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Whether writing papers or reading social media, it’s always best to check your facts…


Giant squid in NZ? Sharia law donuts? Prison for using a rainbarrel? Saw it on Facebook or heard it from a relative: is it real? “Keep Calm and Check Snopes.” A model of fact-checking since 1995, Snopes is the quintessential site for investigating rumors and urban legends. Snopes also posts fact-clarifying news stories.

Oxford English Dictionary

“You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” – The Princess Bride. Use the original crowdsourced dictionary to verify usage & definitions!

Statistical Abstract of the United States

Numbers are among the most misrepresented and mangled of facts; government numbers doubly so. Elections? Education? Business? Income? Check data & sources through this subscription service building on a venerable government compendium.

Charity Navigator

At this time of year, donation requests pour in. But what charities make good use of them? CharityNavigator calculates & offers info based on IRS Form 990s. See also:,


Want to compare crime data with tobacco use? Social Explorer will help. Find tables and create maps based on Census, other social data. (Create free account to save.)


From non-profit Annenberg Policy center, factchecking news & political claims. Check Out “How to Spot Fake News”:


Did gorilla Harambe get 15K votes in the election? Check Politifact’s Truth-o-Meter. (Hint: Pants on Fire).  Factchecking politics & pundits, sponsored by the Poynter Inst.

Association of Religion Data Archives

Which type of congregations are more likely to do social service? Who are Hutterite Brethren and where do they hang out? How many Sikhs in your county?

* Warning: browsing reference sources can be startling!

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