It’s part of an exhibit featuring pieces from local colleges.

Assistant Professor Jason Karolak represents Drew.
Assistant Professor Jason Karolak represents Drew.

November 2016 – Two students and a professor from Drew University are showcasing their art in a Morris Museum exhibit of the best work from four colleges in Morris County.

Beyond Drew, the participating schools are Fairleigh Dickinson University, the College of Saint Elizabeth and County College of Morris. The exhibit, which opened in September and runs through Nov. 30, is a first of its kind at the museum, according to curator Jody Marcus and her assistant, Alexandra Willis C’15.

“The premise of the exhibit was to examine if faculty tutelage influenced student work,” Willis said. “In the case of Drew, there was quite a lot of influence from the faculty member.”

Representing Drew is Assistant Professor of Art Jason Karolak, Anais Lopez C’17 and Amelia Breckenridge C’18. Lopez and Breckenridge emerged from a group of eight that put forth paintings.

Karolak, who has taught in The Forest since 2010, uses a conversational approach to help students produce their best work.

“I didn’t want to create a direct influence. I am more interested in the dialogue we had when the students studied with me in my two courses,” Karolak said. “The students I selected were thinking about ideas around color and painting like color selection and color relations. The students worked super hard and the exhibit is an opportunity to display some of that dialogue.”

“Professor Karolak is great at feedback,” Lopez said. “He’s good at understanding what you’re trying to do and how to make it better.”

Amelia’s process was about authenticity. “The professor challenged me to communicate a message through my art and to be more abstract,” Breckenridge said. “He pushed me to paint things that I could look back on and smile and say that this piece was me as an artist, not just me as a student.”

The museum, which is at 6 Normandy Heights Road in Morristown, is open Tuesday to Saturday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sundays from noon to 5 p.m. Here’s a closer look at the Drew pieces.



Artist: Anais Lopez C’17

Piece: “Manipulation” (oil on canvas medium)

Description: “Through the use of fabrics and colored light I was able to see all the colors within the structure and then portray it onto the pieces itself. I’ve always been fascinated by color–this piece helped in paying close attention to the hues and shades according to how I placed the light.”




Artist: Amelia Breckenridge C‘18

Piece: “Pennsylvania Landscape” (oil on canvas medium)

Description: “I primarily blended colors to recreate the route on my road trip to Pennsylvania to visit my grandmother—a memory to preserve my childhood. It’s a landscape of a farm near York, Pennsylvania with a mix of realism and romanticism and a bit of contemporary feel.”



Artist: Jason Karolak, assistant professor of art

Piece: “Untitled” (oil on linen over panel)

Description: “This piece represents the kind of art that I do—structuring color ideas through line and creating a drawn structure that organizes color in ways that are intuitive and logical and those two things co-existing.”