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100 Responses to “In Memory of James Brown”

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  3. Logan Thomson-de Sa says:

    While working for Drew’s conference and events department over the summers I worked frequently with Jim. He was by far one of the most patient, and pleasant individuals I have ever had the pleasure of working with and knowing. He was a kind man, with a kind soul and his presence on Drew’s campus will be missed.

  4. Wendy Kolmar says:

    Jim was already at Drew when I got here in 1984, so I have known him a very long time. He seemed to me to be one of the spirits of the place. Running into him on campus always brightened my day — always a word, a smile, a wave, a laugh. The knowledge he had of this place — not just its locks and keys but its places and people — was vast and is surely irreplaceable. I can’t say how much I’ll miss chatting with him as he expertly dismantled and fixed some broken lock or stopped by to check on something he’d already done. He was an essential part of this place and one of its best. I feel lucky to have shared my years at Drew with him.

  5. Like everyone at Drew,I was shocked and saddened by the news of Jim Brown’s sudden death.He was a good friend of mine and a model colleague. A few days prior to his death, we had made plans to have lunch to celebrate our many years together in the Forest and Jim’s impending retirement.He had a great sense of humor. On challenging days, I found his enthusiasm for the task at hand inspirational. It reminded me that we are all in this educational endeavor together. His smile was unforgettable. Jim, I will never forget your friendship and the many contributions you made to the Drew community. Drew is a much better place because you were here.

  6. Alan Rosan says:

    Jim was, of course, the consummate locksmith and keymaster. But he was more. He simply brought joy with him as he went about his day. Every day he unlocked the spirit and meaning of service. Every job he did was, at that moment, the most important job because, for Jim, it was personal because it was about people. He loved his work which impacted the lives of all of us who benefitted from his skill and service. Before every hello was that immeasurably big Jim Brown smile. Only his heart was bigger and he generously shared it with everyone on campus on a first name basis. He was a friend to all and a true Drew hero. I was privileged to have known him, to have shared stories and laughs and I grieve that he did not get to embrace the retirement he so deserved. He is missed. My deepest sympathies to his family.

  7. Patricia Palermo says:

    Jim was such a sweet, kind, and pleasant presence on the Drew campus. I will miss him, and I know,everone else who ever encountered him will, also. My deepest condolences to his family and dearest ones.

  8. Cheryl Colbeck says:

    Jim was an incredibly hard working man and an expert in his field. I’m so sorry for his passing. He was very much looking forward to retiring next June. I want to let his family know that he was very appreciated by his co-workers. He’ll never be forgotten.

  9. Judi Rosenbaum says:

    Words can’t describe my feeling of loss. I was fortunate enough to see Jim every day when I worked in Pepin. Always with a smile and never with a complaint – he would respond to whatever was requested of him. I am so blessed to have known such an incredible man. His warm and infectious smile will surely be missed on campus. Deepest sympathy to the family he loved so dearly.

  10. Peggi Howard says:

    I will forever remember Jim’s smiling face. He always had a kind word and had the biggest, warmest heart. His extraordinary soul will be celebrated here on earth and joyfully welcomed in heaven above. My deepest sympathy to all his loved ones. He will be missed!!

  11. Jonathan Reader says:

    I was shocked and saddened by the news of Jim’s death. He was a friend of mine. We had just made plans to have lunch in January to celebrate our long association and his well-deserved retirement. He was a great friend and a model colleague. The consummate professional yet gracious to a fault. He had an unforgettable sense of humor.Over the years, we had a lot of fun joking and kidding each other. Jim gave invaluable advice. He was a good judge of people without being judgmental. Jim had abundance of patience with people like me who lost their keys with infuriating regularity. On challenging days at work, Jim’s enthusiasm for the task at hand was inspirational.I would take heart that he and I had a shared mission to improve the quality of life at Drew for our colleagues and students. Like many of his friends, I can vouch for his loyalty. He was the proverbial friend in a time of need. Drew is a much better place because Jim Brown was here, and my life at Drew has been immeasurably enriched by knowing him.My thoughts and prayers are with his family during this time of grief and remembrance.

  12. Stephanie McCormick says:

    I worked with Jim for over 12 years. He was dedicated to doing his job well and to taking good care of the faculty, staff and students at Drew. I was always especially touched by how important his role to the students was to him. He knew that every member of Drew is a mentor in some way and took great pride in that role. He was always, kind, generous, funny, gentle, loving, hard working, and so much more. I miss him greatly.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Jim Brown was a man of knowledge, common sense and good humor. I am sad to hear of his passing. I will miss his kindness and insightfulness. My condolences to his family, I wish them strength and hope during this difficult time.

