Online applications being accepted for summer courses that start June 30.

Madison, NJ – Is SummerTerm at Drew University a good time to: A) Get required courses out of the way? B) Take a class at an accelerated level and get it finished quickly? C) Enjoy the bucolic setting of Drew in the summer whether you’re in high school or college?

The answer is yes, to all of the above.

Drew’s second session of SummerTerm begins on June 30, and there are a variety of courses being offered – everything from organic chemistry to photography. Drew’s summer courses are open to Drew students, visiting college students, post-baccalaureate students and certain high school juniors and seniors.

High school students can explore college by applying to Drew’s Early College Program. They will study on campus alongside college students and earn credits that can be applied toward their undergraduate studies.

Besides academic classes, high school students also are invited to enroll in a special two-week noncredit Art Portfolio Preparation class in painting and drawing. Those students will work on their art portfolio in Drew’s own studios.

College students may want to use the summer term to enroll in a challenging class so they can focus over the summer, without the distractions of other classes. Or, taking one class over the summer may be the perfect fit for a student who is working or participating in an internship.

Interested in theatre? Students can enroll in an introduction to theatre arts class, theatre technology course or assist Newark students in putting on a play through Theatre in the Community. There are courses on classic mythology, creative writing and detective fiction and film. In addition, chemistry, physics, psychology and sociology courses are being offered.

However, time is running out to enroll. To register, contact Drew’s SummerTerm office at 973-408-3310 or