, entre 1989 al 1991, leí tus trabajos sobre Religión y Conflicto Social. Y ese discipulado se enriqueció desde la distancia y en algunas ocasiones, desde la cercanía cuando posteriormente nos encontramos como colegas en La Habana, San Juan y Forth Worth Texas. Otto, I am incommensurately thanks-full for your academic and spiritual guidance! I pray to our God and aboriginal and African ancestors for you and your beautiful family. An again, thanks for being my teacher!

  213. andy weigert says:

    It was a providential message from Tony Blasi telling me about a wonderful young scholar who transcends all sociological categories in his profound analysis of current situations in Latin America. And it was a providential moment when you arrived at Notre Dame as a visiting prof. Your teaching drew immediate positive reactions and your public and informal presentations sparked much positive energies — not to mention your attendance at more “foreign language” lunch tables than anyone else ever attended. A vivid image I have that reflects the power of your presence comes from a sociology of religion national meeting when I saw you coming down a set of stairs surrounded by eagerly happy and inquisitive young scholars. Your scholarly and personal appeal were also clearly present on the occasion of your Romero lecture here. And personally, I always anticipated and enjoyed your birthday calls, often from places unknown to me. Indeed, you are the most cosmopolitan scholar I have known. With gratitude for your gifts glowing with love and till we meet again.

  214. Olivia Ruiz Marrujo says:

    Querido Otto,
    Solo unas palabras para saludarte, darte las gracias, enviarte un gran abrazo …. Te conoci en persona en Dallas durante dos semanas transformadoras; ahi tu presencia, liderazgo y vision nos marcaron el camino. Sinceramente nos siguien alimentando tu trabajo y espiritu y seguiran marcando el futuro de muchas mas generaciones. Mil gracias Otto por todo — lo que se puede nombrar y lo que se extiende mas alla de las palabras. Olivia
    Un gran abrazo

  215. Aurora Hermo says:

    Querido Otto:

    Te quiero decir lo mucho que mi esposo José y yo te apreciamos. Hemos disfrutado muchas noches hermosas en casa de los Andrade, con Nancy e incluso a veces con vuestro hijo. Apreciamos tu amistad y la de tu familia. ¡Que pena que nunca tuve la suerte de tomar una de tus clases–al leer los comentarios de tus estudiantes y colaboradores en este foro, me di cuenta de lo mucho qu perdí de aprender al no haberlo hecho! Un gran abrazo de los Hermo para ti y los tuyos.

  216. Danna says:

    You. Me. Dancing in Havana. My best birthday ever! I will never forget your love for life, for learning, for wit, for the novel, for wisdom, for justice, for your family, for your friends. I will never forget you, my friend, and will live in gratitude for having known you, worked with you, learned from you, laughed with you. You are much loved.

  217. Jason Coker says:


    You are an inspiration to all of us who want to be scholars and teachers. I took your class on Bourdieu to learn something about Bourdieu, but you taught me something about myself–for that I am eternally grateful. Your voice is like a warm blanket and your presence calms a room and brings happiness. We love you for your scholarship and pedagogy, but we love you most for your presence and personality.

    Thank you for all that you have done for me, for Drew, for the academy, and for the world. We are all stamped with your fingerprint and we are all better for it. May all peace be yours.

    Jason Coker

  218. Amy Koritz says:

    Thank you for living your commitment to the disenfranchised, for giving voice to those silenced, and for embodying in your teaching, your research, your way of living in the world, these values and priorities. Your deep integrity will always be an inspiration and model for me.
    Amy Koritz

  219. Peggy Samuels says:

    Otto, I always felt a special aura around you, as if I were experiencing human warmth, gentleness and an especially humane spirit. Secretly, I treasured just running into you and exchanging a few words. I always came away with a kind of “charge” of optimism, as if the good were more possible. I’m grateful for those interludes.

  220. Len Sweet says:

    Otto: Ever since we first met, and I was so struck by your selflessness and graciousness, I could not think of you without thinking of that medieval monk who would labor in dark rooms his entire life, transcribing one book of the Bible, never intending his illuminated manuscripts to be seen by anyone other than God and perhaps a priest every now and then. Everything you did in the academy and the church was not for gratitude or glory or personal gratification but for God. Your scholarship, your teaching, your interaction with students, were some of the most others-centered acts of service and compassion I have ever witnessed in a scholar. You have inspired me, and countless others, to reach both higher and deeper in our walk of faith, and we are better human beings because of you. You have also shown us how to dream a bigger dream than “make a difference in the world.” You have shown us what it means to make a different world. And for that, we are all Maduro-ians. May you be Still in One Peace, Len

  221. Anthony Pogorelc says:

    Dear Otto,
    I remember the first time we met at Bernard Cooke’s house in San Antonio. I was touched by your gracious manner and was blessed to experience it whenever we met, especially at sociology of religion meetings. We discovered we had friends in common and I contacted Vic Hummert to tell him of your illness. Vic sends you his greetings and prayers. Otto, may God be with you, graciously smile upon you and give you comfort and peace. Tony

  222. John Hart says:

    Dear Otto,

    I have cherished our friendship over the years, ever since we first met at the conference “Prophecy and Politics” which I organized at Carroll College, Helena, Montana 25 years ago. We’ve kept in touch since then, meeting in person at AAR Annual Meetings (great work as President, including your work for and at the 2012 Annual Meeting) and at Drew, notably when you invited me to present the Shippey Lecture and we had wonderful conversations. You’re an extraordinary person: as scholar, community activist, social justice advocate, and Christian who walks the Way. I’ve been touched by your presence in my life for a quarter-century: Thanks for all you are. Your warmth and personality–and the annual birthday emails you’ve been sending–have lifted my spirit and brightened many a moment. May you be at peace now, immersed in the love of family and friends.
    Peace and love, my friend,
    John Hart

  223. Jim Wellman says:

    Dear Otto: We had two conversations, one in Santa Barbara and one in Chicago. I treasure both. Your humanity, your wit, intelligence, and fierce interest and passion for justice moved me. You taught me about what it means to be human under difficult circumstance, and how to have peace in the midst of it, and how to be an academic who cares not only about thinking but about loving and living with and in the passion of life. You blessed me and you have blessed many people. Peace that passes understanding be yours. Jim Wellman

  224. Sonia Valle says:

    Querido Otto,

    No sabes cuánto siento lo que estás viviendo en estos momentos. Sé que el amor y el cariño de la familia y los amigos son el mejor apoyo que puedes tener ahora y me sumo, a la voz de todos para felicitarte y decirte que siempre he sentido una gran admiración por ti y por lo que has hecho a lo largo de tu vida. Tu manera de ayudar al prójimo en formas tan diversas,el haber sido un auténtico activista en contra de la injusticia,y el haber estado siempre atento a las necesidades de tus amigos han hecho de ti una persona especial y única. Recuerdo con cariño, nuestras charlas en el Gran Café y los planes que tuvimos para hacer el espectáculo de la “mano peluda” en el aula magna de la Universidad Central. De verdad, que esa experiencia fue muy cómica y ahora que lo pienso, bastante controvertida para la época. La visita que les hice, a ti y a Nancy en Marynold y el haberte visto en plena acción en el salón de clase. Fue realmente un aprendizaje. Me impresionó no sólo tu inteligencia, sino además el carisma y la claridad con la que exponías el contenido y las ideas en clase. Lindos recuerdos querido Otto. Se te quiere mucho y espero que disfrutes de este bello homenaje que hacen en tu nombre. Recibe de mi, un abrazo y mis mejores deseos, amigo.

