What is OneAndAll

It would be easy for me to wax effusive about the good that Drew scholarships do.

I could bring a smile to your face with an anecdote about how an alumni-sponsored internship landed a whip-smart student a job before graduation.

I could make a compelling case for how a vibrant Drew both smoothes the way to admit ever more impressive students and increases the lifetime value of a Drew diploma.

But I will leave to others the work of enumerating the infinite reasons to support Drew, one of the nation’s finest and most distinctive universities. I want to speak to something more basic, more intrinsic. A robust future for our institution depends on generous individuals and organizations, but if Drew is to push past “hidden gem” status, it needs more.

It needs us to engage in the largest shared effort ever to help Drew realize its full potential.

One And All: The Campaign for Drew—the university’s first major fundraising effort in more than a decade and its most ambitious—provides that opportunity. With a goal of $80 million, the campaign is a thrilling chance for you to help Drew take a game-changing leap forward. Why not consider…

As we focus on realizing the university’s full potential under the able leadership of Dr. MaryAnn Baenninger, Drew’s new president, I urge you to join us.

All it takes is One And All.


William M. Freeman C’74, Vice Chair Board of Trustees