Endowed Funds Created During One And All

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Funds listed in this report were created between Feb. 20, 2009, and June 30, 2016.

African-American/African Studies Library Book Endowment
Alan Candiotti Fund for Innovation in Technology and Education
Ambassador Richard L. Walker Fund
Andrew and Barbara Choi Missionary Spirit Scholarship
Andrew H. Phelps and Emily Brown Phelps Fund
Bauer and Hahn Family Scholarship
Bill and Mimi Stanford Scholarship Fund
Bishop Rev. Dr. In Hwan Kim T’85 Scholarship
Bruce C. Woolley Memorial Scholarship
Center on Religion, Culture & Conflict Endowment
Christian & Teresa M. Dingler Foundation Scholarship
Class of 1951 Scholarship
Class of 1959 Bernhard Anderson Prize
Class of 1961 Leslie Banks Memorial Scholarship
Class of 1965 Scholarship
Class of 1966 Academic Internship Fund
Class of 1975 Scholarship
Class of 1984 Scholarship
Class of 1986 Scholarship
College Class of 1960 Internship
College Class of 1978 Scholarship
College Class of 1985 Scholarship
College Class of 1999 Scholarship
David Graybeal Good Community Scholarship
Dean Anne B. Yardley Prize for Hospitality through the Arts
Dean Paolo Cucchi Student Research Fund
Donald K. Baxter Prize for Drew Community Engagement
Dr. Hwain C. Lee T’99 and Dr. William Lee Scholarship
George E. Hayward C’60 Scholarship in the Natural Sciences
H. W. William and Kathleen W. Caming Scholarship
Harmony Choral Music Endowment
Harmony Scholarship for International Students/Study at Drew University
Head Family Scholarship
Headley Brothers Commuter Scholarship
Henry S. and Agnes M. Truzack Fund for Civic Engagement
James F. Pfeiffer Fellowship for Research in the Sciences
Jane G. Lenahan Memorial Scholarship
John M. Warner Endowed Writing Internship
Kathleen Murray Henry Civic Scholarship
Kornitzer Collection Endowment
Lenox S. Rose Scholarship
Margaret and Marshall Bartlett Fund for History and Culture
Margaret and Marshall Bartlett Research Fellowship Fund
Margaret E. L. (“Peggi”) Howard Internship Fund for Leadership and Service
Mary Hepburn Civic Engagement Fellowship Fund
Mary Hepburn Internship in Civic Engagement
McEvoy Internship Endowment
Men’s Lacrosse Endowment Fund
Merrill Maguire Skaggs Lecture Series
Neil Van De Putte C’16 Fund for Excellence in Physics and Math
Norma Gilbert Junior Professorship in Mathematics
Oliver Winsett Scholarship Fund
Patrice Marie and John Francis Kelly Faculty Fellowship in Arts and Letters
Paul Drucker Endowment for the Arts of Respect
Priscilla Patten Benham Prize in Dissertation Research
Ray A. Elliott, Jr., M.D. Scholarship Fund
Rev. Dr. Byoung Hoon Kang Scholarship
Rev. Dr. Clayton Z. Miller T’59, T’75 Endowed Scholarship
Rev. Dr. Clayton Z. Miller T’59, T’75 Prize
Rev. William L. D. Lyght T’33 Prize
Reverend Frances Parker Swartz T’65 Fund
Robert Duncan, Sr. Prize
Robert G. Smith Endowment for Experiential Learning
Robert L. Wegner Scholarship in Visual Arts
Robert Wegner Endowment for the Arts
Robin Powers Endowment for Student Research in Psychology
Shapero Family Scholarship
Suzanne and Ronald Saldarini Research Fellowship in the Sciences Endowment
The Duncan Family Scholarship
The Reverend Robert W. Edgar Prize for Social Justice
Theatre Enrichment Fund
Thomas H. Kean Internship in Public Policy Endowment
Tittman Summer Physics Internship Fund
Vera C. Mace Scholarship
Weddell Family Scholarship
Weddell Family Summer Research Fellowship in Physics
Werner Kofler Arts and Letters Endowment
William O. and Frances B. Baker RISE Fellowship
Women in Chemistry and Physics Scholarship

An italicized name indicates that the donor is deceased.

Drew University endeavors to record the names of donors and volunteers accurately and completely. However, if we have inadvertently omitted or misstated your name, please accept our sincere apologies and let us know by contacting Jane Driscoll Himmelrich at 973-408-3733 or stewardship@drew.edu.