  225. Cari Jackson says:

    Dr. Otto –
    You are a teacher par excellence. You changed my life. The ways that you opened my thinking in the Epistemology course and pushed me to deeper scholarship in the development of my dissertation changed my life. You did this with passion, wisdom, and caring. For this, I am grateful.
    What I learned in your Epistemology course has served me tremendously in all of my ministry and my living – as a pastor, teacher, writer, and as partner, family member, friend, and human being. Because of the learning you facilitated for me, I have been able to expand the thinking and the lives of many others in personal and professional contexts. They, in turn, are passing on an expanded consciousness within the spheres of their own lives. The gift of your teaching continues.
    Your work on my dissertation committee fostered a level of intellectual precision and exposure to other scholars that greatly contributed to the scholarship of my dissertation. What you contributed to my research and writing process became an important part of the foundation of my book, For the Souls of Black Folks, being released this June by Pickwick Publications.
    Also greatly informed by your teaching, I taught a course – “The Christian Chase for Power” – at Union Theological Seminary this year in which I engaged students in an interdisciplinary examination of the nexus of theology, epistemology, ethics, and politics. Your spirit of engagement, your teaching methods, and your passion to foster excellence in students ran as threads throughout this course.
    I am certain that just as I pass on what you have given to me, so many others who have been blessed to study with you and know you are also passing on great learning to generations of others. What a great legacy.
    I honor you. I thank you. I bless you.

    In God’s love and peace for your journey, Cari

  226. Matthew Immergut says:

    Dear Otto

    Thank you for giving me a critical sensibility and a love of Marx and Bourdieu. And of course a way to see their dialogue with religion not as oppositional but complimentary and full of potential.



  227. Dear Otto,
    I love you. I want you to know that as you are facing death. I love the sparkle in your eyes. The passion for truth and justice. Your gentleness. Your respect for the somebodiness of each person you meet.
    Your teaching has inspired me, for your heart and soul are in it. You have kept the flame of hope alive for real change in the world, where people and all living beings are not reduced to the impersonal forces of a rigged socio-economic system.
    I will miss you. But I believe you are more than death. I have felt it through the sparkle in your eyes. I love you.

  228. Sarah Parker says:

    Dear Professor Maduro,
    Whenever you would see me in Seminary Hall you greeted me at least with a wink and a wave, sometimes a hug and a kiss, always a smile. In El Salvador you bought a big bag of dark chocolate and shared it with everyone. You cooked for us. You told us your stories, and you shared your heart. I learned a lot in your classes; I learned more from your humanity. I am so grateful for your influence in my life.

    Much Love,

  229. Ronald E. Verblaauw says:

    Dr. Maduro,

    Others have expressed with much greater eloquence the impact you have had on their seminary education, their lives and their ministries. I wish to simply say, “Thank you”.

    Thank you for the depth of scholarship and wealth of lived experience you brought to the classroom. Thank you for challenging us – in all ways – and insisting that we dive deep into every aspect of social justice and to explore the theologies we need in our ministries and daily lives. The seeds you have sown were planted in fertile soil. With God’s blessing, accompanied by God’s grace, they will bear fruit. I will always carry with me the legacy of your teaching and example.

    May you know the love of God, family, friends, colleagues and students in this special “Celebration of Life”. My prayers are with you and your family, now and always.

  230. Tom Tweed says:

    We will remember all that you did for the AAR, and for the study of religion. I personally will always recall–and cherish–your combination of passion and gentleness. Those qualities, enacted in the small moments of a life well lived, have left their mark. I am grateful. We all are.
    Tom Tweed

  231. Dear Otto

    Over the last two years, it has been such a deep honor to learn from you as you fought so steadily on behalf of justice both within the AAR and in the wider world.

    For all of us who have had the privilege to serve under your leadership, I thank you. Your lasting legacy of quiet courage teaches us that resistance to injustice is a primary task of our scholarship. Your work reminds us we can never turn away from the poor, never turn from their cause and their call.

    Your elegant strength as a President of the AAR, and your pellucid writing both will transform the study of religion for generations. We speak your name now, and we will in the future as a way of saying that our task of tikkun olam is unfinished, yet possible, achievable and inevitable.

    I am so grateful for your dedication and your service. Your sense of humor, your passion, your stubborn grace all have been a great blessing to the AAR Board and to all of our members. Thank you for teaching us. Thank you for being our comrade. Thank you for leading us.

    Laurie Z.

  232. Anna Peterson says:

    I first got to know Otto through his ground-breaking book Religion and Social Conflict. I read this as an undergraduate and it shaped my thinking about the importance of social science for understanding theology (and vice-versa). Since then I have been fortunate enough to get to know Otto as a friend and colleague. He has always been the most generous and kind of friends as well as the most brilliant of scholars and teachers. It is an honor to know you, Otto.

  233. Ivelisse Garay Castellano says:

    Dr. Maduro,
    Arriving to Drew Theological School in 2011 was a miracle on its own. However, for me being in the presence of brilliant minds, and outstanding theologians as yourself has been life changing for me. As a Latina, you have inspired me to strive to expand my circle, and seek knowledge, and to share that knowledge. It is then, when evolution and transformation of ones spirit happens. Thank you for making us at Drew, and the Latino community so proud. Thank you for leaving inprints in our hearts and in the world, inprints that are permanent and tell a story! Bendecido seas!

  234. Ivo e Sarah says:

    Queridos Otto e Nancy,

    Estamos aqui torcendo e rezando por vocês, desejando-lhes o melhor possível.
    Ivo acaba de participar no encontro de Emaús que ocorreu este fim de semana e onde falamos de você,Otto, e de sua luta pela vida. Escrevemos uma mensagem, que lhe chegará em breve.
    Queremos transmitir-lhes nossa solidariedade e nosso afeto nestes momentos difíceis que vocês estão vivendo, juntamente com o querido Mateo, que a esta altura já deve estar um belo rapaz. A última foto que temos/lembramos ele tinha uns 15 anos.
    Muita força para vocês três, muito axé!
    Saibam que poderão contar sempre com nosso apoio e amizade: nossa casa está aberta, esperando vocês!

    um grande abraço, muitos beijos,
    Ivo e Sarah

  235. Sharon Raynor says:

    Dearest Otto,

    Where do I begin? I have known you in so many roles and you have touched my life and my spirit so deeply. You were my orientation guide to life in Venezuela as a lay missioner with Maryknoll. My abiding love for your country, which is now the country of my two grandsons and will soon be my home as well, took seed and was nourished through your stories. Your role as presenter to the orientation program at Maryknoll year after year both inspired and humbled the hundreds of missioners whose lives you touched. And your role as neighbor, fellow party goer and dance partner afforded me hours of fun, laughter and joy. But it is the role of friend which you play most perfectly and permanently. Your intellect is fierce but your spirit and passion and love of life is what truly defines you. I wish you all the best, which you already have in your beloved Nancy and Mateo. I will certainly be with you in spirit as you are lifted up by all who love and admire you.

