And find out why they’re coming to The Forest.

eric-gomez-21_SQEric Gomez
Brentwood School
Los Angeles, Calif.

About Eric:

Eric’s biggest passion is tennis. He started playing at 5, competes on his high school varsity team and will continue on the courts of Drew. The sport helps him de-stress from schoolwork, including the advanced placement macro- and microeconomics classes he took at Brentwood. Eric, who also loves photography and traveling abroad, plans to study political science and international business in The Forest.

Why Eric chose Drew:

“It was the perfect fit for me. Drew has the small-town feel to it, but New York City is only 45 minutes away. Also, once I arrived on campus last July, I instantly felt at home and welcomed. I was able to envision myself thriving both in the classroom and as a student athlete.”

timothy-jinks-21_SQTimothy Jinks
Christian Brothers Academy
Lincroft, N.J.

About Timothy:

Outside of the classroom, Timothy is a dynamo, be it tutoring students at a local aftercare program, participating in campus ministry at Christian Brothers or coaching children at Brick Little League. He also plays baseball himself—for both the Toms River Black Sox Nationals and the Brick Little League All Stars. Ultimately, Timothy hopes to merge his athletic passions with the study of history and pre-law to become a sports agent.

Why Timothy chose Drew:

“I fell in love with the school when I visited, and it had everything I wanted academically.”

katie-sparks-21_SQKaitlyn Sparks
Cheshire High School
Cheshire, Conn.

About Kaitlyn:

Kaitlyn has a history of lighting up the stage as an actor and singer. Upon graduating from Cheshire, she will have contributed to all 10 shows that have been produced during her time there. She’s also involved in the school’s chorus, leadership club, prom committee and blood drives. Kaitlyn, who earned the Connecticut Association of Schools Art Award, will study theatre arts at Drew with goal of expanding her ability to excel both in the spotlight and behind the scenes.

Why Kaitlyn chose Drew:

“I made myself a short-list of what I wanted out of whichever school I was going to go to. This list consisted of a small school, a good theater program, less than an hour from New York City and far enough away from home where I felt independent, but close enough where it wouldn’t be a pain to come home if I needed to. Drew had everything I was looking for and more.”