Out of the Vault.


Out of the Vault: Fall 2018

The Out of the Vault series is sponsored by the Department of Special Collections and University Archives of the Drew University Library. Each interactive session introduces participants to a particular collection or set of materials while providing opportunities for engagement with the materials. The sessions take place in the Wilson Reading Room of the United Methodist Archives and History Center and are free and open to the Drew community and general public. For additional information please email speccol@drew.edu or call 973-408-3590.

Fall 2018


Have you heard that the Methodist Archives now has a collection of Playboy magazines? Hosted by Angie Kirby Calder and Becca Miller this event discusses how Playboy is unique among other erotic magazines of its time for its role as a purveyor of culture through political commentary, literature, and interviews with prominent activists, politicians, authors, and artists.

Spring 2018

Here Be Dragons: A Look at Rare and Historical Maps

United Methodist Archives and History Center
From 15th century maps of the world to detailed battle maps from the Civil War, this event will showcase some of the strangest and most beautiful images in Drew’s rare book collections. Highlighting more than 500 years of map-making, this event will provide insight into how the world was seen by people at different points of history—including the dragons and monsters that roamed unknown lands!

Spring 2018

Music in the Archives: Hymns, Harmonies, and High Notes

United Methodist Archives and History Center
Drew University has one of the largest collection of hymnals in the world! There are more than 6,000 hymnbooks in the collection, some of which will be on display for this event. Come see highlights from 300 years of hymnbook history, as well as our oldest (and largest) music book: a massive choral book from the 15th century!