Leader of the Church Center for the U.N. addresses students and faculty.

The Rev. Dionne Boissière speaks on a day commemorating Martin Luther King’s 1964 speech at Drew.

March 2017 – Ask the Rev. Dionne Boissière of the Church Center for the United Nations how to continue making the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. a reality, and she’ll reply emphatically, “Wake up!”

“It is not just about continuing the dream. If we are truly to continue doing the work, we must reimagine what is possible and catch the vision,” said Boissière, speaking at Drew Theological School. “To catch the vision, we have to wake up. The dream alone isn’t enough.”

Boissière, the chaplain at the Church Center, was the guest of Drew’s Black Ministerial Caucus on a day that commemorated the 52nd anniversary of King’s “American Dream” speech at Drew. She’s the first woman of African descent to lead the Church Center, a New York ecumenical and interfaith landmark that addresses moral and ethical concerns in international affairs, peacemaking and global advocacy.

Speaking to faculty, students and administrators, Boissière noted that “we live in a world where celebrity is being normalized,” before asking, “Who’s reality are we making?”

‘It is time to wake up and come forth.’

The reverend added that “it’s not just about the dream. It’s about having the courage to wake up … and discern what is real and not and realize that just because you have a good idea, doesn’t mean to dismiss others.”

At the Church Center, which is run by the United Methodist Women, Boissière oversees more than 50 denominational offices and non-governmental organizations that are commissioned to liaison with U.N. officials and governmental delegates.

“Tapping into the power that works within us, we can complete the vision,” Boissière said. “We must reimagine what is possible, activate our faith and unlimited potential, see ourselves as God sees us. Dreams have a place, but it is time to wake up and come forth.”