    With love and thanks, Sharon

  236. Jenny Barry says:

    Prof. Maduro,
    As a first year graduate student, I waddled into your office 5 months pregnant in order to ask if I could take your Pierre Bourdieu class–even though I’d be giving birth 2/3 of the way into the semester. You not only welcomed me into your class, but you ushered me into the warmth that the Drew community represents and always strives to be. You love your colleagues and you love your students. And you are well loved in return. You also recognize that we are all so much more than Drew. We have families and lives that extend beyond the borders of the community that we mutually share. No matter where I would meet you in the halls at Drew or the receptions at AAR/SBL you always remember my name and kindly ask how I and my daughter are doing. I thank you for your kindness, guidance, and friendship. I hope all these messages remind you just how much you are cared for by your extended family, the Drew community.
    I wish you all the best.
    Jenny Barry

  237. Joe Monahan T'03 says:

    Dear Otto –
    Your incredible hospitality toward both Stephanie and I is something I will always appreciate and treasure. I think what I love most about you is that you open our eyes to the reality of the starkest injustice and oppression in the world, but remain one of the most joyful people I have ever met. In you, I see all the proof I need that that the gospel of peace is truth and life. Bless you, Joe

  238. Steve Young says:

    Dear Otto,

    I was proud to hear your presidential address at AAR, and loved sharing with friends, “I know him,” when you were interviewed on NPR after the election of Francis. Your graciousness, kindness, and concern for all is a model of Christ in the world — gracias, amigo. ¡Dios te bendiga siempre!

  239. Pilar Arteaga says:

    Mon cher valet,
    Eres el tipo más inspirador que haya conocido nunca. Pensar en lo que dices y en lo que crees es un remedio efectivo cuando siento el alma en bajadita.
    Una de las personas que te escribe puso que yuarabiutifulperson, será que eso recoge lo que sentimos quienes te queremos? .
    Otto querido, me siento tan orgullosa de tí. Me honra ser tu amiga. Te quiero cantidad
    Ta comtesse

  240. Lana Antar says:

    Dearest Otto:
    Your gifts and graces have been imparted in a most convenient place – my heart. I told you there was no class I took at Drew that more highlighted the true core of social justice than yours. It was a truly unforgettable example of where the work of the gospel resides, all framed with your heartfelt call to action and perceptive academic insights. Know that your work will continue in the hearts and minds of many you have influenced.
    Know also you have been in my prayers, and in the prayers of many others who have you on their heart. These prayers fly on the wings of eagles to you and your family
    With all my love and blessings, Lana Antar

  241. Elizabeth Testa says:

    Estimado y querido Otto,
    Knowing you were at Drew helped me know there would be a place for me there. Your warmth invited me in, your scholarship helped me to form my theology and pasión for radical welcome and for it to find deep rootedness. When Jesús said “come all you who are weary and carrying heaven burdens…” He meant ALL. You not only taught this, you incarnate it. I am forever blessed and grateful. Your lessons find expresión in my ministry in a global, urban context and I can only pray to be a good steward of this inifinite gift. God bless you and keep you, dear Otto. In abrazo, Eli/Liz Testa, M.Div, class of 2011

  242. Elizabeth Testa says:

    Estimado y querido Otto,
    Knowing you were at Drew helped me know there would be a place for me there. Your warmth invited me in, your scholarship helped me to form my theology and pasión for radical welcome and for it to find deep rootedness. When Jesús said “come all you who are weary and carrying heaven burdens…” He meant ALL. You not only taught this, you incarnate it. I am forever blessed and grateful. Your lessons find expresión in my ministry in a global, urban context and I can only pray to be a good steward of this inifinite gift. God bless you and keep you, dear Otto. Un abrazo, Eli/Liz Testa, M.Div, class of 2011

  243. Paula Nesbitt says:

    Dear Otto,

    Over the years, as friend and colleague, you have inspired me and others to the challenging path of transformative scholarship that is grounded in social justice and authentic relationships. You will continue to resonate in our hearts and in the many ways that as scholars, teachers, and friends we seek to do all we can to hold truth to power and walk together in courage, mutual respect and love. Blessings, Paula

  244. Laura Hurtado says:

    Querido Otto,

    Estoy contigo desde Navidad que me avisaste tu estado de salud. Te acompanhe en oracion por el 14 de abril y lo seguire haciendo ahora. Gracias Otto por todo. La Luz divina esta contigo y tu familia. Un abrazo fuerte desde NZ, Laura

  245. Lori Beaman says:

    Dear Otto
    Thank you for your kindness and encouragement when I first met you all of those years ago at SSSR/ASR meetings when I was a graduate student. I’ve always appreciated your gentle presence and keen mind whenever we’ve crossed paths in the years since.



  246. Hola Otto,
    Desde la Florida un saludo especial y un deseo de que sigas rodeado de amor, apoyo y mucha paz.
    Espero que tambien recibas mucha salud.
    Un abrazo,

  247. Michael York says:

    Dear Otto,

    Not happy to hear about your illness and wish you as well as is possible. I have appreciated knowing you these many years and encountering you at conference venues. Your presence has always been warm and friendly. I know you have touched many – a wondrous feat in itself. And I know you remain in many of our hearts.

    In gratitude,


  248. Barbara Pope says:

    Dear Otto,
    I can’t think of you without smiling, as what comes to my mind are your wonderful deep voice, that famous mane and smile, and most of all your irrepressible and contagious joy and love, especially for Nancy and Mateo, but also when teaching. I am so grateful for the gift of knowing you through Maryknoll and in Venezuela, a place and a people I also love. You are truly a gem.
    Con muchisimo carino y abrazotes pa’ ti y Nancy y Mateo,

  249. Jonathan Koscheski says:

    Dr. Maduro,

    I remember walking into my first class at Drew and hearing your unforgettable deep sonorous voice. While first a little intimidated, I quickly learned to associate that sound with the grace and wisdom you embody. I will always cherish the memories and lessons from your classes. Your stories and experiences added such color and grounding to the many social theorists we discussed. I certainly carry a bit of you with me as I continue to explore in my academic and personal life.


  250. Jane Ellen Nickell says:

    Dear Otto,
    Studying with you has shaped not just my teaching life but the way I see the world. I came into the program as a sociology neophyte, but with an infinite curiosity for how people of difference live together and negotiate (or don’t) those differences. Introducing me to the classical theorists, but especially to Pierre Bourdieu unlocked insights about issues that I had struggled with for years.

    To update you, I have continued to work on my dissertation research using Bourdieu to look at race, gender, and homosexuality in American Methodism, and am submitting it to publishers now. The complexity of Bourdieu’s ideas about the dialectic between social structures and agents helped to finally answer the question that I had wondered about for so long, namely, why Methodists are willing to stake the unity of the church on the ordination of gay people, and specifically what they are so afraid of.

    As Chaplain at Allegheny College, I teach one class each semester. Allegheny eliminated its sociology department about 20 years ago, so I teach an Intro to Sociology of Religion course, and with an adjunct professor in sociology, we try to balance the very large psychology department that focuses on the individual.

    As you can see, what I learned from you and Laurel is being put to good use in the classroom and in my research, but also in my understanding of how communities and institutions function – an invaluable asset in my work.

