Cserhat scored twice in the Landmark Championship against Elizabethtown.

Aidan Cserhat on soccer, professors, winning a championship.

November 2017 – The Drew University men’s soccer team enjoyed a stellar 2017 season, tying the school record for wins, winning the Landmark Conference Championship and reaching the Sweet 16 in the NCAA Tournament. One of the stars of the team was Aidan Cserhat, a biology/pre-med major who scored 20 goals to rank among the national leaders.

A sophomore from Taos, N.M., Cserhat didn’t play soccer last year, instead attending the University of New Mexico as just a student. After one year, though, he decided to transfer to Drew and join his brother, Niko, on the soccer team.

Aidan went on to earn Landmark Conference Offensive Player of the Year and Rookie of the Year honors, while also being named MVP of the Landmark Tournament during his first season with the Rangers. Niko, meanwhile, was the Landmark Defensive Player of the Year, as the brothers helped lead Drew to one of the best seasons in program history. In an interview with Drew.edu, Aidan reflected on his whirlwind first year in The Forest.

Why did you choose Drew?
I was given the opportunity to play soccer here and I heard they had a good biology department, good academics all around, and a good soccer team. So it was the combination of those.

What do you like about it?
The campus is really beautiful. Madison is a pretty quaint, quiet town, which I enjoy since I come from a quiet town. Overall, the combination of athletics, academics, location, it’s close to the City, it’s pretty.

What about your professors?
They’re really personable. It seems like they set out to ensure the success of the students. They’re dedicated to seeing their student body succeed. And I think that’s a big message about Drew.

Celebrating with brother Niko (l.) and Coach Lenny Armuth
Celebrating with brother Niko (l.) and Coach Lenny Armuth

What do you love about soccer?
The family that it builds. This team has become my family away from home and soccer is to thank for that.

Speaking of family, what’s it like playing alongside Niko?
It’s much more natural. I’ve been teammates with him a lot in my life. We’ve always played together. It’s great to be back on a team with him.

How else does he help?
The transfer was easier. I’d met a lot of the guys already through him, so it was almost like through Niko, I knew the team before I was here, which made acclimating a little easier.

What was your favorite moment from the season?
Winning the Landmark Championship. It was such a big thing for our team. It was one of our team goals at the beginning of the year, and historically it was a great achievement.