Tuesday, September 1

Is there a link to the “My Account” page somewhere?

The link to my library account can be found on the home page underneath the library hours and at the top of the page in the library catalog.

Wednesday, August 26

This is beautiful in its simplicity and clarity, balance of text and image, and links to greater depth as needed or wanted. A feel of much info integrated in a navigable way. Suggests a lot of careful thought. Congrats! And thank you for the little section on the Rose Window! One suggestion only–will there still be a new books list available from the catalog? all good wishes, Ernie Rubinstein

Thanks, Ernie! Yes, there will be a new books list in the new library catalog. I’ll let you know as soon as it’s ready.

Where do I find “library forms” to order texts?
Thank you.

Library forms are here : www.drew.edu/library/about/forms. The same link can be found on the “about” tab where it is called “Suggestion Box and more…

Sunday, August 23

Hi–this homepage doesn’t load correctly in safari.

Please take another look and see if the CSS adjustments mentioned below didn’t help

Thursday, August 20

Overall quite user friendly. The only problem is that the tabs get scrunched and overlap when I minimize the screen, or access the page on a mobile device.

The CSS has been adjusted so that the page does a better job of adapting to different screen sizes. We will be evaluating other mobile friendly library catalog options soon.