Asbury in AmericaFrancis Asbury and the Shape of American Methodism
March 7-April 30, 2016
United Methodist Archives and History Center
Curated by Dr. L. Dale Patterson, Archivist

Information: 973-408-3195, or

Francis Asbury, sent over to the American Colonies by John Wesley as a Methodist Preacher, became the leading bishop of American Methodism as it transformed from renewal movement to church.  Through example and sheer dogged determination he established the shape of American Methodism for its first one hundred years.  Asbury’s impact was in three key areas: itinerancy, the conference and the episcopacy.   This display emphasizes these aspects of Asbury’s leadership as well as the background of his life which may have influenced his character.  Asbury’s impact and the shape of American Methodism mirrors, in many respects, the development of the early years of the new United States.