The core database for this discipline is MathSciNet.
For assistance, contact research specialist Jennifer Heise,, x3675.

Name Description Guide E-print Archive

Searchable collection of over half a million open access e-prints in math & computer science, statistics, physics, and quantitative biology.


Full text database of over 300 journals; generally does not contain most recent materials. Most journals lack the last several years, but holdings are very deep, with many journals running back more than a hundred years.


Provides full text access, 1940-present, of Mathematical Reviews and bibliographic data in Current Mathematical Publications.

Penguin Dictionary of Mathematics

2008 dictionary on all branches of pure and applied mathematics. Includes 200 biographical entries. ( In Credo Reference )


The Elsevier Science journal collection covers disciplines besides the sciences; indexes over 2,800 journals; full text available for over 1,000 journals.


Science web search engine provided by Elsevier. ( Go into Preferences and Enable the Library Connection links for Drew University Library )

Web of Knowledge (ISI Citation Indexes)

3 major citation indexes covering the Sciences, the Social Sciences and Arts & Humanities. Start with a known article and find other articles that have cited it.

Web Sites

The core database for this discipline is MathSciNet.
For assistance, contact research specialist Jennifer Heise,, x3675.

  • AMS Digital Mathematics Registry: Journal List

    List of mathematics journals that are available online worldwide. Items marked with a Globe are freely available/downloadable.

  • AMS: American Mathematical Society

    Links to Mathematics journals, bibliographies, listservs, government resources, career information, and other general resources.

  • Calculus Animations

    Mathcad 14 animations of calculus learning/teaching demonstrations, in AVI format (use Windows Media, RealAudio, or QuickTime), submitted by math faculty and teachers

  • College Math Resources

    Subject-faceted list of unique material, directed toward first- and second-year college students. It covers precalculus, calculus, and some differential equations, supplements to the textbooks. Use the pull down menu to narrow to your area of interest, then click “Get Results” to see a list of links.

  • E-print Network: Research Communications for Scientists and Engineers

    Full text of articles in science (especially physics) and technology.

  • EqWorld: The World of Mathematical Equations

    This site contains methods and exact solutions for a multitude of mathematical equations, including algebraic, differential, partial differential, integral, and functional equations

  • Khan Academy

    Short video tutorials of math (including algebra and calculus), biology, chemistry, physics.

  • e-Print archive mirror

    Open access to 400,000+ e-prints in Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Quantitative Biology and Statistics, owned and funded by Cornell University with partial funding from NSF.

  • MAA Distinguished Lecture Series – Past Lectures

    Online notes, transcripts and audio of lectures from the Mathematical Association of America’s Distinguished Lecture Series. Mathematicians discuss current trends in Mathematics in a way that is accessible to the average listener. Transcripts are by MAA staff, but listening to the lectures is a much more accurate way of getting the gist.

  • MAA Online: Classroom Capsules and Notes

    Classroom materials for the teaching of undergraduate mathematics, classified by title, author, subject, keywords & relevant course. From the Mathematical Association of America.

  • MAA: Mathematical Association of America

    Focuses on mathematics done in undergraduate institutions. Read online journals, news and features, professional development information, and about programs, meetings and employment information.

  • Martindale’s Calculators On-Line Center / Mathematics Center

    “Calculators, Applets, Spreadsheets, and where Applicable includes: Courses, Manuals, Handbooks, Simulations, Animations, Videos/Movies, etc.”

  • Math Forum @ Drexel University

    Information and resources for K-16 math teachers from Drexel University, with partial funding from NSF.

  • Math on the Web

    A guide and directory to web-available resources in Mathematics, produced by the American Mathematics Society.

  • Mathematical Atlas: A Gateway to Modern Mathematics

    Organized according to the Mathematics Subject Classification devised by the AMS. Each division of the classification has introduction, list of subdivisions, bibliography of general works on the subject, selected Web sites with hotlinks, and hotlinks to related sites.

  • MathVids

    Free math instructional videos (though extra features require subscription), submitted by math faculty and teachers.

  • MIT OpenCourseware: Mathematics

    Lecture notes, online lectures, problem sets, and practice tests for many levels of undergraduate mathematics. Developed and open-source released by MIT.

  • S.O.S. MATHematics

    Provides refreshers on higher mathematical concepts from algebra to differential equations.

  • : for Science – Government Science Portal

    A gateway to authoritative selected science information provided by U.S. Government agencies, including research and development results.

  • SIAM: Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

    Features journals online, recently posted articles, activity groups, and information on careers and educational opportunities for mathematics students. Applied mathematics is the focus.

  • Single Variable Calculus: MIT OpenCourseware

    Free online version of MIT’s calculus course. Look at Video Lectures, lecture notes, problem sets, practice exams.

  • TechXtra: Engineering, Mathematics, and Computing

    Math and computer science articles, books, websites, industry news, job announcements, technical reports, technical data, full text eprints, research, theses & dissertations, teaching and learning resources.

  • Trailblazing: Three and a half centuries of Royal Society Publishing

    A selection of historically significant papers by (mostly) famous scientists. Use the “find” function to search by scientist or keyword. (PDF)