Gifts of $25,000 or More Made During One And All

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With boundless gratitude, we acknowledge the support of those who’ve made possible major improvements at Drew, such as the Ehinger Center, during One And All.

Donors listed in this report made gifts of $25,000 or more to Drew that were received between Feb. 20, 2009, and June 30, 2016.

Active Media Services, Inc.
Estate of Ethan Adams
Dr. Elizabeth A. Alger C’60
Allergan PLC
Amy Klette Newman Foundation
Andrew and Barbara Choi Family Foundation
Andrew and Kathryn Kimball Fund of Fidelity Charitable
Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
Anonymous (11)
The Honorable Thomas J. Aquilino, Jr. C’62
ARAMARK Charitable Fund
ARAMARK Corporation
Dr. James T. Aris C’83 and Ms. Pamela Nelson Aris C’84
Estate of Betty Arnold
Assured Guaranty Corp.
Ayco Charitable Foundation
Mr. Christopher G. Ayoub
Mr. Richard A. Ayoub C’75
Dr. MaryAnn Baenninger and Dr. Ronald Baenninger
Mr. Joseph B. Baker C’69
Baldwin Foundation
Bank of America Charitable Foundation
Bank of New York Mellon
Mr. Joshua B. Barer
Dr. Sol J. Barer and Mrs. Meryl I. Barer
Mrs. Laura Zagoren Baron and Mr. Norman Baron
Dr. Margaret W. Bartlett G’88, G’13 and Mr. Marshall P. Bartlett
Ms. Trudy Braunlich Bauer C’62
Bayer HealthCare
Ms. Dorothea Beane C’74
Bedtime Math Foundation, Inc.
Benjamin-Knox Family Fund of the Community Foundation of New Jersey
Frank and Lydia Bergen Foundation
Ms. Jacqueline Berke
Ms. Betsy J. Bernard and Ms. Laurie J. Peter
Mrs. Georgette Billows
Blanche and Irving Laurie Foundation
Ms. Diana Blankman C’82
BNY Mellon
Mr. Michael Bonevento C’90
Dr. William K. Boss, Jr. C’71
Mr. Lester E. Bower, Jr. C’49
Mr. Joseph Brenner, Jr. C’69
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
Dr. Vivian A. Bull
Dr. George C. Burrill C’65
Edward H. Butler Foundation
Dr. Marilyn B. Callander G’85, G’87, A’14 and Mr. Robert J. Callander A’14
Estate of H.W. William Caming
Judith E. Campbell Fund of the Ayco Charitable Foundation
Dr. Judith E. Campbell P’94, G’10, G’16
Ms. Mary F. Caporaso C’82
Mr. Frank J. Carnabuci, III C’73
Carnegie Corporation of New York
Mr. David W. Carr C’67 and Mrs. Carol Shearman Carr C’65
Mr. C. W. Carson, Jr. and Mrs. Miriam Carson
Mr. C. Wesley Carson C’61 and Mrs. Carol S. Carson
Casement Fund, Ltd.
Dr. Barbara M. Caspersen G’83, G’86, G’90
Celgene Cellular Therapeutics
Celgene Corporation
Maria A. Cestone, Esq. C’93
Mr. Ralph M. Cestone P’93
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond G. Chambers
Charles L. Read Foundation
Mrs. Patricia Kushler Chirico C’74 and Mr. Gerardo J. Chirico
Mr. Andrew Choi and Mrs. Barbara Choi
Christian and Teresa M. Dingler Foundation
Chungdong First Methodist Church
Mr. William E. Clark C’91 and Ms. Julie Aigner-Clark
Mrs. Maribeth W. Collins
Community Foundation of New Jersey
Dr. Linda Eaton Connors C’64 and Mr. Frank Connors
Cornpauw Foundation, Ltd.
