What Drew people can’t wait for as the countdown to winter break begins.

Home-cooked meals and reading books not assigned for class
—Shauntia Harrison ’14

Spending time with family
—Kelly Johnson ’13

Traveling to El Salvador
—Susan Goodman, Theological School

Working on job applications
–Nick Canan ’13

Some rest
—BJ Saysay, payroll coordinator and recent recipient of the 2012 Drew Employee of the Year

Drew athletics events over break (shameless plug)
—Jason Fein, director of athletics 

Possibly learning sign language
—Lucy Weathers ’13

Polishing off a talk I’ll give at the International Congress on Medieval Studies in the spring and a reef diving trip to Curaçao
—James Hala, professor of English

Preparing mentally and physically for lacrosse season
—Alex Majd ’13

Spending time with my daughter, home from her job in Hawaii
—Lynne DeLade, Caspersen School of Graduate Studies 

Jan-term class
—Portia Dezen ’13

Life explodes in the fall. January is a good time to clean up and prepare for spring.
—Jim Bazewicz, associate professor of theatre arts

Watching my college senior son do the laundry he left in the hallway.
—Annabel Bissett, residential properties coordinator

Horseback riding and preparing big meals together as a family in Los Angeles, then working on a couple of articles in January
—Maliha Safri, assistant professor of economics

Seeing Edward Albee’s Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, that chilling play about academic life that fascinated me way back in college.
—Terry Todd, associate professor, Theological School

Going home to Ireland
—Niamh Hamill, Caspersen School of Graduate Studies

Doing nothing on the beach in Florida
—Meredith Patterson ’16

Skating at Rockefeller Center and seeing the tree with my family like we do every year. And seeing my dog
—John Ford ’14