August 2017 – Members of Drew University’s Class of 2021 arrive, unpack, socialize and settle into The Forest.

Monday: Into the Classroom

Years, months and days of anticipation finally end, as first-years begin their college careers. Yes, there’s still plenty of fun to be had. But now it’s time to experience education in The Forest.

Sunday: Tips, Crops and a Movie

In Adulting 101 sessions, students learn about everything from laundry and meal plans to classroom manners and Drew traditions. During the afternoon, some travel to a farm to pick produce for underserved communities, while others stay on campus for self-defense training. The day ends with an outdoor movie.

Saturday: Exploring Madison

By day, Drew community members like President MaryAnn Baenninger lead group tours of the Rose City, stopping at Borough Hall and downtown restaurants. At night, students eat nachos, play games and attend a Lack of Talent Show put on by the Orientation Committee.

Friday: Food, Fun and Trivia

The first-year crowd expands as transfer students arrive. Together, they down hot sauce with The Food Dude and get hypnotized by Eric Mina. Still others gather to play trivia games at The Pub.

Thursday: We’re here!

In tightly packed cars, first-year students in the College of Liberal Arts are greeted by returning students, faculty, staffers and administrators ready to haul their gear to dorms. At the same time, newbies at Drew Theological School gather in Seminary Hall for a series of orientation events led by top administrators. Later, first-years hug their parents goodbye and get acquainted during meals and events like Playfair and the annual candlelight pinning ceremony at Tolley/Brown Circle.