Mr. C. Rory Corrigan C’72 and Mrs. Debi Corrigan
Mr. Robert S. Cortright P’14 and Mrs. Eileen Cortright P’14
Catherine H. and John H. Crawford, III Family Foundation
Mr. John H. Crawford, III T’65 and Mrs. Catherine Huntoon Crawford C’64
Mr. Dean T. Criares C’85 and Mrs. Karen Mayrose Criares
CTW Foundation, Inc.
Mr. Nathan Cummings
The Reverend Dr. Lawrence R. Curtis T’77, DMin. and Mrs. Helen Dickey Curtis
D’Andrade Family Fund of the Community Foundation of New Jersey
Mr. Hugh A. D’Andrade and Mrs. Mary D’Andrade
Mrs. Carolyn Deodene
Mrs. Ruby deStevens
Ms. Lynn Sayles Devereux
Ms. Janet L. Dewar C’71
Mr. and Mrs. Derek DiRisio
Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Dolan P’15
Mr. Thomas L. Doremus C’68
Dr. Donald L. Drakeman and Dr. Lisa Drakeman
Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation
Drucker Family Foundation of Fidelity Charitable
Dr. Paul Drucker C’51, P’83
Rev. Dr. D. Stuart Dunnan
Mr. Douglas M. Dunnan
Mr. Louis V. Eccleston C’79 and Ms. Joan L. Albanese C’78
Edward & Barbara Zinbarg Donor Advised Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater MetroWest NJ
Edward W. and Stella C. Van Houten Memorial Fund
Mr. J. Anthony Ehinger C’80 and Mrs. Marianne Hyzak Ehinger C’80
Ms. Gale Eisner C’82
Endeavor Foundation
Ernst & Young, LLP
Mr. John H. Evans
ExxonMobil Foundation
F. M. Kirby Foundation, Inc.
Ms. Emilia di Mayorca Fabricant C’88 and Mr. Robert E. Fabricant C’85
Ms. Michele E. Fabrizio C’73 and Mr. Robert Kopech C’73
Drs. Epsey C. Farrell and Donald E. Weatherbee
Dr. Robert L. Fenstermacher C’63 and Ms. Anne Clark Jacobson C’75
Estate of William E. Fenstermaker T’52
Fidelity Charitable
First United Methodist Church in Flushing
Fitzpatrick Family Fund of Fidelity Charitable
Ms. Gayle E. Fitzpatrick
Ford Foundation
Foundation for Evangelism
Frances Chapin Foundation Philanthropic Fund of the United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona
Mr. Richard A. Frank C’04
Franklin Square Foundation
Mr. Paul W. Franklin C’88
Freeman Foundation
Mr. William M. Freeman C’74 and Mrs. Ellen Freeman
Mr. Fredrick Fuest C’68, P’02, P’08 and Mrs. Heather D. Fuest P’02, P’08
Mr. M. Shafik Gabr
Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation
Dr. Robert Gerber P’13 and Dr. Nancy F. Gerber P’13
Dr. Steven M. Gilbert
Mr. Miguel Gonzalez C’01 and Ms. Elisa Garcia C’03
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory H. Gordon C’92
Mr. Leo P. Grohowski C’80 and Mrs. Nancy Grohowski
Dr. Frank Gump and Mrs. Elizabeth C. Gump
Mrs. Joan Torrens Hall C’57
Dr. Suzanne Harvey Hampton C’56
Harris Memorial Trust
Gates Helms Hawn Foundation
Mr. Gates H. Hawn and Mrs. Mary Ellen Hawn
Mr. William S. Hayes C’60
Ms. Cordelza D. Haynes C’78, T’11, T’13
Mr. George E. Hayward C’60
Mrs. Eleanor Long Hazarian C’58
Head Family Charitable Foundation
Mrs. Carol Atwood Head C’74
Mr. Peter F. Headley C’59 and Mrs. Joan Della-Cerra Headley C’60
Healthcare Foundation of NJ
Hearst Foundations
Henry Luce Foundation
The Reverend Kathleen Murray Henry C’65
Dr. Christine R. Hepburn and Mr. Kenneth J. Martin
Dr. Mary Zoghby Hepburn C’54
Mr. Rodger K. Herrigel
Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life
Mr. Grant D. Hobson C’62 and Mrs. Jeannette Hobson
Hoffmann-La Roche, Inc.