  14. jim hala says:

    A gentle-man in the best sense of the word. May his family find solace in the memories of his smile, his kind and generous nature, his charitable spirit, and the outpouring of love at his passing. I saw him in Shop Rite just a week before he left us. We exchanged quips, one Jim to another. We won’t be the same without him.

  15. Jaron Bermudez says:

    Mr. Brown was a very sweet man. He was very warm hearted and friendly and he remembered majority of the students’ names on campus. The one thing I will always remember about Mr. Brown is that he would always stop and say hello, he would never walk right pass you. May you R.I.P Mr. Brown you’re kindness and warmth will forever be spread throughout the forest.

    • Michele says:

      It is nice to remember people who have touched us. Kindness goes a long way. I believe that your mom was a very good friend of my mother.

  16. Elise Boykin says:

    Mr. Brown was most certainly a warm spirit and the Drew community will surely miss his presence and his smile. There was never a time where he wasn’t without that smile no matter how his day was going, he never let it show.

  17. Carol P Simmons says:

    Jim Brown was one of the nicest people that you would ever want to meet. His smile his laugh and willingness to help others made him a great man. Now he is standing in his place in Heaven.

  18. Laurel Kearns says:

    Seeing Jim, or talking with him, always reminded me that it how one carries oneself in the world that leaves the impression. To always be so friendly, smiling, generous, calm, helpful, gracious says so much about him, he was good to the bone. No matter how many harried, apologetic, late people he dealt with, he always brought the positive. Thank you Jim for sharing your gracious, generous, giving spirit with so many. You will be truly missed. May we keep his spirit alive.

  19. Jill Wiss says:

    I don’t think I ever saw Jim without a smile on his face. He was someone who we could always depend on at the Counseling Center. Whenever I called for his help, I hardly hung up the phone and he was walking through the door. I’ve retired from Drew but when I last visited campus, Jim was the person I saw driving his cart. He yelled my name and jumped off and gave me a big hug. I will cherish that memory. He was an extraordinary man. God Bless you, Jim and God Bless your family.

  20. Hans Morsink says:

    We always shouted at each other, he from his cart and I often from my bike. No abbreviations for us! He yelled “Johannes” and I yelled “James” all over this campus. Sometimes I did not know from what direction my name was yelled and then he added “Over here” as he was zipping around a corner laughing like mad. Then we stopped and caught up on what we called “news” and lately on the joys of retirement. He was eager to join me and I whetted his appetite for it. My heart goes out to his family in this far too quick an ending to the life of a great friend of so many of us.

  21. Officer Manzini DPD says:

    In the short time that I’ve spent with Mr. Brown since joining the University I have witnessed the generosity and dedication that so many of you write about. Jim was truly larger than life, smiling, laughing and committed to those who he served. He will be missed dearly.

  22. Carla Brady says:

    Oh JB, how you will be missed. Your smile, your voice “Hi Carla”, your stories. A true icon…He was the master of the keys, but what I love him for most was his ability to light up a room. I swear that man never had a bad day, and if he did…he hid it well. Sending love and peace to his family at such a difficult time. You will remain in our hearts and on our minds. Drew will not be the same without you.

  23. Rita Gregory says:

    Mr. James Wayne Brown
    Next of Kin:
    Mrs. Celia Brown
    Viewing hours
    Thu, 12/29/2016 – 9:00am
    The New Hope Baptist Church
    106 Suusex Ave
    Funeral Service
    Service date:
    Thu, 12/29/2016 – 11:00am
    Service location:

    The New Hope Baptist Church
    106 Sussex Ave

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  24. Tricia Brown says:

    Every time I start to write this I am filled with emotions. Jim was one of God’s angels on earth. There was never a time that I ever saw him without a smile. You never knew if he was having a bad day and if you were having a bad day, just being around him turned your day around.
    Whenever he went on vacation, he always remembered me in some way. A wooden fish or bracelet from Jamaica or a refrigerator magnet from Puerto Rico.
    I had only found out last summer that we lived only a few streets from each other.
    I will miss his infectious laugh and of course that winning smile. I know I will miss him terribly, but my life has been enriched simply by knowing him and being in his presence.
    I want to thank God for sharing this angel for the time that we had with him.

