Curriculum Overview


Curriculum Overview

Level Fall Spring
Year 1 or 2


NEUR-101: Intro. to Neuroscience BIOL-160: Diversity of Life
CHEM-150/151: General Chemistry I CHEM-160/161: General Chemistry II
  MATH-117: Statistics (Spring of Year 1 or Fall of Year 2)
Year 2


BIOL-250: Molecular & Cell Biology NEUR-210: Research Methods
Year 3 or 4


NEUR-346: Systems Neuro.

NEUR-354: Cognitive Neuro.

NEUR-356: Cell & Molecular Neuro
Year 2-4


(12 credits) from a list of approved NEUR, BIOL, CHEM, PSYC, ANTH, PHIL, PHYS, MATH, or LING courses.  Recently offered elective courses include: Diseases of the Brain, Endocrinology, Neuroethics, Rhythms of the Brain, Computational Modeling of Neural Systems, Primatology, Anatomy and Physiology I, Animal Behavior, Biochemistry, Intermediate Statistics, Philosophy of Mind, Learning and Behavior, Cognition, Language, etc.
Year 4


  NEUR-400: Capstone Seminar


NEUR-411: Specialized Honors in Neuro.