The Reverend Marybelle Brewster Hollister C’56
Karl Holmberg Living Trust
Mr. Karl Holmberg
Mrs. Sue Baron Holmberg C’81 and Mr. Eric C. Holmberg
Mrs. Alice S. Horton C’72
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Mr. William R. Huff P’98 and Mrs. Cathy M. Huff P’98
IBM Corp.
Independent College Fund of New Jersey
Mr. Anthony G. Ingrao C’78
Investors Bank
Jane G. Lenahan Lead Annuity Trust
Jessie Ball duPont Fund
Jewish Communal Fund
Jewish Community Foundation of Greater MetroWest NJ
Jewish Federation of St. Louis
Jockey Hollow Foundation
Johanette Wallerstein Institute
Johnson & Johnson
Mr. Michael L. Johnston C’82 and Mrs. Corinne Wolkoff Johnston C’82
Fletcher Jones Foundation
Jorgensen & Company
Ms. Olivia J. Jorgensen C’10
Mr. Rickard Jorgensen P’10, P’14 and Mrs. Carol-Jeanette M. Jorgensen P’10, P’14
Mr. Marc Joseph C’48
JP Morgan Chase & Company
Kalliopeia Foundation
The Reverend Hyekyung Pauline Kang T’88
Mrs. Shelley C. Kappauf P’06 and Mr. Charles H. Kappauf
Dr. Elizabeth Nielsen Kelly T’59 and Mr. Philip H. Kelly
Dr. Patrice M. Kelly G’03, G’16 and Mr. John F. Kelly
Kenneth Martin and Christine Hepburn Foundation
The Honorable Ellwood R. Kerkeslager and Mrs. Ruth Kerkeslager
Bishop In Hwan Kim T’85
Kathryn L. Kimball G’95, G’99 and Andrew E. Kimball
Mr. S. Dillard Kirby and Mrs. Adrienne Kirby
Mr. William T. Knox, IV P’96 and Mrs. Carolyn Benjamin Knox C’67, P’96
Dr. Barbara Cox Koehler C’65
Dr. Werner G. Kofler T’03, G’05
Mr. Gene Korf P’08 and Mrs. Madeline J. Korf P’08
Estate of Edwin C. Kruse
Estate of Julia LaFalce
Mr. William W. Landis, III C’85 and Mrs. Meredith Landis
Dr. Betty J. Lasley C’49
Mr. Eamon M. Lavin C’89
William K. Lee, M.D. Foundation, Inc.
Dr. Hwain Lee T’99 and Dr. William W. Lee
The Reverend Dr. Se Hyoung Lee T’89, G’92, G’96
Leegis Group, Inc.
Mr. Steve A. Lemanski C’89
Mr. Grant F. Lenahan C’83
Mr. Gerard J. Lian C’77
Mr. Arthur M. Lindsay C’54
Ms. Linda Lipay P’17
Mr. and Mrs. A. Michael Lipper
Dr. Edward L. Long, Jr.
Dr. Jennifer Mollard Lucas C’87 and Mr. Robert P. Lucas C’86
Dr. Albert A. Luderer C’70 and Mrs. Margaret A. Luderer
Estate of Eleanor Lukas
Lundbeck Pharmaceuticals
Mrs. Vera C. Mace T’43
Magee Christian Education Foundation
Mr. John D. Maguire
Ms. Mildred M. Mangas
Margaret and Marshall Bartlett Family Foundation, Inc.
Marino, Tortorella & Boyle, P.C.