  25. Dan LaPenta says:

    In my 37 years at Drew, I had nothing but the most pleasurable contact with Jim. I honestly cannot remember a time when he was not smiling and eager with a big hello. I was especially impressed by his dealings with the Theatre and Dance Department when the Young Center was built, as we were no doubt driving him nuts with our particular and vast array of different keys for different rooms. He just smiled that wonderful smile and helped us get what we needed. I am both glad and saddened that I ran into him on campus about a week ago. We chatted for a bit about his coming retirement and mine in the not-too-distant future. Again, that smile, as he no doubt was looking forward to what he would enjoy about retirement. I was heartbroken to hear of his passing and that he wouldn’t be able to enjoy that future, but happy that I had one last moment to share with him. He will be missed in so many ways.

  26. Rita Gregory says:

    I’m in disbelief as I’m sure many of us are. It’s surreal and I want to wake from this bad dream! I continue to look for your golf cart, and wait for you to whip around the corner with your ever pleasant greeting and your big smile! The void on campus is deafening… I’m so blessed to have known you all of these years and will never forget what a witty, caring, compassionate, soul you were to all of us. God Bless You and may your family find healing and peace. RIP to the Godfather of keys, James Wayne Brown.

  27. Twannah Ellington says:

    I write this with a heavy heart. I, like so many others will miss Jim Brown’s infectious smile and words of wisdom. I will miss hearing him answer “locksmith” when I once again called because I left my keys at home or lost them. I will miss him riding his cart around campus and always shouting out a hello or taking the time to talk about his grandchildren or one of his famous vacations with the “boys”, or the joy getting ready to retire. I will miss everything about Jim but most of all I will miss his friendship of 25 years.

  28. Debra Liebowitz says:

    Jim’s warmth and smile will be sorely missed at Drew. He truly was a Drew icon. Our community, better for his contributions, will not be the same without him. Sending deepest condolences to his family for their tremendous loss.

  29. Perry Leavell says:

    Jim always did his job, but it was the way he did it that was memorable. He always smiled. He made everyone around him feel better.

  30. Perry Leavell says:

    Jim will be missed. He did his job well, but it was the way he did it that was memorable. His smile was infectious. He was always happy. He made everyone around him feel good.

  31. Pat England says:

    I can’t believe I’m not going to hear the sound of Jim calling out “Hey Pat!” as I walk across campus. Over the years we shared many conversations. A recent one was about the tree next to S.W. Bowne. This would be the tree that is curved over and looks as though it would come down in a mild breeze. We were both looking at the tree and I said to him “after every storm I always come over here to see if the tree is still standing.” Jim replied “there are students who come back 35 years later and come over to check out this tree.” We laughed! I’ll miss him dearly. To his family, just know how much we all cared about Jim.

  32. Roxanne Friedenfels says:

    Jim was a friendly presence on campus, great at his job, and always very helpful. He will be missed.

  33. Always loved working with Jim on the hundreds of lock needs for the Music Department. All those cranky practice rooms! He brought the best cheer to everyone in the direst of circumstances. We’ll miss you terribly, J.W. May your spirit sail smoothly.

  34. Kathie Brown says:

    i join the many colleagues who share such sadness upon learning of Jim’s passing. He was such a wonderful colleague to all of us for decades and always greeted us with such a warm and sincere smile, always wanting to help us with whatever problem we had, getting into our respective offices, replacing keys promptly, and having something nice to say always! He brightened any day when we had an interchange with him. He was a gentleman and a true professional in his work.
    My sincere condolences to his family. He will be missed so very much by all.

  35. Candace Dale says:

    There is nothing like arriving early for class and the building is not open, your identification card does not work and Drew Law Enforcement can not help you. I was sent to Mr. Jim Brown who had an entire conversation about his job duties and bid me not to worry after offering me coffee and donuts and a smooth conversation I had calmed down. He later said if you are ever locked out please don’t hesitate to call my office. He was a gem and his spirit will live on in the stories we share. He truly had the keys to the kingdom of Drew, but most all he has unlock another treasure that is far beyond this earth. Rest In Peace .

