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The New Founders Society links Drew’s current benefactors to its early philanthropists, Daniel Drew and Arthur and Leonard Baldwin, whose vision and generosity established the University as we know it today. The New Founders Society gratefully recognizes alumni, parents, faculty and staff, and friends of the University who have provided for Drew through a bequest or life income gift, or who have named Drew as beneficiary of a life insurance policy or retirement account.

Gifts reflected in this report were received between July 1, 2015, and June 30, 2016.

Dr. Harry W. Adams C’47
The Reverend William J. Albinger, Jr. T’02
Dr. Elizabeth A. Alger C’60
Mrs. Marilynn Foss Anderson C’77, P’86
Anonymous (4)
Mr. Joseph B. Baker C’69
Ms. Margaret C. Barno C’66
The Reverend Patricia W. Barrett C’69, T’73
Ms. Trudy Braunlich Bauer C’62
Ms. Dorothea Beane C’74
Mr. Philippe M. Beekman C’00
The Reverend Dr. Suzanne DeVore Bennett C’71
Mr. Christopher M. Biehn and Mrs. Julie Biehn
Mr. Peter B. Blaicher C’63
Mr. Lester E. Bower, Jr. C’49
Ms. Michelle J. Boyle C’75
Mr. Joseph Brenner, Jr. C’69
Mr. Bruce W. Bristol, Sr. C’66, P’99 and Mrs. Judith Bristol P’99
Dr. Theodore R. Bromund
Ms. Jane Brown C’62
Mr. R. Camper Bull C’91
Dr. Edward J. Campbell C’58 and Mrs. Margaret Morell Campbell C’60
Dr. Judith E. Campbell P’94, G’10, G’16
The Reverend Virginia G. Carle T’82, G’98
Mr. C. W. Carson, Jr.
Mr. C. Wesley Carson C’61 and Mrs. Carol S. Carson
Mr. Philip E. Chisholm C’71
The Reverend Dr. Forrest S. Clark T’91
Mr. William E. Clark C’91 and Ms. Julie Aigner-Clark
Mrs. Crystal L. Cochren T’10
Mr. Kenneth D. Cole G’81
Mr. J. Paul Comiskey C’63
Dr. Linda Eaton Connors C’64
Dr. Robert S. Corrington G’80, G’82
Miss Ellen J. Cotter C’62
Mr. Alexander D. Crary C’70
Dr. Grace D. Cumming G’85, G’87
The Reverend Dr. Lawrence R. Curtis T’77, DMin. and Mrs. Helen Dickey Curtis
Mrs. Dorothy Tillan Daley C’52
Ms. Ellen M. deLalla C’59
Mrs. Carolyn Deodene
Ms. Ann L. P. Devine T’04
The Reverend Dr. Robert J. Duncan, Jr. T’83, T’99
The Reverend Dr. Robert J. Duncan, Sr. T’59, T’71, T’01
Mrs. Ann Ring Edinger C’55
Mr. John H. Evans
The Reverend Paul Evans C’59
Ms. L. Lynn Swader Fedor C’56
Dr. Robert L. Fenstermacher C’63 and Ms. Anne Clark Jacobson C’75
Ms. Barbara J. Fern C’61
Dr. James R. Ford C’58
Mr. D. Max Francis
Mrs. Beverly Thomas Froman C’58 and The Reverend Paul E. Froman T’59
The Reverend Dr. Loise L. George T’82, T’89
Dr. Judith S. Gibson G’03, G’09
Ms. Deborah D. Giera C’72
Dr. Steven M. Gilbert
Mr. Miguel Gonzalez C’01 and Mrs. Elisa Garcia Gonzalez C’03
Mr. Harold C. Gordon C’70
Dr. David M. Graybeal P’72
Mr. Richard P. Hall C’68 and Mrs. Kathleen Sexton Hall C’70
Dr. Paul Hardin and Mrs. Barbara Hardin
Mrs. Ruth Moorman Hardin C’54
The Reverend Duane K. Harms T’56
Mr. William S. Hayes C’60
Ms. Cordelza D. Haynes C’78, T’11, T’13
Dr. LeRoy W. Haynes C’56 and Mrs. Ruth Schubert Haynes C’56
Mr. George E. Hayward C’60
Mr. Joel Hemmendinger C’46
The Reverend Kathleen Murray Henry C’65
Dr. Sara Lynn Henry
Dr. Mary Zoghby Hepburn C’54
Mr. Andrew M. Hershey C’91
Ms. Carol Hess
Mr. Grant D. Hobson C’62 and Mrs. Jeannette Hobson
The Reverend Marybelle Brewster Hollister C’56
Mr. Jonathan T. Holt C’71
Mr. William G. Hosking
Dr. Janet Smith Howell C’62
Ms. Margaret Howell
Mr. William R. Howells C’53
Ms. Carolyn Alspach Hunt C’69, G’83 and Mr. James E. Hunt C’69
Mrs. Jane A. Ingerson
Mr. Michael J. Jarman C’80
Mr. James M. Jeffers T’64
Ms. Patricia Jessop C’70
Ms. Nancy E. Johnson C’72
Mrs. Barbara Herber Jordan C’58
Dr. F. Belton Joyner, Jr. T’61, T’81
Mr. John Kane C’69 and Mrs. Jill B. Kane
Mrs. Shelley C. Kappauf P’06, Mr. Charles Kappauf, and Family
Ms. JoAnn Keatz C’79
Dr. Elizabeth Nielson Kelly T’59 and Mr. Philip H. Kelly
