Martin Luther King to be heard again at Drew, Feb. 26

On February 5, 1964, Martin Luther King, Jr. spent the day at Drew University. At 8 p.m. that evening he gave his lecture “The American Dream” before over 5,000 people. The talk was given in Baldwin Gymnasium and broadcast to overflow crowds in Great Hall and the University Center.   On Wednesday, February 26, 2014 we will commemorate […]

Citation Trouble? Endnote Web Can Help. (Rescheduled)

Endnote Web is a free, web-based citation management tool that can help you keep track of your research sources and work with Word to create notes and  bibliographies for your papers.   EndnoteWeb training workshops will be held  Monday Feburary 10 from 4:00 to 5:00  PM Wednesday February 12 from Noon to 1:00 PM Both in Brothers College […]

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Conversations on Collecting, 2/19: Ernest Rubinstein

February 19, 2014 “Selecting Books, Collecting Books, and Storing Fictional Characters” Ernest Rubinstein Ernie Rubinstein, who has been theological librarian at Drew University since August 2005, offers a collection of interrelated reflections on selecting books for a university library, collecting books for a personal library, and mentally archiving fictional characters from favorite novels and stories, who accompany us through life. Wednesday February […]

Theological Librarian Job Description

Articulate and implement an outreach program that includes: Providing specialized reference and research services in theological and religious studies and related fields, including the creation of webguides and other online tools. Working with faculty to integrate information literacy instruction into the Theological School curriculum. Using  new and emerging technologies, particularly to provide support for the […]

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Library Graffiti: Go home, Arctic. You’re Drunk.

Greg Laden’s blog post explaining how the ongoing presence of the Polar Vortex over the United States is compatible with a warming arctic has been posted and reposted on Facebook:   Encyclopedia of the Arctic So what is the “Polar Vortex”? Look here to see how this pressure system works and why we’re glad […]

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Library Graffiti: Sustainable Food & Food Systems

Feeling a little ‘bloated’ by the holiday feed? Here’s some ideas to digest. Oxford Encyclopedia of Food and Drink in America, 1st ed. Graze Farmer’s Markets and Community Supported Agriculture; do some Organic Gardening with the Food Counterculture and local girl Alice Waters. Online at:  Encyclopedia of Science, Technology, and Ethics To a chemist, […]

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Library Exhibit: Student Life at Drew

November 12-March 31 The Forest Dwellers of Madison: Student Life at Drew, 1867-2013 An exhibit documenting the student experience at Drew University from its 19th century Methodist origins to its richly diverse 21st century present. Exhibit materials include artifacts, documents, and photographs drawn from the Drew University Special Collections, University Archives, Methodist Library, and General […]

Library Graffiti: Chthonic Goddesses: Scary Ladies

Mythology is replete with chthonic goddesses—frightening figures of the underground realm of the dead. Check some out this autumn season. Death Gods: An Encyclopedia… Where better to find underworld goddesses? Check out Ereshkigal, the sadistic underworld sister of Babylonian goddess Inanna, or Nephthys, hawk-headed Egyptian goddess of death AND childbirth, and her compatriot Ammut, crocodilian […]

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