  36. Gerry smith-Wright says:

    Jim was a joy to know. Just a quick “Hi Jim” as he smiled back, speeding along in his golf cart, made my day. I can’t count the times that he gave me a ride in his cart to Brother’s College. He always seemed to know when I was going to be late for class.Jim was an excellent, and compassionate, locksmith and so much more. He, hands down, was one of the friendliest people on campus. I will miss his smile and the enthusiasm with which he greeted us all.He was Drew’s treasure. Rest in peace, Jim, and goodnight. I will see you in the morning.

  37. Jody Caldwell says:

    Once I locked the key to my gym lock IN my gym locker – with clothes, wallet and all. And it was about 5:30. James came and cheerfully cut my lock off, laughing all the while.
    Such a great spirit!

  38. Chris Taylor says:

    An amazing person and a wonderful locksmith, but it was his warm and genuine smile that was the key to our hearts. We will miss you Jim, but you’re forever in our hearts!

  39. Jim O'Kane says:

    Jim was a wonderful man who always had a smile for everyone as he drove around campus in his personalized cart. He bailed me out of a jam when I inadvertently locked my file cabinet. I am sure many in our community have similar stories to relate. He and I always referred to each other as Jimbo and/or Big Jim . I’ll miss him

  40. Howard Fraenkel says:

    In all the ways that matter, Jim was the heart and soul of the University. He embodied all of the positive aspects to which most Drewids aspire: infinite cheerfulness, relentless helpfulness, and an incredible talent for his profession. Once I had just left Pepin lugging a load of physics lab manuals to the Hall of Sciences when Jim whizzed by in his electric cart — “Howwward”, he shouted, “You can use some help. Get in!” and I was whisked off to the entrance of the building. My greatest honor, though, was being his assistant during a difficult repair to a door to one of the physics teaching labs; not only was he technically excellent, but he was a joy to be around as he solved problem after problem until the job was completed. Only a few truly wonderful human beings have walked this earth; Jim was one of them.

  41. Diane Zsombik says:

    “Hello” That was his voice mail greeting on his phone at Drew. When I first heard it I thought it was him but then I realized that it was his sense of humor and his message. It made me laugh everytime. That was so Jimmy. He never said no I can’t do that or I am too busy but was always “ok Di, I will be right there” and he was. He was one of the “old timers” for which there are very few left and will be greatly missed. His smile would light up the room and his laugh would make me laugh every time. Rest in peace my friend. We love you and will miss you.

  42. Kathleen Keane says:

    Always smiling, kind, and gentle when visiting Acorn Academy. Offered his help without asking and there right when you needed him. We are all so lucky for knowing Jim. Rest kind soul, thinking of your family during this time.

  43. Gamin Bartle says:

    I’d like to echo what others have written in their comments about Jim Brown being an icon on campus, always with a big warm smile and a helping hand. When Jim and I were US/A Members at Large a few years ago, he had the idea to go from building to building to talk with virtually every staff member on campus! We drove from building to building in his famous golf cart to talk with staff about US/A and listen to their concerns. Each person we spoke with knew Jim and it was clear that he always took the time to stop and talk with everybody, and learn not just their names but about their lives. I live at Copper Beech and often walk my dog around campus early in the morning. Invariably I would run into Jim, who was there before 6:00 AM unlocking our buildings! And speaking of unlocking, it’s amazing to think of the fact that Jim created every Drew key each of us has, customized for our individual needs. We can honor Jim’s memory by stopping to talk with our colleagues and students, nurturing the human connections that have always been at the heart of Drew.

  44. Ann Saltzman says:

    I am so sad to learn of Jim’s passing. Like everyone else experienced, Jim was a great beam of sunshine, friendliness and wisdom whenever he saw you across campus. And usually, in my experience, it was he who would spot me first–“hey, Ann,” how’s it going?” The last time I saw him, I inquired when he thought he might retire. “I’m thinking about it, soon, soon, soon.” I am sorry that Jim never had the opportunity to enjoy any years of retirement. I can only echo what others have said–Jim Brown will be missed.

  45. Shawn Spaventa says:

    Our community is powered by people like Jimmy Brown. His warmth, that smile, the care in which he took with every person that crossed his path, all made him one of the most exceptional people in the Forest. We will miss you JB!

  46. Steph Mazzarella says:

    Jim Brown was such a hardworking and kind person. His friendliness and cheerfulness impacted countless members of the Drew community for decades. It is hard to imagine the hole his loss leaves our community and his family. Reat easy, Jim.

