Assistance is available at the Reference HelpDesk (973-408-3588), located on level C, on the right as you enter the building. Staff is available to assist readers during hours posted at 973-408-3588. The staff can answer questions about library procedures and policies, help interpret bibliographic citations, locate elusive items, and assist in literature searches. ASK QUESTIONS! The staff is happy to help you.

RESEARCH APPOINTMENT CONSULTATIONS: Reference offers its services, including computer-based literature and information searching, for those seeking in-depth individualized assistance on a specific research paper, thesis, dissertation, or article in preparation. Appointments for consultations are made through the Reference Counter.

REFERRALS: Referrals to other library areas and services (Interlibrary Loan, Theological Librarian, Methodist Librarian, etc.) and to outside sources, from local to national, will be made as necessary.

Students who need to use material in another library may request a letter of introduction. For this service, please ask a Reference Librarian or the Theological Librarian.

ONLINE SEARCH SERVICES: Many online databases are available for users to search themselves. Librarians can search additional databases for students and faculty. Ask at the Reference Counter for recommendations of specific databases for your research.

REFERENCE COLLECTION: A collection of materials for consultation within the library, such as bibliographies, dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks, periodical indexes and abstracts, atlases, directories, etc., is shelved on level C.

E-REFERENCE: Reference questions can now be submitted via email using the form on our E-Reference page; or chat with a reference librarian online in real time on our web pages.

Librarian Phone Email
Humanities Jody Caldwell (973) 408-3481
Jennifer (Jenne) Heise (973) 408-3675
Rick Mikulski (History) (973) 408-3480
Sciences Margery Ashmun (973) 408-3483
Math/Comp.Sci. Jennifer (Jenne) Heise (973) 408-3675
Social Sciences Rick Mikulski (973) 408-3480
Jody Caldwell (Anthropology, Sociology) (973) 408-3481
Education Jennifer (Jenne) Heise (973) 408-3675
Theology Jesse Mann