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The campus looks fab.

It took more than 8,000 Belgian blocks, 15,000 square feet of asphalt, over 75 native trees and plants, 4 brass bell strikers and one full day of forgiving weather in the final week to ready campus for fall semester, says Associate Director of Facilities Patty Smith. Here’s a sampling of what kept Drew’s crew and its contractors away from the beach this summer:

  • The path from the Rose Library all the way back to Haselton Hall has gotten a makeover, with resurfacing, Belgian block edging and improved drainage. The section between the library and S.W. Bowne Hall features new curves, the first phase of a planned courtyard outside the Methodist Archives and a long-awaited amphitheater in Tipple Pond, says Executive Director of Facilities and Special Projects Mike Kopas.
  • Speaking of Tipple Pond, a new drainage system up by Haselton is designed to prevent flooding in the iconic campus basin. (Read: Soon the Forum Pool will be the last swimming hole left on campus.)
  • The 86-year-old clock atop Brothers’ College will keep time once again come September, a boon for students who need to speed up to get to class on time. Four new energy-efficient timepiece movements will power each of the clock’s faces. (The clock, when working, previously relied on a single movement.) The tower’s bells, outfitted with new strikers, will chime on the hour, playing the Westminster melody heard on campus when BC was built.
  • Say goodbye to communal bathrooms in Welch Hall. Ultra-stylish, all-in-one bathrooms feature a private toilet, sink and shower.
  • The gazebo perched above the tennis center has gotten a facelift after sustaining minor damage in Hurricane Sandy. Waterlogged wooden siding is gone, replaced with a composite product to withstand whatever Mother Nature serves on the courts.—Michael Bressman
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