Volunteer Leadership

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Volunteers listed in this report served from July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016. For a current board roster, visit drew.edu/trustees. Learn more about the College Alumni Association, and the Theological School Alumni Association.

Board of Trustees


Mr. Dean T. Criares C’85 Chair
Mr. William M. Freeman C’74 Vice Chair
Mr. Fredrick Fuest C’68, P’02, P’08 Vice Chair
The Honorable Gary S. Stein Secretary
Dr. MaryAnn Baenninger President


Dr. Judith E. Campbell P’94, G’10, G’16
Mr. William M. Cicchino T’10
Mr. C. Rory Corrigan C’72
Rev. Dr. D. Stuart Dunnan
Mr. J. Anthony Ehinger C’80
Ms. Emilia A. Fabricant C’88
Dr. Thomas J. Ficarra G’03
Mr. Robert J. Franek C’93
Mrs. Angela B. Gerken P’15
Bishop Peggy A. Johnson
Mr. William T. Knox, IV P’96
Mr. William W. Landis, III C’85
Dr. Hwain C. Lee T’99
Mr. Kevin H. Marino C’80
Ms. Betsy S. Michel
Bishop Jane Allen Middleton
Mr. Edward A. Moed C’89
Mr. Lawrence G. Morris C’94
Mr. Jeffrey B. Noss C’75
Mr. Joseph C. Noto C’95
Mr. Eric A. Purcell C’99
Mr. De’Andre M. Salter C’92
Bishop John R. Schol
Mr. Christopher B. Smith C’91
Ms. Suzanne Mertz Spero C’91
Ms. Vanessa L. Van Brunt C’92
Ms. Jennifer G. Velez C’87
The Reverend Pauline Wardell-Sankoh T’97

Trustees Emeriti

Mr. Lewis D. Andrews, Jr. C’68
Mr. C. W. Carson, Jr.
Dr. Barbara M. Caspersen G’83, G’86, G’90
Mr. Raymond G. Chambers
Mr. John H. Crawford, III T’65
Mr. Hugh A. D’Andrade
Mr. John H. Evans
Ms. Michele E. Fabrizio C’73
Mrs. Barbara T. Howell
Bishop Ernest S. Lyght T’68
Dr. Elizabeth H. Marsh G’83, G’90, G’91
Mr. Heath B. McLendon
Mr. Champ Meyercord
Mr. Eugene Meyers P’88, P’90
Mr. Henry G. Parker, III
Ms. Nancy W. Priest C’83, P’86
Mr. Donald E. Procknow
Mr. B. P. Russell
Mrs. Nancy S. Schaenen
The Reverend Dr. Charles H. Straut, Jr. C’58, T’62, T’77, P’81, P’84, P’91
Ms. Mary A. Stringfield C’70
Dr. Shirley Sugerman G’70
The Reverend Dr. Edward J. Wynne, Jr. T’62
Mrs. Jeanne T. Zenker

College Alumni Board


Mr. Robert H. Benacchio C’98 President
Mr. Charles A. Biczak C’93 Vice President


Mr. Matthew S. Altman C’11
Mr. Patrick S. Aylward C’97
Mrs. Caroline Jacobsen Berdzik C’96
Mrs. Nora McMahon Boyer C’79, P’04
Mr. William W. Brackett C’11
Mr. Nicholas J. DellaFera C’12
Mr. Thomas J. DiMartino C’96
Dr. Patrick O. Dolan
Mr. Donald J. Enright C’93
Ms. Emilia A. Fabricant C’88
Mr. Curtis B. Fornarotto C’11, G’14
Ms. Laura A. Hook C’84
Ms. Rebecca M. Kuhar C’96
Mr. J. Scott Lamberson C’99
Ms. Stephanie L. Lomurro C’06
Ms. Jennifer K. Marsico C’07
Ms. Jennifer McGroarty C’06
Mr. Lawrence G. Morris C’94
Mr. Matthew S. Pacello C’96
Mr. David B. Rice C’81
Ms. Sabina Sabados C’03
Mr. De’Andre M. Salter C’92
Ms. Allison L. Siegel C’08
Ms. Suzanne Mertz Spero C’91
Mr. Michael J. Talarico C’01
Mr. Christopher M. Walsh C’80

Theological Alumni Board


The Reverend Dr. Brandon Cho T’06 President
Mr. John H. Scharf T’08 Vice President


The Reverend Dr. Gabriel O. Akinbode T’07, T’13
The Reverend John A. Benson T’69
Mr. Andrew D. Branch C’96, T’04
The Reverend Shawn P. Carty T’96, P’19
Mr. William M. Cicchino T’10
The Reverend Daniel W. Gepford T’07
The Reverend Dr. Elizabeth S. Hall T’84
The Reverend Myungsun Han T’02, T’09
The Reverend Janet G. Hodge T’01
The Reverend David A. Holder T’13
The Reverend Clarissa South Holland C’78, T’88, P’16
The Reverend Susan Iliff T’10
The Reverend Cheryl T. Jensen T’90
The Reverend Hyoik Kim T’05
The Reverend Meekyung C. Kim T’01, T’07
The Reverend Ellen M. Kohn-Perry T’12
The Reverend Dr. Jisun Kwak T’94, G’99, T’11
Dr. Hwain C. Lee T’99
The Reverend Dr. David J. Montanye T’79, T’07
The Reverend Joy E. Mounts T’05
The Reverend Dr. Grace S. Pak T’88, T’09
Mr. Evan W. Rohrs-Dodge T’12
Ms. Iraida Ruiz de Porras T’10
Mr. Rolando Santiago T’10
Mr. John H. Scharf T’08
Mrs. Bette J. Sohm T’10
The Reverend Shannon E. Sullivan T’12
The Reverend Dr. Neill Tolboom T’02
The Reverend Donald B. Wahlig T’09
The Reverend Pauline Wardell-Sankoh T’97
Dr. David E. Wiley, III T’75, T’76
Ms. Teresa Williams T’15

An italicized name indicates that the donor is deceased.

Drew University endeavors to record the names of donors and volunteers accurately and completely. However, if we have inadvertently omitted or misstated your name, please accept our sincere apologies and let us know by contacting Jane Driscoll Himmelrich at 973-408-3733 or stewardship@drew.edu.