  47. mike frasca says:

    Jim was a great man always had a smile. He wiLL greatly
    be missed.

  48. Sunita Bhargava says:

    It was with genuine sadness that I learned of Jim’s passing yesterday. I can’t remember a single occasion that I ran into him and wasn’t greeted by a warm smile and a friendly, “Hello Sunita!” Jim never lacked time for his colleagues and when he was with you, he gave you his singular attention.

    Jim was truly a gem of a person. My deep condolences to his family and the Drew community.

  49. Jessica Lakin says:

    Jim was a Drew icon. He knew everything and had a smile for everyone. We all wondered what we were going to do without him when he retired; it’s so very unfortunate that we are now left with this hole in our hearts earlier than expected. He will be missed by so many people.

  50. Tom and Pat Harris says:

    Jim was one of the extraordinary people that make Drew such a special place. He will be sorely missed. The Forest is diminished by his death. God bless him and his family.

  51. Fabio LaManna says:

    Jim was a master locksmith who performed his job like no other, but that is not what I will remember most. What I will remember most, is no matter how stressful of a day I could be having, when he walked in the room and greeted me with his smile, everything, at least for that moment went away. Jim was the most kind-hearted person I’ve had to opportunity to know and was a complete joy to talk to. I will miss walking across from my office to his to have conversation with someone who can only be described as a truly wonderful man, and heavens new angel. R.I.P Jim, you will forever be missed.

  52. Audra Tonero says:

    I can still hear Jim’s voice greeting me every time I saw him, “Hey Audra!” Jim Brown, you were one of a kind. I will miss you. My condolences to your family, I cannot even imagine the sense of loss they are experiencing.

  53. Deshawn Cook says:

    Mr. Brown was an icon to the Drew community. It was such a pleasure to work with a person who truly cared for others and the students. Mr. Brown was always someone I could call when I had an issue, and on more than one occasion, he used his extensive knowledge to help me solve some campus mysteries. I will miss Mr. Brown’s voice, smile, laugh, and genuine spirit. Thank you Mr. Brown for making my Drew experience a memorable one. You will truly be missed by all.

  54. Brian Runyon says:

    Jim was always the first person i would see when i got on campus as we shared the same office space. I will miss him dearly and the 5 minute chats we had every morning.he was a great co worker and a great friend R.i.p

  55. April says:

    I was always struck by Jim’s depth of feeling and thoughtfulness. He was always willing to lend a hand and was a true and loyal member of the Drew community. I shall miss him.

  56. Maria Trindade says:

    Drew University was a warmer, kinder, friendlier, and more comfortable work environment because of people like Jim. Always a smile, a kind hello, or a wave. Not to mention,the good sweet potato pie he brought us. Jim can never be replaced and I will miss him. One of our family members is gone. Rest in peace Jim.

  57. Chris Apelian says:

    My wife introduced me to Jim when I first joined the Drew community so many years ago. He was always so busy, shuttling from one end of campus to the other, and yet from that day on, Jim never crossed my path without shouting out a cheerful “Hey Chris!” No matter what my mood, or whether I was lost in thought or conversation, it always lifted me up and put a smile on my face as I wailed back “Hey Jim!” I’ve not met a nicer human being. We will sorely miss him, and our prayers are with his family at this time of immeasurable loss.

  58. Jen Hopler says:

    Working nights, I never really get the chance to see most of the people who work here. But every morning between 5:30 and 6 AM, Jim would walk into Pepin and say “Good Morning” to every single person who was in the room. He was such a kind soul. I only knew him for a short time but I will never forget the man with the unique raspy voice and the kindhearted smile. Rest in peace.

  59. Jim,

    We all lost a person that touched the lives of many. no matter how much was asked of him he always had a positive attitude and friendly smile. I will always cherish the conversations we had when he came to our offices and when i went to visit him in his office. I lost a good friend. Rest in Peace Jim

  60. Jim was a man that always was willing to give a helping hand to all members of the Drew community and did it with a smile. When I would walk recruits around campus and see Jim in his golf court he would always call out my name and give a wave. I enjoyed visiting his office and holding those friendly conversations. One of our last conversation regarded retirement. Although he planned on retiring he also planned to come back and help a couple of days a week.