The Reverend Dr. Fred S. Kelsey T’63, T’86
Mr. Jeffrey H. King C’72
Mrs. Carolyn Reiner Kinsley C’64
Dr. Ellen T. Klass
The Reverend Daniel A. Klement T’65
Mr. William T. Knox, IV P’96 and Mrs. Carolyn Benjamin Knox C’67, P’96
Dr. Barbara Cox Koehler C’65
Dr. Werner G. Kofler T’03, G’05
Mr. Mark P. Lang C’74 and Mrs. Ellen Wise Lang C’75
Dr. Robert Ledeen
Mr. Steve A. Lemanski C’89
Mr. Grant F. Lenahan C’83
Dr. Sheldon Lerner C’61
Mrs. Mary P. Lester G’78
Mr. Robert L. Libkind C’69
Mr. Andrew L. Liput C’84
Mr. Harry Litwack C’71
Ms. Susan H. Livingston C’61
Dr. Edward L. Long, Jr.
The Reverend Dorothea Maloney T’79
Dr. Daniel J. Marcus C’60, P’88 and Mrs. Sandra Marcus P’88
Dr. Leonard Marks, Jr. C’42
Dr. Roger H. Martin C’65
Mr. Karl N. Marx C’49, P’77, A’08
Ms. Marie Bruno Matson C’00
Dr. Miriam C. Mayer G’80, G’83
Dr. William A. McCartney T’56 and Mrs. Judith McCartney C’57
Dr. Charles R. McCollough G’65
Mrs. Tamzin M. McMinn G’78
Dr. Lauren B. Meiswinkel T’63, T’75
Mr. Joseph E. Mele C’47
The Reverend Dr. Stanley J. Menking T’57, G’66 and Mrs. Betty K. Menking
Mrs. Betsey Miller G’64
The Reverend Dr. David J. Montanye T’79, T’07
Ms. Catherine R. Morrow C’72
Dr. Erika H. Murphy T’07, T’10, T’13
Mr. Liam L. Murphy C’76
The Reverend David M. Myers T’60
Mr. Jeffrey B. Noss C’75 and Mrs. Anne Lewis Noss C’75
Dr. James H. Nuner C’58
Dr. Samuel P. Olsher C’57
Mr. Henry G. Parker, III and Mrs. Audrey Parker
Mrs. Joyce Brunelle Pazianos C’65
Mr. Douglas D. Pedersen C’68
Mr. Michael J. Perillo, Jr. C’77
Dr. Jude M. Pfister G’07 and Mrs. Miriam R. Pfister
Dr. Robert L. Phyliky C’58
Dr. Marion K. Pinsdorf C’54
Mr. Vincent N. Porcelli
Mr. Charles R. Putney C’69 and Mrs. Linda Calleo Putney C’69
The Reverend Dr. W. Kenneth Pyles T’68, T’80
Jeffrey L. and Suzanne M. Rarich
Dr. Stanley L. Raub C’47
Dr. Jonathan W. Reader
Mr. Ronald H. Reede C’81
Ms. Katharine Templin Reichert C’63 and Mr. J. Derek Teare
Mr. David P. Rein C’56
The Reverend James L. Rhinesmith T’46
The Reverend Raymond K. Rhoads T’59
Dr. Charles L. Rice
Dr. Francis W. Rode, III C’64, G’12
Dr. Harold C. Rohrs
Mr. Herman Rosenberg C’37
Mr. Timothy G. Rothwell C’72
Dr. Rhonda M. Rush C’71
Mr. and Mrs. B. P. Russell
Dr. Lawrence J. Sacks C’52 and Mrs. Ruth Lubert Sacks C’55
Ms. Marguerite Di Giacomo Sarno C’48
The Reverend David H. Schlansker C’65
Dr. Nathaniel S. Schneider C’49 and Mrs. Henny Servos Schneider C’49
Mr. William R. Schumann C’64 and Mrs. Gerie Snell Schumann C’63
Dr. Philip C. Scibilia G’95, G’04 and Mrs. Donna Scibilia
Dr. Brian Selleck T’71, G’83
The Reverend Thomas L. Shanklin T’72, T’74
Mr. Al Shapero C’51, P’84
Mr. Robert E. Smart C’65
Mrs. Jean Bird Smith C’65
Dr. Richard R. Smyth C’55
Mr. William E. Stanford C’62 and Mrs. Mimi Stanford
Mrs. Margaret B. Stewart
Mr. Paul M. Stillman C’87
Dr. Charles J. Stoneburner T’50
Ms. Mary A. Stringfield C’70
The Reverend Nancy Marshall Stroh C’60
Dr. Morton Rosenberg and Dr. Shirley Sugerman G’70
Mr. William Taggart C’64
Dr. Jay Tittman C’44
The Reverend Dr. Wallace L. Truman T’56
Dr. Gloria L. Van Bree C’69
Mr. William H. Vande Water C’66 and Mrs. Barbara Parker Vande Water C’66
The Reverend Ronald Vander Schaaf C’56, T’59
Dr. John M. Warner
The Reverend David S. Warren and Mrs. Hope Warren
Ms. Barbara Watts
Mrs. Lillian Wegard
Mr. Robert L. Wegner C’59
Ms. Judith A. Welshons C’68
Mrs. Helen Garrett Williams C’58
Mr. Robert S. Wood C’68
Dr. Bruce C. Woolley C’67
Dr. Anne B. Yardley and Dr. James T. Yardley
Ms. Emma Lee Himeno Yu C’63
Ms. Maryann Zolota C’63

An italicized name indicates that the donor is deceased.

Drew University endeavors to record the names of donors and volunteers accurately and completely. However, if we have inadvertently omitted or misstated your name, please accept our sincere apologies and let us know by contacting Jane Driscoll Himmelrich at 973-408-3733 or