    I still don’t know how you could fit a one-hour lecture on a 3-5 inch note card. And like so many others, your wonderful voice will remain one of my most immediate memories of you. And I thank you for your faithfulness to a church that despite its faults is an active force for good in the world, and how that has inspired faithfulness to my own flawed institution.

    May your days be peaceful, painless, and filled with the love of family and friends,
    Jane Ellen

  251. Joe Farias says:

    I heard about your retirement and celebration only this morning since I am no longer on Drew email lists. It only reminded me that it is not space but schedules that so often distance friends from seeing each other. I so miss our conversations and meals together. I know that your excitement, prophetic vision, dedication for preferential option for the poor and challenging perspectives have affected many people in no small way. Living with integrity and preaching in a ‘two-edged sword’ gospel style you present a formidable presence until people immediately realize that it is a friend presence filled with compassion and justice.
    Within the same hour that I heard of your celebration, Ken Moody contacted me hoping to come to visit. If you are able, perhaps the two of us can meet you and pick up from old times. Love to hear your perspective on Pope Francis and his announcement to speed up Archbishop Romero’s process to be officially called “saint.”
    Stay in peace, my friend,

  252. James F. Kay says:

    Dear Otto, On this auspicious occasion celebrating your many achievements and years of service at Drew University Theological School, your friends and companions at Princeton Theological Seminary congratulate both you and Drew for all you have faithfully given on behalf of theological education. Words cannot convey are immense gratitude. Congratulations, dear friend, and may God keep you and yours in the days ahead. Sincerely, Jim Kay, Academic Dean

  253. Betty Livingston Adams says:

    Dear Dr. Maduro,
    What a surprise to meet you in seminary! I had no idea when I took my first seminary course that I would be re-introduced to a world of ideas and action that I had left behind for a trek through the corporate world. Your intensity alone was something to behold. As I learned, the intensity was tempered by kindness, graciousness, and concern. I thank God that our paths crossed.
    Betty Livingston Adams, Ph.D

  254. Betty Livingston Adams says:

    Dear Dr. Maduro,
    What a surprise to meet you in seminary! I had no idea when I took my first seminary course that I would be re-introduced to a world of ideas and action that I had left behind for a trek through the corporate world. Your intensity alone was something to behold. As I learned, the intensity was tempered by kindness, graciousness, and concern. I thank God that our paths crossed.
    Grace and Peace,
    Betty Livingston Adams, Ph.D

  255. Richard DeBona says:

    Gracias a usted!
    Paz y Alegria!
    for your teaching with such com/passion,
    and for your warmth, your humor, your hugs –
    Peace of the Risen Christ!
    Richard MST ’92

  256. Carlos Sánchez Torrealba says:

    Otto, querido

    ¿¡Cómo empezar un saludo como este cuando se intuye la cercanía de la despedida definitiva!? ¿Y es que será definitiva, acaso? ¡Porque no más los aztecas tienen una cantidad de infiernos y cielos que órale!

    El poeta colombiano Jairo Aníbal Niño dice: Nunca hay despedidas, siempre es un volver… y su palabra poética viene a mi para darme aliento, compartirlo y decirte, entrañable mío, que aquí estás y aquí estarás siempre: con tu voz tronante y amable; con tu palabra sosegada, consistente, profunda y renovadora; con tu manera de decir mi pana que siempre sonará como reivindicación de la alegría de querer; con tu siempre cálida manera de aproximarte de tal forma que estás muy presente no más de pensarte, no más de percibirte…

    Doy gracias a la vida por haberme dado la dicha de conocerte; gracias a las Diosas y los Dioses de nuestro tumultuoso panteón diverso, colorido, caribeño y variopinto; gracias a Mercedes y a Diana, ángeles custodios que en su momento me permitieron hacernos amigos, panas y conversar e inspirarse uno no más de escucharte para luego seguir reflexionando y haciendo y hablando hasta que sude hasta la lengua.

    Te dejo las expresiones de un cariño profundo, sincero. Celebro contigo y los panas tu sentido de la vida y tu valentía que también quedará para siempre como ejemplo.

    Mi amor para ti, Otto, mágico pana

    Siempre, amigo panadería


    PD: este poema escrito hace unos años en México me viene al pelo (bueno, al pelo, no se cuáles porque ya estamos cada vez más calvitos!)

    El canario que da los papelitos no sólo dice el futuro
    también confirma unas pocas certezas:

    que el azar pudo ser otro,
    pero nos permitió conocernos y querernos mucho

    que este vínculo es una suerte prolongada
    como el río que se consigue un caminante,
    como una nube larga donde se guarece uno del sol,
    como un gran abrazo que no termina

    que la amistad es una llave
    una historia
    muchos argumentos
    un deseo
    un azar
    un papelito
    un canario que vuela

    pájaros somos
    mas pájaros enamorados

  257. Tricia Way says:

    Dear Otto,

    You have been such an incredible influence on my life–more than you realize, I am sure. My time at Drew was rather brief, but you made your mark on my heart and mind, and I am eternally grateful. Thank you for your support and encouragement and keen intellect. My thoughts are with you during this trying time; I wish you comfort, peace, celebration, and hope. Thank you, thank you and much love to you.

    Tricia Way

  258. a paige rawson says:

    You are an inspiration.

    Thank You,

  259. Natasha Krinitzky, Gustavo Rojas says:

    Querido Otto,
    No hay palabras para expresar todo el profundo cariiño y admiracion que sentimos por ti. Te felicitamos por todos los logros que has alcanzado en la vida y nos sentimos muy orgullosos de ser tus amigos personales por tantos años y haber compartido momentos tan especiales en el seno de nuestras familias. Te deseamos lo mejor en la vida. Tu eres un ejemplo extraordinario para todos los afortunados de conocerte.
    Te queremos mucho,
    Natasha, Gustavo y Gabriel

  260. Gamin Bartle says:

    Dearest Otto,

    It’s been such a pleasure to work with you and an honor to know you and Nancy over the years.

    With love and affection,

  261. Nancy VanderVeen says:

    Dearest Otto – What a gift to have you with us today as we celebrated you and your life. Such incredible love we all have for you! I pray you felt buoyed, surrounded, and comforted by it. THANK YOU, THANK YOU for ALL you are and ALL your have given us – not just the Drew community but the world community. WELL DONE!!! PERFECT!!! Love and hugs, Nancy

  262. Luis Nunez says:

    Desde Santander Colombia, tierra de los comuneros, va mi mas entrañable saludo y recuerdo de aquellas épocas de Merida y los Comuneros. De verdad gracias por esos tiempos y el montón de recuerdos bonitos. Un abrazo eterno

  263. Nubis Pulido says:

    Mi compadre amado,
    Doy gracias a la vida, por haberme premiado con el privilegio de tenerte como amigo, como referencia de vida y más aún como COMPADRE DEL ALMA, lazo al que has honrado con absoluta fidelidad. Al leer las notas que te escribieran tantos conocidos y amigos, quería corear con ellos que compartía todos los halagos que te hicieran y más, que mereces todo el amor del mundo y más y que ruego a Dios y más porque te recompense por haber sido el ser especial que eres, ese SER DE LUZ, ÚNICO y QUERIDO, mi compadrito amado!

