1. What’s the best way to find out what resources and services the library provides to me and my students?
    Make an appointment with your Reference Specialist:
Librarian Phone Email
Humanities Jody Caldwell (973) 408-3481 jcaldwel@drew.edu
Jennifer (Jenne) Heise (973) 408-3675 jheise@drew.edu
Rick Mikulski (History) (973) 408-3480 rmikulski@drew.edu
Sciences Margery Ashmun (973) 408-3483 mashmun@drew.edu
Math/Comp.Sci. Jennifer (Jenne) Heise (973) 408-3675 jheise@drew.edu
Social Sciences Rick Mikulski (973) 408-3480 rmikulski@drew.edu
Jody Caldwell (Anthropology, Sociology) (973) 408-3481 jcaldwel@drew.edu
Education Jennifer (Jenne) Heise (973) 408-3675 jheise@drew.edu
Theology Jesse Mann (973) 408-3472 jmann@drew.edu
  1. How many books may I take out?
    Faculty may borrow 200 items with unlimited renewals.  Due Date is February 14th each year.  All items are subject to recall at any time for Reserves and after 30 days for another user.   For more information on policies, including fines, check https://uknow.drew.edu/confluence/x/UpZjAQ
  1. How do I put something on Reserve for my classes?
    Detailed information on reserve policies and procedures can be found at  https://uknow.drew.edu/confluence/display/Library/Library+Reserve+Services.  To see what’s currently available on Reserve, go to the library catalog at https://librarycat.drew.edu/.  Click on “Reserve Desk.”  Reserve Contact Information:  Johanna Edge, telephone 973-408-3875, email jedge@drew.edu.
  1. May I request that the Library purchase specific titles Drew doesn’t own?
    If you wish to recommend books to be acquired by the Library, use the online form at http://www.drew.edu/library/about/forms/acquisitions, or contact your Collection Development Liaison – there’s a list at http://www.drew.edu/library/about/staff/deptliaisons .  Refer to the Library’s Collection Development Policies and Procedures document for more detail at https://uknow.drew.edu/confluence/display/Library/Collection+Development+Policies+and+Procedures.
  1. How do I find journals?
    Check Journal List on Research Resources (http://www.drew.edu/library/research/journals) , and enter the title of the journal you’re looking for.
  1. What about journals we don’t have?
    Due to budgetary restraints and the ongoing commitment required for journal subscriptions, it may not be possible to acquire new journals without canceling other subscriptions.  Refer to the Library’s Collection Development Policies and Procedures document for more detail at https://uknow.drew.edu/confluence/x/zZZjAQ .  Check with your Collection Development Liaison.
  1. What resources and databases do we have?
    To enable you and your students to do better research, the library subscribes to databases in all major areas of study at Drew.  They are available from our Research Resources page at http://www.drew.edu/library/research/databases-by-title-a-z.  To find resources within specific disciplines, go to http://www.drew.edu/library/research/subject-databases . Reference librarians are also happy to show you what’s new.   Off-campus access uses your Drew username and password.
  1. How can I get material from other libraries?
    Our Interlibrary Loan service is great.  Place requests either at https://illiad.drew.edu/  or (for books) through WorldCat.  ILL is generally free, although if we can only get the item you’re requesting from a library that charges us (most don’t), we do pass that charge on to you. Drew Faculty can also get borrowing privileges at other VALE NJ Academic libraries: https://uknow.drew.edu/confluence/x/epZjAQ
  1. I want to be sure my students can do the research I expect.  Can the Library help?
  1. How does the Library get in touch with me?
    All library information and notices are sent to your Drew email address.  Using your Drew network username and password, you can view your holdings, renew your books, see your recall requests, and see any fines online through the Drew Library Catalog at: https://librarycat.drew.edu/ , in “My Library Account.”