Open Doors

It’s what families want to know first: Will the school we’re considering put our smashingly brilliant scholars on the path to success or will they be left with a squidgy degree and a Mount Kilimanjaro of student debt?

You can erase those fears by helping make scholarships, internships and other opportunities freely available, enabling Drew to attract highly qualified students with extraordinary educational choices and to admit them without regard to financial means.

The One And All goal for scholarships, internships and fellowships in all three schools is $28 million, putting Drew within range of the cost of some public universities and making it a reality for more students.

With a stellar faculty that delivers Full-Impact Learning, an innovative and experiential approach to education that enables student success, throwing open the doors for students in these ways would be a farsighted act of utmost thoughtfulness:


“I could never have afforded Drew had it not been for my scholarship” is an expression of gratitude we never tire of hearing, and as the number of scholarships—and the resulting opportunities for students—grow, we celebrate the fortunate union of donor and student. Drew also attributes the fact that our students graduate with less student debt than the national average to our generous benefactors.


Drew offers undergraduates a stunning array of experiential learning opportunities in New York City and northern New Jersey in fields as varied as finance, medicine and entertainment, but for many transportation and travel expenses can be prohibitive. You can help students gain the experiences they need for future success.

Supervised Ministry

This nine-month opportunity introduces master of divinity students to what pastoring in a church setting is like. Students often remark that this experience convinced them that choosing ministry was the right decision.

Undergraduate Research Fellowships

Research fellowships, such as the those available through ever-popular Drew Summer Science Institute and the recently launched interdisciplinary Arts and the Common Good initiative, allow students to explore specific questions closely with faculty, but are currently inadequate in number to meet needs. You can help provide the type of in-depth learning that sets students apart in job searches and the graduate school application process.

Graduate Fellowships

Graduate students in both the Caspersen School and the Graduate Division of Religion in the Theological School participate in research, from probing Irish labor leaders to early Bible history to curating museum exhibits, all with the aid of scholarship funds and a stipend. To enhance the leadership role that both schools have taken in advanced studies, more support is needed to recruit and retain tomorrow’s academic stars for these types of research opportunities.

Naming Opportunities

Assume a leadership role at Drew by founding a named scholarship, internship, supervised ministry or fellowship. Learn more on the One And All Endowment page.

Student Debt

Dayna Knight came to Drew knowing she wouldn’t be crippled by student debt.

NYC Interns

Fatou Diallo turned a U.N. internship into something much more.

NYC Interns

Ariel Gitlin pursued her love of comedy in the city hotspot Amy Poehler founded.