  264. Edgar Moros-Ruano says:

    Mérida, 4 de mayo de 2013

    Querido Otto:
    Queremos unirnos a tus colegas de Drew University y a tus muchos amigos que te aprecian y estiman, así como a Nancy y Mateo, para celebrar contigo el momento de la jubilación de tus actividades docentes en aquella prestigiosa universidad.
    Para Edgar, esta jubilación tuya abarca tareas y trabajos anteriores, académicos, políticos, culturales y muchos otros. Recuerdo vívidamente mi primer contacto contigo en el Congreso Cultural de Cabimas, en 1971 (¿?). Después el privilegio de asumir como suplente tus cátedras de filosofía y filosofía de la educación en el Núcleo del Táchira de la ULA en San Cristóbal. Son tantos los momentos que posteriormente hemos compartido como amigos, contigo y tu familia, que sería muy difícil enumerarlos todos.
    A lo largo de los años hemos disfrutado de tus libros y otros escritos, así como de tu ejemplo de académico a cabalidad, de cristiano noble y siempre en búsqueda de mayor sentido y entendimiento en tu testimonio honesto y valiente, dondequiera que te has desempeñado. Has puesto el nombre de Venezuela en un lugar muy alto con tu actitud crítica, con tu pensamiento y praxis innovadores y, en muchos casos desafiantes.
    Por todo esto y mucho más, te felicitamos en este momento de tu honorable jubilación de Drew University. Continuamos orando por tu salud y te ponemos en las manos del Señor de la vida, pidiendo que su voluntad se haga manifiesta en tu vida y en la de los tuyos.
    Recibe un fuerte y cordial abrazo de tus amigos de siempre,
    Edgar y Donna

  265. Sergio Rivera says:

    Querido Otto:

    Congratulations on your retirement, y desde Puerto Rico te deseo muchas felicidades y exitos! I am sorry that I could not perform at your retirement party. Thank you so much for your interest in our music, the great inspirational conversations we had during our brief times together. I was so happy to see you at Tom Angotti’s birthday celebration, and to find out that we have such a beautiful mutual friend in Emma. I wish you all the best.
    Con Mucho Carino, y un fuerte abrazo, Sergio

  266. Arminta Fox says:

    Dear Otto,
    Your love for a just world and for your students is inspiring. While I only got to work with you briefly this semester, I have seen your love and conviction. The women from the PREP class at Edna Mahan ask about you regularly, and they know your love from the first day of the semester. They graduate tomorrow, and plan to dedicate a portion of the ceremony to you, because you and your compassion have been important forces in the class, even when you couldn’t be present. All my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, in celebration and in peace. Thanks for continuing to inspire me!

  267. Virginia says:

    Querido Otto, ¿que nombre llevamos son las hijas de las condesas? Soy Vivi la hija de Pilar y quiero decirte que siempre te tengo presente, formas parte de mi vida, de esas personas que desde pequeñita estan ahí, y que la distancia no aparta ni desvanece. Te sigo desde la sombra, a traves de mi mamá y te quiero desde la claridad.

  268. Mario I Aguilar says:

    Otto, hermano, la lucha continua …. gracias por todo tu apoyo y Amistad. Pase lo que pase el Handbook of Liberation Theologies sale – dedicado a ti!

    Un abrazo fuerte, fuerte,


  269. Mary Johnson SND says:

    Dear Otto,

    I send my prayers and love to you, Otto. You have always been an inspiration to me–your scholarship, teaching, mentoring, and passion for life and for the poor. You have taught us all well.

    God’s blessings on your journey.

  270. Elise DeGooyer says:

    Dear Otto,
    I raise a glass and tribute to you for such a vibrant contribution to your students for so many years. Even though it has been more than 20 years since I studied with you at Maryknoll, I still often think about your perspectives and wonder “how would Otto think about that?” You shaped my life for sure, and made it richer with music, dancing, laughter, and presence. Gracias a la Vida, and blessings of peace to you, Nancy and Mateo.

  271. Agustina Luvis says:

    Otto querido y respetado
    Muchas gracias por todos tus aportes a la comunidad latina. Si alguna palabra te describe es afabilidad.
    Estas en mi corazón y mis oraciones, desandote mucha salud y nuevos rumbos donde sigas compartiendo tu vida y tu sonrisa. Gracias por bendecirme con la oportunidad de enseñar en el HSP en mi propia patria. Te estoy agradecida, por siempre.
    Un abrazo

  272. Jonathan Reader says:

    Dear Otto:

    You are an inspiration to everyone in the Drew community. What courage you have!I have always admired you as a colleague and a friend. Your passion for life is uplifting. As befits a theorist, you have a fabulous sense of humor.Rare in academia! I took away some important lessons from that unbelievably moving celebration of your life on Friday. I was grateful to be part of the ceremony.It was a privilege having you as a colleague. You are one the most interesting people that I have met in my three decades at Drew. All My Love Jonathan

  273. Dr. Otto, indeed this is a tremendous time of celebration for all that God has done through you! Your life is a blessing to many beyond what you will ever know or imagine. I have tremendous gratitude for the honor of knowing you and having shared the summer at HSP in Mundelain. Your joy and enthusiasm is a source of encouragement for those of us following in your footsteps. Thank you for giving such a phenomenal example of love, humility, wisdom, and support with everything you do. I will never forget your generosity in accepting me into the program and lifting me up to continue with the ministerial calling God has placed in my life. Thank you for making it clear to me that you will always support our journey as women in ministry as we open new pathways in serving those around us. I pray that I can always bless your heart with my life. Praying for you and your family! Abrazos y besos desde San Antonio, Texas!

  274. Dear Otto:

    Please receive my best wishes. I am so thankful of you for everything you did for me, particularly for inviting me to teach again at the HSP.

    I wish you health, knowing that whenever the time comes you will be fully prepared to face God with the integrity that always characterized you.

    Que Dios te bendiga mucho y siempre.

  275. vicente and Josefina Citarella says:

    Querido Otto:
    Por Ana Maria y Juan nos enteramos de tu jubilación y de lo bonita que quedó la recepción en tu honor. Te lo mereces.
    Siempre recordamos con mucho cariño los ratos tan divertidos que pasamos en casa de Ana Maria y Juan: tus conversaciones tan interesantes, tu sentido del humor y tu caballerosidad.
    En tu retiro te deseamos mucha paz y fuerza para luchar. ¡Qué Dios te bendiga!

  276. Nora O. Lozano says:

    Muy apreciado Otto:

    Me uno a todos los mensajes anteriores de gratitud por tu vida, y solidaridad con tu presente. Gracias por tu pasión por la vida, por las causas justas, por enseñarnos tantas cosas adentro y afuera del aula. El mundo es un mejor lugar por ti, y tod@s l@s que hemos tenido el privilegio de conocerte somos mejores personas por ti. Tu legado es muy grande y nos acompañará siempre. Te envío un fuerte abrazo para ti y para tu familia. ¡Dios les bendiga mucho!

    Con mucho cariño,

    Nora O. Lozano

  277. Nina Torres-Vidal says:

    Que el Dios de la vida, de la alegría, de la cercanía te mire a los ojos, diga tu nombre y te sonría. Descansa libre, sano, Otto Maduro. Has vivido plenamente, has amado y te han amado. ¡Paz!

