A new video shows what makes Drew Drew.

A fresh and visually powerful Drew recruitment video is making the rounds this semester at college fairs and open houses.

Geared to prospective students, the video rolls out Full-Impact Learning, Drew’s core educational philosophy whose goal is to push students to think, question and shun intellectual complacency, all qualities in high demand in today’s job market.

Even without an Oscar category for recruitment videos, the production has garnered critical acclaim: “Great job capturing the breadth and depth of a Drew education,” says Professor of Political Science Debra Liebowitz, “in under five minutes.”

Flashing through hundreds of campus images (see how many people and places you recognize), the video also features a commissioned soundtrack by MadAve alumnus and New York composer Ross Michaels ’08 (see sidebar).

The project—“produced by Drew students and alumni for future Drew students and alumni”—showcases the talents of a dozen photographers and videographers, the voice-over talents of undergraduates Sophie Blum ’13, Emily Crawford ’14, Jessica Funtenatto ’14, Matthew Lerner-Lam ’13 and Rob Van Horn ’14 and direction and editing by Thirst, an award-winning Chicago-based design firm.

All in the Family

The video’s catchy soundtrack comes courtesy of former MadAve president and composer Ross Michaels ’08 and his songwriting partner Jordan Batiste. “Drew’s personality really comes through in the colorfulness and vibrancy of this video,” says Michaels. “I wanted the music to build on that in an upbeat way, to show people what we’re all about.”—Michael Bressman ‘06