This film, circa 1925, was presented by the Board of Education of the Methodist Episcopal Church, William S. Bovard, Corresponding Secretary. It was produced by the Class in Religious Dramatics under the direction of Miss Elisabeth Edland, photographed and edited by Dwight R. Furness. The film depicts the life of a seminary student from the time he arrives on campus and is greeted at the Bowne Memorial Gateway through his graduation date, after which he leaves through the gate ready to serve in a pulpit somewhere in the world.

Besides students, several prominent faculty appear in the film, many names still recognizable from the various buildings on campus. The beginning shows students shaking hands with President Ezra Squier Tipple, and others include Edwin Lewis, John Newton Davies, Frederick W. Hannan, John A. Faulkner, and William M. Gilbert.

A few other items to watch for: The Rose Window, seen in the interior and exterior views of the Cornell Library, now installed over the entrance to the Learning Center. The dining hall is now Great Hall in S.W. Bowne, the building for the Caspersen School of Graduate Studies. The bell rung at mealtime was the Victory Bell and it was later used when Brothers College teams won sports events, sadly given up for scrap metal during World War II.

1925 Seminary Film