  278. Segun Idowu says:

    I only had the privilege to know you through your writings. Rest in peace, good professor.

  279. Jeniffer Rodriguez says:

    Gracias por tus enseñanzas. Bellos recuerdos de verano quedarán grabados en mi mente y corazón. Gracias Dios por su vida y dedicación.




    With gratitude for the precious moments shared around the coffee table, along the way, in class, in la lucha!

    Thanks for your friendship and solidarity.

    Mi amigo, in this very special day, with love, abrazos para ti, Nancy, and Mateo.


  281. Leopoldo Cervantes-Ortiz says:

    Un adiós muy sentido a tan magnífico pensador de la realidad latinoamericana.

  282. Daniel Orlando Álvarez Izaguirre says:

    Mi corazón se entristece hoy por la noticia de que usted falleció. Hoy le quiero agradecer porque le conocí a través de sus obras escritas. Hace unos años le conocí en persona y usted me animó a seguir mis estudios doctorales. Le quiero agradecer con todo mi corazón y darle gracias por su contribución al cristianismo y la fe cristiana. Dios le bendiga. Que descanse en paz, ¡nos veremos en el cielo!

  283. I was thinking of all the wonderful times shared with Otto while I was at Drew…and as brilliant as he was…it was our talks about non-academic subjects that have stayed with me. He changed the course of my life. I am forever grateful to have known h im and to have been able to tell him how much he meant to me.
    This is my tribute: http://t.co/bfUz0U72tH

  284. Tim Luckritz Marquis says:

    I remember fondly Dr. Maduro’s support of the undergraduate Catholic community at Drew when I was a student at the college. We will miss his scholarship and presence.

  285. Levi Bautista says:

    Rest in peace Otto. I am glad i got to see you at the memorial for Ada and how would i have known that it would be the last time to feel the warmth of your embrace and the raw sincerity and honesty of your friendship. But i wish i was there on May 3 to celebrate life and hope with you. Nothing describes fully the Otto i came to know. But the thread that weaves them all is that you are first and foremost a friend, and such friendship remained through the many ways we related with you. I am truly blessed for i have drunk from the cup of knowledge you so profusely shared with me as your student. Your scholarship is rigorous, your mentoring collegial, and your friendship is infectious. I have no doubt earth’s loss is heaven’s gain. I can see our loving God welcoming a son who served God tenderly and loved God dearly. Fare thee well Otto. Muito obrigado.

  286. Sung Woon Yoo says:

    You warmed me with your welcoming and heartful guide when I was wandering about theology and theological reflections. You knew how hard it is to be in Theological school with passionate students for theology and faculties as a first year student. When I did not know what to do for next semester’s curriculum, you gently with your baritone voice said, “Everything will be ok, don’t worry.” Your guide is still working with me. I will remember you as long as I live for you are my true guide and mentor who shared the true heart with me. Thank you. I pray that you take a good real rest in the peace of God in the kingdom of heaven. Love you….

  287. Jose Mora says:

    Thanks to Dr. Maduro support and advise, I was to graduate from Drew Seminary even when I was leaving out of state. We have a lost wonderful human being, an outstanding professor and a great Christian my prayers are with his family. God bled you all. Pastor Jose F. Mora

  288. Sarah Ashley says:

    Rest In Perfect Peace, Otto.
    Thank you for sharing your loving spirit, your brilliance and leadership with us. I was so honored to know you and work with you. What a pleasure every conversation was with you. We will miss you so much. Nancy, my prayers are with you and your family. Blessings, Sarah.

  289. Rev. Dr. Belen Gonzalez Y Perez says:

    Otto was my doctoral advisor and I defended my thesis at Drew in 1999 under his supervision and that of Ada Maria Isasi Diaz. What a team of exceptional scholars! Otto was the whole package. I came to love Otto as a brother especially because he knew how to value his students and friends in a profoundly humane manner. With Otto I learned that one can be “Catholic but not only Catholic,” a phrase he often used when he was my professor. Then I was a protestant clergyman “but not only protestant,” however, as Otto was fully aware, I later was received into the Roman Catholic Church as a priest. Had Otto not been a professor of mine, would I have become a Catholic Priest? Only God knows. Certainly, I became a wiser Christian minister because of Otto. I will miss you my brother. May you rest in peace and may God’s perpetual light shine on you. Que Dios te tenga en gloria. Con profundo pesame y condolencia a Nancy y Mateo, Un abrazo, tu hermano Belen y famila

  290. Mary Capron says:


    As an MDiv student at Drew,I never took a course with you. However you gave a lecture in one of my classes. These words of yours stay with me over the years: “I am Christian, but more that Christian.” These words encourage me to embrace an expansive theology. Thanks and blessings to you. Rest in peace.

  291. Nestor Da Costa says:

    En momentos de su Pascua quiero recordar a Otto como un ser humano sensible y comprometido con las luchas por la justicia y los más débiles.
    Asimismo es imposible no reconocer su energía vital y su alegría por la vida, aún en momentos difíciles. Estuve con él en noviembre pasado en Chicago y fue un regalo de la vida poder compartir unas horas de trabajo, de amistad, de cercanía.
    Recuerdo vivamente su discurso como presidente saliente de la American Academy of Religion. Un discurso comprometido y tomando partido por los menos privilegiados.
    Agradezco haberlo conocido y haber compartido algunos momentos de la vida.

    Néstor Da Costa
    Montevideo – Uruguay

  292. I “met” Prof Otto Maduro in seminary in São Paul, Brazil, when I was studying theology. “Mapas para a Festa” filled my eyes and my heart. Many years later, I met him in US and he spoke in very good Portuguese with me. His joy and wisdom and commitment to the least of these will stay with us forever. I shall honor his legacy with my own teaching and commitments.

    I lift up my hands and heart in deep gratitude for his life, teaching and ministry.

    Cláudio Carvalhaes

  293. Hector Jaimes says:

    My life as a person and as a scholar had not been the same, had I not taken a philosophy class with Dr. Maduro in 1984, at the Universidad Central de Venezuela. He supported me through the years; his advice was infallible and his human qualities beyond description. I will for your miss you Otto, but rest assured that your legacy will continue to guide my path.

    Hector Jaimes

  294. Tércio B. Junker says:

    A truly prophet of our time. The academy, colleagues, students, and all people, from every corner of the world who knew Dr. Maduro, will miss him, and, at the same time, will celebrate with gratitude for a life committed to the well-being of all human beings and the created order.
    With prayerful and sorrowful heart,
    Tércio B. Junker

  295. Abraham Smith says:

    I have fond memories of Otto Maduro when he came to lecture on “Traversing Treacherous Territories: Hispanic Geopolitical & Religious Border Crossing” at Perkins School of Theology in 2007. That lecture was the epitome of scholarship, critical analysis of culture, and a passion for justice. Regrettably my last time to see him was in Chicago at the AAR/SBL meeting last November. He will be sorely missed by all of us. Rest in peace, my friend. God’s embrace of comfort be with Nancy and Mateo.

