MADISON, NJ—Sentences 4, a five-day conference on writing, will bring some of Drew University’s most prominent literary alumni back to Madison, where each one will offer a live reading of their acclaimed work. The conference, which will run from July 30 to August 3, will feature public readings each day at 5:00 p.m. in the Wendel Room in Mead Hall.

Featured writers include non-fiction writer Damon DiMarco; journalist Tom Fowler; fiction author William Giraldi; and playwright Kathryn Grant.

According to Robert Ready, dean of Drew’s Caspersen School of Graduate Studies and organizer of Sentences 4, each of the featured writers has something unique and valuable to offer.

“Some of them are very well known now, while others are emerging stars in the literary world,” he said. “But each one has mastered the craft of writing and is sure to captivate their audience of listeners.”

Giraldi’s (Reading: Monday, July 30) most recent novel, “Busy Monsters,” was published in 2011 by W.W. Norton. When he’s not creating his own work, Giraldi serves as a faculty member at Boston University and as the senior fiction editor for the journal AGNI. He is a regular contributor to The New York Times Book Review and is a past recipient of the Pushcart Prize. His works have appeared in numerous literary magazines, journals and other periodicals, including The Daily Beast, Georgia Review, Bookforum, Salon, Southern Review, Ploughshares and Yale Review. Giraldi holds an undergraduate degree from Drew’s College of Liberal Arts.

Grant (Reading: Tuesday, July 31), a graduate of Drew’s Caspersen School of Graduate Studies, is a decorated playwright. Her past awards and honors include a 2011 citation from the American Theater Critics Association, the Premiere Stages Festival Award, the Jerry Kaufman Award in Playwrighting and the Berilla Kerr Award. She is best known for her plays “The Good Counselor,” which was adapted from her doctoral dissertation at Drew, and “Handicapped People in their Formal Attire,” a performance piece that was presented at the Actors Studio. In addition to writing her own works, Grant also teaches playwrighting at Drew and St. Francis College in Brooklyn.

DiMarco (Reading: Wednesday, August 1), a graduate of Drew’s College of Liberal Arts, is the author of “Tower Stories: An Oral History of 9/11,” which features a forward by former New Jersey Governor Thomas H. Kean, chairman of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States and former president of Drew University. DiMarco’s other works include “The Actor’s Art & Craft” and “My Two Chinas: The Memoir of a Chinese Counterrevolutionary,” which includes a forward by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Fowler (Reading: Thursday, August 2) is currently a Houston-based reporter for the Wall Street Journal, covering the energy industry. Prior to this, he served as a business reporter for the Houston Chronicle. In this position, he was known for his coverage of the emergence of wind power, the downfall of Enron and the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. He was the founder of the Chronicle’s FuelFix Web site, which is a blog devoted to Texas’ energy business. Fowler holds a bachelor of arts degree from Drew’s College of Liberal Arts.

Sentences 4, along with each featured writer’s public appearance, is generously supported by John and Patrice (’03) Kelly.

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