Nov. 21, 2016

Dear faculty, students and staff,

The redesign of continues on schedule. Our goal for this phase of the project, which will launch in December 2016, is to create navigation, content and functionality that better support each phase of the admissions cycle.

Since our last update in October, we:

  • Created a database schema and CMS framework (Oct.)
  • Finalized the homepage design and reviewed and finalized the subpage template design (Oct.)
  • Drafted new content and updated current content (Oct.-Nov.)
  • Began review and of new and updated content (Oct.-Nov.)

Next we will:

  • Finalize new content (Oct.-Nov.)
  • Copyedit content (Nov.)
  • Migrate content (Nov.)
  • Review and approve SEO recommendations (Nov.)
  • Review and approve analytics recommendations (Dec.)
  • Test, test, test (Dec.)
  • Launch (Dec.)

Just as a reminder, between July and October, we:

  • Issued an RFP, analyzed proposals and selected Fastspot as our vendor. Its other clients include Yale, Bucknell and Amherst. (June-July)
  • Began content development process with admissions and other teams across campus. (Aug.)
  • Held on-site meetings and workshops with the Fastspot team and representatives from key campus constituencies. (Aug.)
  • Conducted a survey on use of the site in the admissions process with mostly first- and second-year students from all three schools. (Aug.)
  • Briefed the Cabinet on the project. (Aug.)
  • Reviewed and approved the discovery document and the creative brief. (Aug.)
  • Reviewed site information architecture; conducted A/B tests with first- and second-year students from the three schools (Sept.)
  • Revised and approved the site’s information architecture (Sept.)
  • Gathered new, revised, updated content; began content review (Sept.-Oct.)
  • Reviewed homepage designs (Oct.)

I welcome your questions about the project. Please email me or call x3602.



Kira Poplowski
Vice President for Communications and Marketing