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Drew Magazine’s fall issue celebrates Dr. William Campbell, Drew Fellow and winner of the 2015 Nobel Prize for Medicine, relives the inauguration of President MaryAnn Baenninger on October 2, recognizes the more than 5,000 alumni and friends who supported Drew this past fiscal year, praises our athletic Hall of Famers and more.


Nobel Prize for Medicine to Drew Fellow William CampbellPage-for-png-files2

Longtime RISE mentor honored for discovery of life-saving drug.

Mead 207 | Message from the Presidentmab-e1415980549218

“A liberal arts education must connect those things that appear separated, and it must make the predictable unpredictable.”

The Inauguration of President MaryAnn BaenningerPage-for-png-files

With promise, expectation and tradition, Drew inaugurated its 13th president.

Our Colors Are Blue and GreenPage-for-png-files4

Cheers to our Hall of Famers and a look ahead to a new challenge.

Around the DrewniversePage-for-png-files3

An insider’s guide to what’s happening on campus.

Honor Roll of DonorsPage-for-png-files7

This year, more than 5000 alumni and friends made gifts from $5 to $1.6 million. Each one counted in a record-breaking year.

A Gift of RemembrancePage-for-png-files5

A later-in-life academic pursuit yields a second career and a lasting legacy.

BackTalk | Vanessa Van Brunt C’92Page-for-png-files6

Asset manager, Drew trustee and former police officer.