Actors and Dancers Ask: Is it TOO BIG?

toobigIn their youth, they believed in the power of good over evil, friendship and loyalty, and happy endings – all of the messages in the powerful children’s book series, Harry Potter.

As they grew up, they became more cynical, realized the competitive nature of survival and sought to win – just like the characters in the series the Hunger Games.

Now the seniors in the Dance and Theatre departments are taking the parables of two popular book series, adding original songs, dances and dialogue to create an original dramatic production as their Capstone project that showcases the struggles of young adulthood.

TOO BIG, the brainchild of Associate Professor Lisa Brenner, will be directed by professional director Barbara Pitts McAdams, whose New York-based Tectonic Theater Company produced The Laramie Project. TOO BIG will be performed at the Kirby Theater at 7 p.m. on April 24 & 25, and at 2 p.m. April 26.

Drew is one of four universities nationwide exploring the theme TOO BIG Some of the costs of the play are being underwritten by an Andrew W. Mellon grant.

The play explores issues facing the Millennial generation – including how to pay for college and find a job after graduation. The play is satirical, serious and funny in parts and takes on social media, student debt, selfies, the generation gap and includes original music played on a ukulele.

“We’re talking about Millennials and their place in the world, the economy and how it’s affecting the Millennials,” says Senior Courtney Cooke, who is in the play.

“It impacts us directly no matter what our background is,” says Senior Cassidy Nogueira. “It’s a problem that seems too big, but the more information you have, the better you can battle it.”

Admission to the shows is free.  Talkback with community organizations will follow the performances.