Pursuing degrees in law, medicine, social work and math and working at Lockheed Martin.

Bloodgood.sqAshley Bloodgood

Faculty mentor: Associate Professor of Physics Robert Murawski

Favorite experience: Joining the Physics Department. The community is small and so tight-knit. Every professor in the department knows my name and has shown interest in my academic success. From the moment I stepped foot in my first physics class, I felt like I belonged.

Outside activities: I have been a member of the Society of Physics since freshman year. I also had the opportunity to pursue a civil engineering internship last summer with Dewberry. In addition, I was a peer tutor at the Center for Academic Excellence and worked for the Physics Department at the observatory.

Biggest lesson learned: It’s okay to change your mind. I came to Drew thinking I would be a pre-med biology major, but I fell in love with physics my first semester. I’ve changed my mind about career paths about five times this year while the physics faculty have given me great advice about the pros and cons of each path. It helped me decide what would be best.

Next step: I have accepted a job as a systems engineer at Lockheed Martin.

Middlebrook.sqMarianne Middlebrook

Faculty mentors: Assistant Professor of English Shakti Jaising and Psychology Professor Jill Cermele

Favorite experience: Serving as a peer mentor. I did this for two years, and I loved building close relationships with the first-year students and having such an impact on their transition into the Drew community.

Outside activities: I have been in the Civic Scholar program and the Psychology Club. I also hosted a radio show on WMNJ and spent time as a Spanish and psychology tutor for the Center for Academic Excellence.

Biggest lesson learned: Do things that make you uncomfortable—it’s what makes you grow as a person.

Next step: I will be entering the master of social work program at Columbia University.

Oladetimi.sqDiana Oladetimi

Faculty mentor: Philosophy Department Chair Erik Anderson

Favorite experience: The community that surrounded me—from friends to professors.

Outside activities: I am a member of Drew African Students Association, Kuumba and the Drew University Pre-Law Society. I participated in the 2017 Jan Term shortTREC to South Africa and I work at the health service center at Drew and for a sole practice lawyer in Morristown.

Biggest lesson learned: I cannot walk away from something I want without trying to earn it. Even the smallest bit of effort counts.

Next step: I am continuing my education at Washington and Lee School of Law.

Sayeed2.sqRayyan Sayeed

Faculty mentor: Mathematics Professor Steve Surace

Favorite experience: The RISE program. In my first foray into independent research, I was able to work collaboratively with Bell Labs, a prestigious research and development institution in nearby Murray Hill. My project led to a journal publication, conference paper and presentation at the IEEE Sarnoff Newark conference and a patent. I was able to hear Dr. William Campbell, a Nobel Prize in Medicine winner and RISE fellow, speak to our class on his research with parasites as well as his artistic qualities.

Outside activities: I have been a member of the Drew golf club, ultimate frisbee club, debate team and president and member of the Pi Mu Epsilon Math Honor Society.

Biggest lesson learned: Learn to trust the journey, even when you do not understand it. Many times at Drew, I felt challenged by the uncertainty in my future and in the direction of my career. Looking back, I can say confidently that uncertainties turned to opportunities that I could not have anticipated and I am incredibly thankful for them. Drew nurtured me as a thinker and academic, but most importantly, as a person and member of the community.

Next step: I am entering the PhD program in applied mathematics at Northwestern.

Stenger.sqDrew Stenger

Faculty mentors: Associate Professor of Biology Stephen Dunaway and Chemistry Department Chair Adam Cassano

Favorite experience: Playing lacrosse and being a student athlete. I made lifelong friends and got to challenge myself to be the best version of me every day.

Outside activities: I am a two-year captain for Drew lacrosse, a Baldwin Honors scholar and a Civic Scholar. I have participated in the Drew Summer Science Institute and undergraduate research. I interned at the Special Needs Athletic Program and welcomed a Team Impact member to the lacrosse team. I’ve also been inducted into the Phi Beta Kappa National Honors Society and the Gamma Sigma Epsilon Chemistry Honors Society.

Biggest lesson learned: Breathe. If you work hard, anything is possible.

Next step: I am headed to the pharmacy school at the University of North Carolina.

Trivedi.sqJal Trivedi

Faculty mentor: Chemistry Professor Mary-Ann Pearsall

Favorite experience: Traveling to Paris through Drew’s study abroad program. Being a biochemistry major, I never thought I would have the opportunity to study abroad during my time in college. In France, I was able to speak French with natives, see famous artwork and monuments and even learn a little about healthcare. This month-long program changed my outlook on life and has brought my appreciation of French culture to a new level.

Outside activities: I conducted research in atmospheric chemistry and presented at a national chemistry conference in Denver. In addition, I worked several campus jobs as a tutor, writing fellow, tour guide and chemistry teacher’s assistant. I also served on the board of the biological and chemical honors societies, helped found the debate club and traveled to the Dominican Republic—through the Drew Honduras Project—to volunteer at an orphanage. Finally, I coordinated a week-long international film festival at Drew that brought food and movies from countries all over the world to our campus.

Biggest lesson learned: Keep an open-mind when trying new things. My experiences at Drew have pushed the boundaries of my comfort zone and have encouraged me to try new things down different avenues of life.

Next step: I will pursue an MD at the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School at Rutgers.

Yasin.sqSaif Yasin

Faculty mentors: Chemistry Department Chair Adam Cassano and English Professor Amy Koritz

Favorite experience: Participating as a mentor for Drew’s Summer College program. The program invites students from Harlem and Newark to stay at Drew to learn about the college experience. The experience was intensive, but reminded me what Drew does best. It showed me the strong community we were able to offer visiting high school students and the family atmosphere that Drew fosters between its own students.

Outside activities: I was president of the chemistry and biology honors societies and served as the corresponding editor for the Drew Review, our campus peer reviewed journal, for the past two years. I have also been involved in planning events to encourage an interest in science and have conducted several community service projects as a Civic Scholar with that goal in mind.

Biggest lesson learned: How to ask for help. Drew is one of those places with mentors in every direction. Students, faculty and staff are all involved in helping you improve.

Next step: I will work toward an MD/PhD at the University of Maryland.