Oxford Bound

Eliza Maughs-Pugh C’14 Heads to Oxford

Will focus studies on medieval Islam.

Eliza Maughs-Pugh C’14 wrote her Drew honors thesis on 12th-century Iberian Christians. Eager to learn more, and encouraged by one of her faculty mentors, Professor Louis Hamilton, Maughs-Pugh will continue her studies this fall at Oxford University.

“Drew’s comparative religion classes really spoke to me,” Maughs-Pugh, a Baldwin Honors Scholar, recalled. “I’m interested in identity and relationships between Christian and Muslim communities and minority communities.” Maughs-Pugh’s preparation at Drew for graduate study—in addition to her undergraduate research and coursework in her triple major in Spanish, philosophy and comparative religion—included studying Arabic in Morocco on a U.S. Department of State Critical Language Scholarship.

At Oxford, Maughs-Pugh will earn a master’s in philosophy degree as a Nizami Ganjavi Programme Scholar, and specialize in Islamic studies and history. Her geographic focus will expand to include Azerbaijan and the Caucasus Mountains.

“It’s the ideal program for me,” she said. “I really can’t put into words how excited I am.”

Hamilton described Maughs-Pugh as an exceptional student, saying, “She has a strong sense of curiosity and so is open to almost any kind of intellectual challenge. Drew’s Baldwin Honors Program has three ideals: scholarship, leadership and global citizenship. Eliza really represents all three of those ideal character traits. Every year we graduate excellent students who go on to amazing careers and lives around the world. At Oxford, she’ll join fellow Baldwin Scholar Kishan Patel, and other Baldwin graduates will be studying and working everywhere from France, Switzerland and Russia, to Japan and China.”

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