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The University and the City


This special issue of Drew Magazine is framed around a single theme, “The University and the City”—inspired by the ways in which the Drew community engages with the world beyond the Forest. From diverse internships with local nonprofits to corporate enterprises to semesters spent exploring faraway lands, Drew itself is that open gateway for building community, making connections and educating on a world-class scale.

Feature Stories

boardersStudents without Borders

A semester in London. A school-break trip to Belize. Summer tours of China, South Africa, Morocco, Brazil, and beyond. Each year hundreds of Drew students travel outside the United States for learning

civicIn Pursuit of the Greater Good

Drew’s Center for Civic Engagement helps the university make a lasting difference for communities in need.

Town, Meet Gowntowngown

Spurred by former President Thomas H. Kean, Drew has fostered a multifaceted and mutually beneficial partnership with its hometown.

A Classroom Called New Yorkartsem

From the canyons of Wall Street to the art galleries of Soho and the United Nations complex on the East River, New York City—just an hour away by train—provides Drew students with a fertile learning ground and a robust job market.


mab-e1415980549218Mead 207 | Message from the President

The city makes explorers of us.


News from alums of the CLA, Theo School and Caspersen, and In Memoriam, remembering those who have died.

jordanBackTalk | Jordan Glatt C’84

Former Mayor of Summit, New Jersey.