Fuel Faculty

Drew faculty are marked by an intense thirst for learning and the need to impart that to others. But don’t mistake them for self-denying ascetics.

As inspiring teachers and intellectual champions, our professors seek support for their continued leadership and service — whether in the classroom, the laboratory, or their disciplines. Support for faculty research and development allows them to hone their skills as both mentors and scholars.

Equally important is creating a climate in which professors can be readily attuned to the needs of their students. A 2014 Gallup–Purdue study found that college graduates were three times as likely to be successful in life if they had forged a connection with a professor who had encouraged them.

Endowing professorships and funding professional development—allowing for innovative course development, conference attendance and professional exploration—are crucial targets at Drew needing support.

Naming Opportunities

Assume a leadership role at Drew by founding a named professorship, chair, deanship or faculty research fund. Learn more on the One And All Endowment page.

Grants to Develop New Courses

Infusing arts and the common good into the curriculum.