  61. Ellis Hilton says:

    Jim was a delightfully serious man who didn’t take himself too seriously.
    Serious: He had such amazing command over the skills required to execute the many, many technical facets of his job, including the well-recognized grace to make those who needed his help (often desperately) feel at ease.
    He didn’t take himself too seriously: I hope everyone got a chance to hear the little bicycle horn he had mounted on his golf (that is, work) cart. I’ve heard such marvelous stories of his flamboyance on the dance floor. I recall that Provost Pamela Gunter-Smith was one of his prominent dance partners!
    The very fact that so many of us considered him a friend is a tribute he would be proud of.

  62. Kay Smith says:

    Rest in Peace Jim… all of these notes… so heartfelt… are testimony to the warmth and devotion that Jim has shown to all of us at Drew over the years. God rest his soul, and give his family strength to carry on.

  63. Traci West says:

    Jim Brown was one of the hardest working and most generous members of the Drew community. He was unfailingly kind and big-hearted, dedicated and professional. He helped me countless times with broken locks, lost keys, new keys and in every situation he offered a warm, friendly, and composed response that made everything alright. He was so much more than a locksmith. He created what we in the Theological School might call: locksmith ministry.

    My last conversation with him just the other day was about how much he looked forward to retiring soon. I always felt that his amazing dedication and service to Drew was taken for granted and I told him how glad I was that he would get a break from his pressured, hectic work here. Jim Brown, rest well dear friend, rest well.

  64. Matthew Dizinno says:

    During my time with Facilities Jim Brown was a person that I always enjoyed working with. When I sat down at my desk he would be one of the first people to come in and say good morning. When I asked him for a key for my office he actually took the time to show me how to make the key. I miss you already Jim. I will always treasure our time together. My thoughts and prayers are with the entire Brown family. In a tough time I hope that you can find some comfort in knowing that Jim made an impact in many lives here at Drew including mine. RIP Jim.

  65. MIke Richichi says:

    Jim was a talented locksmith. He knew every single key on campus and what it could do in his head. When he put a new lockset on a door it was a work of art. His institutional knowledge was immense.

    But that’s not what most of us will remember about him. He was a man of enormous joy. He was always happy to see you, even when he needed your help or he was working on something hard. He made everyone feel like they were his best friend, probably because he actually felt that way about everyone. He clearly loved and was proud of his family, and they are the ones I’m thinking of the most now. I’m sad he and they don’t get to enjoy his retirement. It’s so sad to know he his no longer with us.

  66. Nancy A. Wentz says:

    Jim was a very gracious and helpful person who never complained about a thing! He always had a “hello” and a smile, and enjoyed helping people. I will really miss him.

  67. Jenna Hampton says:

    Mr. Brown’s warm smile, husky voice and overall happy-go-lucky, friendly and assistive nature will be missed the most. His was one of the first names/faces I quickly became acquainted with when I came to Drew in Feb of 2016. Thank you Mr. Brown for your many years of service and commitment to Drew. Things won’t be the same without you.

  68. Karen Lattin says:

    Jim was Drew. His smile, willingness to help with any issue, and, my favorite, how proud he was of his family! I can’t imagine Drew without him.

  69. Deb Anderson says:

    Since the day I met him more than 10 years ago, he always had a smile on his face and a hardy hello to give, and he was always ready to help. Such a genuine and gentle soul. Our days will be dimmer without him and I will miss him greatly…

  70. Jim had a tremendous work ethic and was always there to help me and our department. I will miss all of our conversations and his friendly smile. I know that he was looking forward to retirement and was willing to put in a day or two a week to help. It is very sad that he never got the opportunity to retire. I lost a good friend. Rest in Peace James

  71. Cathy Messmer says:

    I called him JB too! JB was a wonderful man who spread lots and lots of happiness. My heart goes out to his family. I know he had a big and loving one.

  72. Barbara Coe says:

    Our Keymaster was one of the first to greet new staff with his issuing of keys. And he always provided ongoing help in
    replacing keys that were lost! We certainly will miss him.

  73. Bill Hinman says:

    Jim was just a decent man who showed care and concern for you as a person. I’ll missing calling on him when I lost or forgot my work keys.

  74. Heather Elkins' says:

    Jim was the keeper of the keys to the life at Drew. Who did his key kingdom include? Absent minded professors who misplaced keys like clockwork, research assistants who treasured access to the wisdom of sages, staff who inherited mystery file cabinets, new Deans who needed the one key to order them all.

    When he said his work here at Drew was done, I asked if he would help me do a chapel service in the spring on the keys to the kingdom. He laughed and agreed as long as he didn’t have to preach. I promised, knowing that he already had.