Mr. Kevin H. Marino C’80 and Mrs. Rita Marino
Marjorie M. and Irwin Nat Pincus Fund of Hillel:the Foundation for Jewish Campus Life
Edna W. Marks Trust
Dr. Leonard Marks, Jr. C’42
Dr. Elizabeth H. Marsh G’83, G’90, G’91 and Mr. Spencer S. Marsh, III
Mrs. Reba Lerner Martin C’49
Ms. Karen L. Maxfield C’83
Dr. Robert G. Maxfield
Mr. Nion T. McEvoy P’13
Ms. Susan Repetti McHale C’84
Dr. David W. McIntyre C’86 and Mrs. Margaret Kendziora McIntyre C’86
MCJ Amelior Foundation
Mr.   Heath B. McLendon and Mrs. Judy McLendon
Dr. Carrie Hendrickson McMahon C’94
Megathlin Charitable Trust
Estate of Eleanor Megathlin
Mr. Joseph E. Mele C’47
The Reverend Dr. Stanley J. Menking T’57, G’66 and Mrs. Betty K. Menking
Merck & Company, Inc.
Mr. G. Nicholas Mestanas C’85
Mr. Eugene I. Meyers P’88, P’90 and Mrs. Marci Meyers P’88, P’90
Michael F. & Noemi Neidorff Family Fund at Schwab Charitable Fund
Ms. Betsy S. Michel
The Reverend Dr. Clayton Z. Miller T’59, T’75
Minnesota Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church
Minnesota Conference United Methodist Women
Mr. Edward A. Moed C’89 and Mrs. Pamela MacFall Moed C’92
Ms. Catherine R. Morrow C’72
Miss Leary Anna Murphy
Mr. Kevin C. Murphy C’89 and Ms. Noreen Halpern
Myungsung Presbyterian Church
Nathan Cummings Foundation
National Philanthropic Trust
Robert Sydney Needham Foundation
Mr. Michael F. Neidorff and Mrs. Noemi K. Neidorff
George W. and Amy Newman Foundation
Mr. Jeffrey B. Noss C’75 and Mrs. Anne Lewis Noss C’75
Mr. Joseph C. Noto C’95 and Mrs. Maureen H. Noto
Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp.
Novo Nordisk Inc.
O. W. Caspersen Foundation for Aid to Health and Education
Mr. Justin T. Offermann C’12
Ms. Shirleen Toothaker Offermann C’81, P’12
The Honorable Maureen B. Ogden
Dr. Maureen O’Neill P’12 and Mr. Joseph Dobkowski, Jr. P’12
Overdeck Family Foundation
Ms. Laura B. Overdeck and Mr. John Overdeck
Page Hill Foundation, Inc.
Mr. James Pagliocco C’86 and Mrs. Jamie Tome Pagliocco C’89
Mr. Zachary P. Pappas C’06
Sarah Adams Parker Charitable Trust
Mrs. Audrey T. Parker
Mr. Charles M. Peck C’74 and Mrs. Liora Peck
Mr. Michael J. Perillo, Jr. C’77
Pete and Jodi Headley Charitable Fund of Fidelity Charitable
Dr. Jude M. Pfister G’07 and Mrs. Miriam R. Pfister
Pfizer, Inc.
Andrew H. Phelps Trust
Dr. Robin Powers
Provident Bank Foundation
Prudential Foundation
Mr. Charles R. Putney C’69 and Mrs. Linda Calleo Putney C’69
Mr. Leslie C. Quick P’09 and Mrs. Eileen Manning Quick P’09
Mr. Donald S. Radcliffe
Ralph M. Cestone Foundation
Miss Joyce E. Reilly C’74
Mr. David P. Rein C’56
The Reverend Raymond K. Rhoads T’59
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Ringler
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Estate of Eric F. Ross
Drs. Ted and Sherry Rotunda C’93
Dr. Rhonda M. Rush C’71
Estate of Russell Montgomery Stephens
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher M. Sakalosky C’94
Mr. Joseph J. Saker, Jr. P’16 and Mrs. Sheri J. Saker P’16
Dr. Ronald J. Saldarini C’61 and Mrs. Suzanne Thomas Saldarini C’62
Salter Foundation
Mr. De’Andre M. Salter C’92 and Ms. Terri Jones-Salter
San Francisco Foundation
Mr. Rick Sayles
Mrs. Nancy S. Schaenen and Mr. Nelson S. Schaenen, Jr.
