Undergrad Wins Goldwater Scholarship

MADISON, NJ—Drew University junior Ann Mularz has been named a 2008 Goldwater Scholar by the Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Foundation based on the strength of her academic record, faculty recommendations and her plans for future research.  Mularz was selected from a field of over 1,000 student nominees with backgrounds in mathematics, science and engineering.

“Discovering new knowledge has always been appealing to me and that’s why I want to become a scientist,” said Mularz.  “To me, chemistry’s excitement lies within what can be learned in the laboratory.”

The Linden, NJ, native sees herself earning a Ph.D. in chemistry and pursuing a career in nanotechnology, which is the applied science of controlling matter at the atomic scale, and the fabrication of microscopic devices.  In her written statement to the Goldwater foundation, she proposes to investigate ways to connect transition metal clusters via molecules which are bifunctional, or have two attachment points.  This type of research, according to Mularz’s chemistry advisor, Dr. Mary-Ann Pearsall, would represent a major stride an emerging field known as organometallic nanotechnology.

“As evidenced by her Goldwater award, Ann’s research idea is very impressive,” said Dr. Pearsall.  “If she applies it to nanotechnology, it should form the basis for a future grant.”

Named in honor of a former soldier and United States Senator, the Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Foundation annually awards scholarships to students who demonstrate high achievement in mathematics, science and engineering.  The program’s goal is to support the development of the future’s leading professionals in these three areas.  The foundation was established in 1986 by an act of Congress. 

“I’m really honored to receive such a distinguished scholarship,” said Mularz.  “I take my scientific endeavors and achievement very seriously, and it’s good to know that others do as well, especially the Goldwater foundation’s board.”