This time in communications and media.

Communications_Inside _030Senior Erin O’Connor C’15 has always been interested in communications.

She serves on the executive board of Drew’s radio station and helps with social media at her part-time job in the Center for Career Development. She said she was “extremely excited” to be among the first students to sign up for the new New York Semester on Communications and Media, launching in January.

O’Connor says she hopes to go into the field of public relations and knows that meeting with professionals in the city can help her with her goals. “We’re going to get to go into different places, radio stations, news companies, public relations firms,” she says.

Drew students already study international diplomacy at the United Nations, meet with brokers and practice investing on Wall Street, and learn about contemporary art at museums and in professional artists’ studios in Manhattan as part of Drew’s New York Semester programs. The new communications and media program will be under the direction of English Professor Sandra Jamieson.

“I see this program as an exciting opportunity for students in any major who have strong communication skills and want to couple them with the expertise and knowledge they have learned in their major,” says Jamieson. It’s not just for aspiring writers or television broadcasters, she says, science majors can learn about writing for a medical journal, business majors can get a better sense about advertising and public relations, and humanities majors can explore everything from publishing to digital media opportunities.

Michael Pellessier C’15 has studied photography and worked in both student government and student life. He’s enrolled in the semester program and hopes to find an externship where he can use the skills he’s learned as a business major. “With this communications semester, it’s really going to open up to the Drew students an area that hasn’t opened up before,” he says.

Students will have classroom learning in New York City, along with twice-weekly trips to companies and firms. They’ll also blog about their experiences

They also will network with professionals and receive mentoring and networking opportunities, particularly from Drew University alumni already working in the field of integrated communications.

“I’ve always thought of communications as something cool to go into,” Pellessier says. “We’re going to see the whole spectrum, the whole 360 degree view.”—Elizabeth Moore