Drew’s latest feel-good social media.


When Victor Pérez ’13, heard about Drew Compliments, a new Facebook group that lets members of the Drew community say nice things to each other, he thought it was a neat idea. Still, he was still surprised when this appeared:

“Victor Pérez is probably the sweetest person ever. He’s always so friendly, his laugh is infectious and he’s just so caring of those around him. Even if you don’t know him very well he’s still happy to stop and give you a hug and hear about your day. He’s one of my secret favorites!”

“Compared to those sleazy websites that try to gain popularity by harming the image of fellow students, this Facebook page tries to encourage a positive outlook on our experience as Drew students,” says Pérez.

The Facebook page is run by a Drew student (whom we’ll call DC because he or she wants to stay anonymous). Send a note into the site, and DC will post it—without your name—for everyone to see.

DC got the idea from Queen’s University in Ontario and launched a Drew-specific site in December on both Facebook and Tumblr.

“In an ideal world, it would be easy, okay and convenient to tell someone how you feel,” says DC, via email. “But that’s not how it always works. I want people to have a place to say these things because we just don’t get to say them enough.”

The Facebook group now has 600 members, and compliments are posted just about every day. In January, DC says the Facebook page site received 60 compliments, and 30 were sent through Tumblr.

“I thought it was a really sweet idea,” says Calley Fisk ’13, who was complimented in February, and says she’ll be sending one soon (or already has—she wants to stay anonymous too). “When someone does something nice for you, it’s natural to want to do something nice in return.”—Jen A. Miller