    I’d hoped to receive absolution in that service, having discovered missing keys to some of the 12 offices I’ve been in at Drew. I can’t count the times I’d been forgiven by Jim for misplaced keys.Looks like I’ll have to work that out with St. Peter. I hope Jim puts in a good word for me.

    • Heather Elkins' says:

      Just checked the readings:
      ‘O Antiphon’ for December 20:
      O Key of David, come.
      Unlock what none shall bind: open the gates of heaven. Break down the prison walls of death. Come into our darkness and lead your captive people into freedom.

      May this be so.

  75. Michael Peglau says:

    Jim’s sunny nature and good humor always brightened my day whenever I had the good luck to run into him or whenever we needed his help in the Art Dept.
    My morning walk always began with hope that he and I would cross paths.
    As one of my former colleagues remarked when i told him this terrible news, ‘he was one of the three or four nicest peopel at Drew.’

    Michael Peglau

  76. Nick Russo says:

    JB was such a lovable and thoughtful guy. He was always there when I needed him as a student and as a staff member. Every time I saw him, either on his cart or walking around, he’d always say “Hey!” and I knew it was a genuine greeting because that was the kind of person he was. His absence will be felt and I will miss him greatly. Rest easy.

  77. Michael Peglau says:

    Jim’s good humor and sunny nature always brightened my day anytime I had the good luck to run into him or whenever we needed his help in the Art Dept.
    My morning walk always began with the hope that he and I would cross paths–as one of my former colleagues remarked to me when I told him this terrible news, ‘he was one of the nicest three or four people at Drew.’

    Michael Peglau

  78. Nilya Schaber says:

    Jim was a light in the dark. There was never a time that he didn’t greet me with a huge smile and an enthusiastic greeting. Jim knew everyone on campus. Jim’s knowledge was also astounding. Jim’s loss will leave a huge hole in our hearts.

  79. David Vega says:

    “J.B.!!” Is what I would shout out everytime I would see him. He never failed on helping me when needed. I still can’t believe he’s gone; he will b missed dearly. My condolences to his family. Peace J.B!!!!!

  80. Betsy Black says:

    It seemed like every time I locked myself out of somewhere, he was there in less than a minute, as if he was just waiting in the wings to help. Always with a smile and assuring me I wasn’t an idiot for forgetting/losing my keys. He was a huge supporter to the UT helpdesk and service center as well, and I will miss him so, so much.

    I will forever remember you James Brown

  81. Mikaela Simon says:

    From someone who got locked out of her room several times, Mr. Brown will be greatly missed. After a few issues with keys, Mr. Brown came out, let me into my room, and gave me his extension for “if I ever needed him.” I still have it pinned up on my desk. This is such a shock, and I send lots of love and hugs to everyone who knew him.

  82. Laureen Chapin says:

    Always a happy day when I got to see Jim. Never put out by all of the crazy biology key or locked door requests. The last conversation that I had with him I said I didn’t know how Drew would survive with him retiring and he said that he would be around to help Drew like he’s always been. What a stand up guy. I am in shock and will always miss his friendly smile. RIP Jim Brown. My deepest sympathy to his family who must be devastated even more than we are

    • Nancy Noguera says:

      Jim was an extraordinary person. He always had great stories to share, was ready to help and had that wonderful smile! I will miss him on our campus. My sincere condolences to his family.

  83. San Solu says:

    Everyone who knew Jim saw him as kind, funny, and incredibly hard working. I only knew him a little, but the power of his warmth and candor leaves a truly lasting impression.
    I’ll miss you a lot, Jim.

  84. Deidra Harrison says:

    Mr. Brown was a great man. He had a smile on his face at all times and he would always lend a helping hand. I had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know Mr. Brown in 2008 when I first came to Drew. I will never forget him. Upon letting my son, DeVonte Lespinasse, know of Mr. Brown’s passing he said “no way mom we where just talking about him”, he was so nice to me when I worked with him last year. Mr. Brown will truly be missed.
    Rest in Peace Mr. Brown, we love you!

  85. I will greatly miss that bright smile and big personality around our campus!

  86. Justin A. Jackson says:

    Jim was a fixture at Drew during both my time as a student, and as staff. I always knew to expect a smile, to the point where all I needed to see was his cart and I smiled back. He will truly be missed.

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