  296. María Pilar Aquino says:

    Muy querido Otto,

    Tu presencia sigue viva entre quienes viven aquí y en el más allá. Tu optimismo y humildad, tu extraordinario intelecto y abundante calor humano, tu amistad sincera y solidaridad sin fronteras, tu pasión por la justicia y tu dedicación ejemplar a la causa de lo/as pobres, te colocan como un gigante de la liberación. Te veo siempre como te conocí en los primeros encuentros académicos que tuvimos contigo desde 1977, en el Instituto Teológico de Estudios Superiores (ITES) en la Ciudad de México, y después en las conferencias del ITES para profundizar tu libro “Religión y Lucha de Clases” (1979). Vestido con un poncho andino, con tu barba larga y una gran sonrisa, nos diste mucha luz y muchas razones para anclar nuestras vidas en los caminos de la Teología de la Liberación. Hasta el día de hoy, como será mañana, tu presencia me sigue dando luz y sigue esclareciendo los caminos hacia la justicia y la paz. Hay en el firmamento una radiante estrella Venezolana en tu honor. Mi cariño para Nancy y Mateo. Mi cariño por tí, como siempre.
    María Pilar

  297. Because we moved at the same speed (only in walking and not in thinking) I had the honor of having one conversation with you as your student and I am still touched by your warmth and your spirit. Your spirit will live on in the amazing inspiration you have left in all you have touched. I am forever grateful that I was enrolled in Religion and the Social Process during your tenure. Rest well dear Teacher!

  298. Rev. Dr. Luz E Maldonado says:

    Que descanse en paz. Fue un honor conocerle y tomar mis clases de doctorado con él. Su personalidad y sencillez eran notables. Siendo una persona tan talentosa, brillante y profesional y ver su humildad y dedicación a la justicia impactaron mi vida. Su legado quedara en la historia para siempre.

    Rest in Pease. It was an honor to met him and have him as my professor during my doctoral studies. His personality and simplicity was very amazing. Been a very talented, wise and professional person, but humble in his heart, always caring about justice, he touch my life. His legacy is going to be remembering.

  299. Liz says:

    I’m so sad to hear he has passed away. I’m glad that he got to receive the honor of this service/party before his death.

    He was a remarkable man and teacher. I was lucky to work for him for 3 years and he was an ideal boss. I’m glad I took the time to tape many of his lectures so I still have recordings of that warm, intelligent and engaging voice. He will be greatly missed by so many whose lives he touched.

    It was a very beautiful memorial service today. Thanks to Tanya Bennett and everyone involved with putting it together in just a few days.

  300. Tom Rowan says:

    Nancy and Mateo,
    Cathy and I are saddened by the loss of Otto. Having known you and Otto back in 1987 as we prepared to go to Brazil as Maryknoll Lay missioners, it was Otto who excited us about liberation theology. What joy to go with him to a jazz club! I will forever treasure knowing Otto. Every time I listen to jazz I honor Otto. La lucha continua! Presente! Otto!

  301. Dr Valdir Reis says:

    Nancy and Mateo,
    God will comfort you in this very difficult times. Otto was my teacher in DMin. I am so sorry he passed away. La Lucha continua.Otto was a present from God to humanity. Thanks, Otto. RIP

  302. Wycliffe Wilkinson says:

    Nancy and Mateo,

    We are simply heartbroken to hear the news. We are listening to the NPR broadcast when he discussed the election of Pope Francis and smiling at how wonderfully brilliant and eloquent he was.

    He always inspired us to think deeper and to broaden our horizons. We will greatly miss him. Please know that we are there to help in any way we can.


    Gretna & Wycliffe

  303. Elena Maria Rezende says:

    Ao Otto Maduro, minha singela homenagem…

    Ele que partiu há uma semana e deixou muita saudade !

    Pessoa tão terna, perspicaz, olhar cuidadoso, simples , sábio e amável.

    Homem digno, defensor da justiça e da democracia, educador e feminista…

    Até uma próxima estação meu querido… que você seja acolhido por todas as mais belas energias deste universo de meu Deus !

    A Nancy e Mateo, um grande abraço fraterno.

  304. Elena Maria Rezende says:

    Fé na Festa !

  305. Fanny Contreras says:

    Queridos Nancy y Mateo, con gran tristeza y dolor recibi el mensaje de la partida de nuestro queridisimo Otto,pero a la misma vez agradeci a Dios porque ya no estaba sufriendo, en mis oraciones siempre pidiendo que la energia lo rodeara para que tuviera la fuerza suficiente y escogiera cuando irse. Desde el tiempo de “Los Comuneros”, a finales de los 70s en Merida, y en su ultima visita a mi casa, en california,creo que alrededor del 99, siempre admire la sencillez con que transmitia su enorme conocimiento, a nosotros los simples mortales :) y recuerdo con mucho amor nuestros ultimos mensajes,en los ultimos 5 meses,yo queriendole darle esperanzas para que luchara contra la enfermedad, y el aceptandola, diciendome “Estoy jodido Fanita”.Recuerdo que le deje un mensaje despues de la eleccion del papa Francis, cuando escuche a Otto en la radio,NPR lo estaba entrevistando,la misma calida, profunda y hermosa voz de Ottico. Siempre estara conmigo su voz profunda amorosa, su calido abrazo de oso, voy a extranar su llamada o mensaje para mi cumpleanos, navidad, y cada vez que nos comunicabamos para contarnos que viajabamos a Venezuela. Hace poco le comunique que buscando en mi garage encontre sus cartas,y se rio porque son de muchos soles y lunas atras, ahora mas que nunca las voy atesorar, amigo excelente, querendon,estoy feliz de haberte podido llamar amigo,y triste por nosotros que nos quedamos aca…y sin tu presencia; ahora viajas por el cosmos,libre,y en Paz.. Un abrazo fuerte para ti Nancy y Mateo, en mis oraciones pidiendo que la luz de Dios les guie y de fortaleza!

  306. Nancy y Mateo
    un abrazo solidario, el Museo coloca hoy una foto, con rosas rojas, al hermano que nos estuvo visitando con sus alumnos, y que aprendimos a querer y admirar desde los dias de Lovaina.

    Museo de la Palabra y la Imagen. El Salvador

  307. Elsie Miranda says:

    Siempre fuistes un gran amigo, professor, profeta y hombre de fe y fortaleza.
    Gracias por la opotunidad de llegar a compartir con tigo momentos animadores en la vida, principlamente en el HSP. Celebrare tu vida siempre–



  308. Alan Chorun says:

    “You have to understand that as a Christian I beleive in Resurrection from the dead. If I am killed I will rise again in the hearts of the people.” Archbishop Oscar Romero

  309. Eva Varga says:

    Ivan Varga, professor emeritus in the Department of Sociology at Queen’s University in Kingston, Canada, and Otto became acquainted at a conference of sociology in Spain. They enjoyed each other’s company and kept in touch. Throughout the years, they developed a warm friendship and I, Ivan’s wife, and Christina, his daughter, met Nancy and Mateo as well. Beyond Ivan’s deep respect for Otto’s intellect, our whole family responded to Otto’s personal warmth and integrity. We were all deeply moved by his kindness when Ivan was diagnosed and died last summer of lung cancer.
    We felt a deep loss with Otto’s passing away and we (including Ivan’s granddaughter Alexandra) send our condolences to the people who loved, worked with and learned from Otto. Our sadness and love for Otto joins theirs. He will not be forgotten.
    Eva and Christina Varga

  310. Maurice Brunner says:

    Queridos Nancy, Mateo y familiares y amigos/as todos/as de mi/nuestro querido Otto Maduro

    Acabo de enterarme hoy de su partida, debido a que me siento muy triste. Tristeza apenas comparable con la todos ustedes con certeza sienten.