Ms. Ann Eaton Schilling C’66
The Reverend David H. Schlansker C’65
Gerie Snell Schumann Revocable Trust UA
Mrs. Gerie Snell Schumann C’63
Schwab Charitable Fund
Mrs. Nora Pincus Schwarz C’82
Mr. Jonathan Schwieger C’65
Dr. Philip C. Scibilia G’95, G’04 and Mrs. Donna Scibilia
Mr. Steven A. Scolari C’81 and Mrs. Lisa Kesseler Scolari C’80
Sentience Foundation
Shadpour Family Fund of Fidelity Charitable
Ms. Wendy A. Shadpour
Shafik Gabr Foundation (US)
Mr. Ray Sheikh
Mr. Michael A. Simpson C’84
Mr. Robert E. Smart C’65
Mr. Christopher B. Smith C’91
Ms. Leslie D. Smith
Mr. William E. Stanford C’62 and Mrs. Mimi A. Stanford
Estate of Joan E. Steiner
Mr. Paul R. Stierhoff C’82 and Mrs. Valerie Russo Stierhoff C’85
The Reverend Dr. Ronnie T. Stout-Kopp G’10 and Dr. David A. Kopp G’10
Estate of Gene K. Strange
Ms. Mary A. Stringfield C’70
Dr. Morton Rosenberg and Dr. Shirley Sugerman G’70
Sunshine Lady Foundation, Inc.
Suzanne T. and Ronald J. Saldarini Family Foundation of the Ayco Charitable Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Tasher
Teagle Foundation
The Ethan Dylan Fund of the Jewish Communal Fund
The John Ehinger Charitable Fund of Vanguard Charitable
Dr. Jay Tittman C’44
Mr. James F. Titus, Sr. P’89 and Mrs. Janice S. Titus P’89
Mr. Norman B. Tomlinson, Jr. and Mrs. Barbara Tomlinson
Tri-County Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine, PA
Henry S. and Agnes M. Truzack Foundation
Mr. Nathaniel B. Tucker C’95
United Way of Tucson & Southern Arizona
Dr. Arturo A. Valenzuela C’65 and Ms. Kathryn Mudge
Dr. Kathleen Finley Vandiver C’71
Vanguard Charitable
Victoria Foundation Fund of the Community Foundation of New Jersey
Victoria Foundation
Wabash Center
Mrs. Jane Wallerstein
Dr. John M. Warner
Robert E. Waterman Trust
Estate of Beatrice Weddell
Mr. Robert L. Wegner C’59
The Joseph and Deborah Weinberg Family Foundation, Inc.
Mrs. Debra Silberman Weinberg C’82
Mrs. Arlee Feldman Weiss C’74 and Mr. Richard Weiss
Mr. Richard E. Whittaker C’69
Willits Foundation
Mr. Dennis Winsett P’04 and Mrs. Anna P. Winsett P’04
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Wood C’68
Dr. Bruce C. Woolley C’67
George H. and Elsa D. Wright Trust
Marjorie Wyman Charitable Annuity Trust
Dr. Franklin K. Wyman G’01, G’06, G’09, P’12 and Mrs. Deborah A. Wyman P’12
Mrs. Jeanne T. Zenker
Dr. Edward D. Zinbarg G’98, G’99 and Mrs. Barbara L. Zinbarg
Dr. Stevin Zorn P’15 and Mrs. Priscilla Zorn P’15

An italicized name indicates that the donor is deceased.

Drew University endeavors to record the names of donors and volunteers accurately and completely. However, if we have inadvertently omitted or misstated your name, please accept our sincere apologies and let us know by contacting Jane Driscoll Himmelrich at 973-408-3733 or