Careers, academia, beckon new grads

From the hallowed halls of the Ivies to the financial district of New York City, the members of Drew’s Class of 2014 are heading far and wide to follow their dreams.

For some that means pursuing a graduate degree in molecular biology at Princeton or psychology at NYU. For others, it’s joining the Teach for America corps or interning at local museums. Still others are diving right into jobs at Lincoln Center, Aon Hewitt, Disney and others. Here is a snapshot of four of our pride-worthy 2014 grads:

MModic_Inside1Megan Modic
Analyst, New York Life

All Megan Modic needs now is an apartment in New York so she can be close to her new job with New York Life Investment Management, a branch of the New York Life Insurance Company.

Modic said it was two experiences at Drew—the Wall Street Semester and being part of The Fund, a student-led investment club—that helped land her the job. Visiting investment banks, boutique firms and trading floors during her Wall Street semester introduced her to Drew alumni and others who work in finance. “It’s a great entrance, there’s a lot of networking,” says Modic, an economics major and Baldwin Scholar while at Drew. “Everyone’s career path is very different. Drew has a lot of options for you.”

The Cape Cod native also completed two internships, one with Morgan Stanley Wealth Management and one with the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia. Modic said she’s not sure what the long-term future will bring but is looking forward to spending the next decade working in finance. “I really don’t think I’m going to get sick of living in New York City for a while,” she says, laughing.

TAndres_052Tim Andres
Computer Science Academy Resident, Google

Tim Andres is heading to Mountain View, Calif., in September, where he will work full time at Google’s computer science academy, which trains fledgling software engineers to work at Google.

Andres, who majored in computer science, said working on a research project for three years at Drew with former Professor Shannon Bradshaw gave him the edge in getting the position there. His work with Bradshaw involved a software project allowing scholars to take images of manuscripts, and crowd source annotations, creating new knowledge.

Andres also fielded requests and doled out money for campus clubs as a student government officer. “It was a fantastic experience,” he says. “It’s one thing to read in a textbook, but it’s another thing to have to work with people and resolve conflicts.”

Mariel_Hooper_11_InsideMariel Hooper
Graduate Study, Harvard Law

Mariel Hooper, who majored in English and political science, says an internship working for a congressman inspired her to become a lawyer working for social change. “I met people who needed legal services, and they couldn’t afford it,” she recalls.

That’s why Hooper is headed this August to Harvard Law School, one of several law schools that accepted her. “Harvard has a curriculum I’m really excited about,” she says, citing the school’s Law and Social Change program of study. “I want to make meaningful change in the court system.”

Hooper, who grew up in South Jersey, also spent a summer as an intern for the city of Philadelphia’s legal department, which further solidified her interest in nonprofit and public interest law.

RJVoorman_SliderR.J. Voorman
Financial Analyst, Merrill Lynch

R.J. Voorman said he’ll never forget the support and mentorship he got from Drew alumni when he was trying to choose between two entry-level job opportunities. “They dropped everything and got on a call with me,” says the new financial analyst, who is already at work with the private banking and investment group at Merrill Lynch.

Voorman, an economics major, credited his numerous internships with guiding him to his new career. “The internships were invaluable,” he says. Voorman got a chance to intern at Bank of America, the Bank of New York Mellon and Merrill Lynch, his new employer.

The Wyckoff, N.J., native said he would encourage students to take part in clubs and student activities and take advantage of the mentoring offered by professors and alumni. “Drew gives you the opportunity to put yourself in a position to find out who you really are,” he says. “The fact that it’s a small school means you have a little bit more opportunity to take leadership roles.”—Elizabeth Moore

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