United Methodist Archives and History Center
November 15, 2015 – February 22, 2016IMG_0498

Even among the organized and controlled environment of specials collections and archives there are hidden gems and buried treasures. The Discoveries and Donations Exhibit highlights some of the most recent and wonderful finds made through the donation and processing of collections.

The Special Collections and Archives staff has been hard at work making rare and unique materials available to researchers, visitors, and the whole Drew community, through the processIMG_0545ing of collections and cataloging of rare books. Through this exhibition of these items, we aim to highlight our newly donated and processed collections. From rare books to manuscripts and WWII uniforms, to letters from U.S. Presidents, the exhibit displays a wide variety of materials and objects that will captivate the curious.

Among the materials on display will be a selection of rare books from the Robert Campbell Jr. Collection, politically-centered material from Richard L. Walker, U.S. Ambassador to Korea, the letters and works of famous people from the Historical Manuscripts Collection, captivating magazines from the David Johnson Science Fiction Collection, and powerful and haunting examples from the Drew Center for Holocaust/Genocide Study Collections.LD_1115_StJamesBible_0129

The exhibit also includes the first edition, first issue of the King James Bible, which has been part of the Library’s Collection since the 1880s. The first issue is known as the “He Bible,” due to a typo in the book of Ruth. The King James Bible represents a pivotal point in the history of religious expression, the history of printing, and the development of the English language.

For more information, please contact speccol@drew.edu