    Otto, maestro de quien tanto aprendí sobre sociología de las religiones, Teología de la Liberación y amistad solidaria.

    Un abrazo fraterno de su hermano y amigo,

    Maurice Brunner Seco

  311. Oswaldo Barreto says:


    Conocer a Otto Maduro fue ante todo, estoy seguro de eso, tomar conciencia de que no había otro principio que impulsara a este hombre a vivir que no fuera su afán de comunicarse con el prójimo y de involucrarse a plenitud en todos sus mensajes con absoluta transparencia. Nos une, entonces, a los centenares de miles de personas que hoy estamos en duelo por su muerte, distribuidas por los que fueron sus tiempos y sus ámbitos, la común certeza de que sabemos lo que fue la vida de nuestro amigo. Estoy también seguro que en la historia de cada una de sus amistades están las pruebas de eso. Y “para los pobres (cuya mayoría son jóvenes y para los jóvenes (cuya mayoría son pobres), es decir, para la mayor parte de los venezolanos” destinatario virtual de todos sus escritos, aquí están sus íntimas confesiones en sus mensajes habituales: “Militante a tiempo completo, sin esperar otro premio que “el premio del cambio” …llegué a los cuarenta años (viviendo el dilema) de escoger entre reformar el capitalismo sin superarlo o avanzar hacia un socialismo genuino y democrático que hasta ahora es más un sueño que una realidad” (“Veinte años después de una ruptura”, SIC,Vol. 49 n° 481. Y de la misma fuente: “Hombre nacido en 1945 y criado en el Caribe de habla castellana, caraqueño, católico, divorciado y vuelto a casar, emigrante que pasó los años 70 estudiando en Europa, los 80 enseñando a lo largo de las Américas y que desde comienzos de los 90 vive y enseña en los EEUU, coprogenitor de un hijo nacido en 1995, hijo, hermano, discípulo, amigo, colega y marido de feministas, profundamente cuestionado por las luchas de los oprimidos, especialmente los pobres, los niños, las mujeres, los indígenas, los negros, las lesbianas y los gays del llamado tercer mundo” (Civilización y cristianismo de cara al siglo XXI).

    Del autor de estos textos hoy estamos en duelo gente de veinte o más países, donde en seis o más lenguas dictó cursos sobre sociología del conocimiento y sobre religiones en el mundo. En los Estados Unidos, particularmente, están en duelo las universidades donde enseñaba desde 1992, particularmente la Drew University Theological School, en New Jersey, donde se jubiló pocos meses antes de su muerte. Sé que ya se habla de él como de un nuevo “Caballero de la fe”, figura que creara Kierkegaard para referirse a Abraham, el primero de esos caballeros que antepone su fe a todos sus intereses personales o de grupo. Pero sin restar importancia a pensar en Otto y a sufrir su muerte, yo quiero en esta columna recordar a mi amigo sobre lo que siempre fue, sin hacer jamás mención de ello. Siento que Otto Maduro es, no sé si por encima o por debajo de tantas otras cualidades que lo adornaron, para mí, y para todos sus amigos, el príncipe de la tolerancia. Visceralmente comprometido con lo que creía sobre todas las cosas del hombre, de esta y todas las épocas, como se puede constatar en sus numerosos libros, ensayos y artículos, no hay una sola palabra en la obra de Otto Maduro que vaya en contra del pensamiento o el comportamiento ajeno. Otto, con su vida y obra, mostró conmovedoramente que se puede vivir con fe y convivir con la fe de los otros.

  312. Sr. Linda Bessom SND de N says:

    Dearest Otto,

    You taught me at Maryknoll School of Theology in the 1980′s. You were very special to me, and I have such fond memories.

    One summer a few of the Students and I opted to go to to the Program for Conciencization for North Americans (PCNA) in Bogata, Columbia. We had to do a lot of reading in preparation directed by you, Otto. This certainly was a course that changed my life. The courses I had taken on liberation theology, circle of praxis, a critique of capitalism and others finally made sense, because I experienced how some of the base communities were living this out in their lives under adverse circumstances.

    Anyways, I now work for the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless as Outreach Coordinator to Faith Communities, and do some community organizing on issues that impact people experiencing homelessness. The most powerful aspect of this work is when people are empowered to speak up for themselves as they reach out to claim what is rightfully theirs. Thank you so much for passing on to me your knowledge, your joy in having a good time, and your commitment to justice, and the beloved community. I will NEVER forget this.

    Linda Bessom SND de N.

  313. Anne Barillet says:

    bonsoir, j’ai rencontré Otto à Paris le soir où sa sœur Marianella est morte ; il venait d’arriver, ne savait pas ou trouver son appartement dans le building, nous avons parlé et sympathisé pendant ce triste moment ; je l’ai aidé dans les démarches administratives comme je pouvais ; nous avions meme réussi a rire et à parler de chose et d’autres, de New-York, de mon travail, de l’enseignement, de la vie … et nous étions restés en contact de temps en temps. Il m’avait annoncé puis raconté le cancer, la peur, l’espoir, la souffrance, l’envie de se battre mais la peur surtout. je ne connais pas son épouse Nancy ni Mattéo mais je suis triste ce soir, très triste. je suis tellement désolée pour vous, sa famille et ses amis. Anne

  314. sarah says:

    Gracias por este consejo, la verdad es que me duele bastante la cabeza y con esto se me ha pasado, maldito dolor de cabeza

  315. Laurel Kearns says:


    A tribute to Otto from some of his sociology colleagues

  316. Loria says:

    Muchas gracias por la info. espero ver mas

  317. Tim Emmett-Rardin says:

    Otto had a warm and gracious spirit, one which always made you feel welcome. That such a spirit accompanied am exceptionally keen and tenacious intellect is a tribute to him, and the man and teacher/learner he was. I’m glad to have known him while a student (2001-04).

    I had to drop the only class I was scheduled to take with him – regrettably – and I was set to travel with him and others to Brazil for a cross-cultural trip (canceled due to lack of interest, if you can believe that!), but I was blessed to interact with him and little Mateo – informally just hanging around the Theo School, though esp. around various justice pursuits.

    I pray peace for his soul, and for his family and many friends, colleagues and grateful students. He will be missed. Muchas gracias, Dr. Maduro…

  318. Dear Otto,

    I remember the sole of your shoe on my face at 2:00 am! ;-)
    As three (Otto, Edwin Hernandez and me) of us at SSSR shared a room in the hotel (going on the cheap side–I believe it was Edwin’s room). Since I snored too loud for your taste you threw me a shoe which landed in my face and proceeded to say–”¡Carajo deja de roncar que no puedo dormer!” Good aim Otto! I did stopped snoring…
    ¡Bendiciones hermano, arriba la fiesta!


    Johnny Ramirez-Johnson
    Loma Linda University

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