The Library has always been at the heart of Drew University.  The first president, John McClintock, gave priority to the creation of a scholarly library and sent an agent to Europe with $25,000 and a list of books. That first acquisition has grown into a collection that includes over 600,000 volumes, more than 400,000 documents, hundreds of online books and databases, access to over 45,000 journals online and/or in print, world-renowned archival collections, and a roster of services undreamed of in 1867.

Today, Drew students and faculty, as well as visiting scholars, local residents, and alumni use the Library and its resources extensively.  While the physical library is in great demand, students and faculty access many of our resources and services through their computers at any time and from any location of their choosing.  Ever-increasing requests to borrow materials from other libraries also help to meet the needs of the curriculum and research.

Friends of the Library Board at the 2011 Library Gala
Friends of the Library Advisory Board

An Invitation to Join the Friends

The primary mission of the Friends of the Drew University Library is to enable the collections to grow beyond the constraints of the Library budget. Consequently, the Friends have set an ambitious long-term goal—the raising of $1.5 million in endowment for the purchase of library materials. The Library Gala held every other year in January is our premier fundraising event.

I invite you to become a member of the Friends of the Drew University Library, participate in our activities, and gain the deep satisfaction of enabling our Library to grow in stature and effectiveness. Please call Deborah Strong, 973-408-3471, for further information or to request a copy of the Friends of the Library brochure and a copy of Visions, the Library newsletter.

Dr. Lynn Harris Heft
Chair, Friends of the Library

A Word from the Dean of Libraries Emeritus

The work of the Friends of the Library is indispensable to the mission of the Library. In recent years we have been able to purchase valuable sets of reference works that otherwise would have been beyond our means. The Friends ensure the health of an essential Drew tradition—the building of substantial collections of scholarly resources.

Dr. Andrew D. Scrimgeour
Dean of Libraries Emeritus