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Homosexuality and Science:  a Guide to the Debates.

From nineteenth-century documents on cross-dressing, to the impact of the Cold War on perceptions of gays and lesbians, and how millennials identify.
Credo Reference:

Greenwood Encyclopedia of LGBT Issues Worldwide

Trace the conditions and issues of LGBTQ people country by country, from Andorra to Zimbabwe.
Reference HQ 76.G724 2010

 LGBTQ America today:  an encyclopedia

What came before Stonewall?  How has the Human Rights Campaign, the largest gay and lesbian political organization in the US, affected both local and national legislation and regulation?  Does the experience of LGBTQ people vary by the region of the country they’re in?
Reference HQ 73.3.U6 L43 2009

Supreme Court Watch

PBS’s coverage of the Defense of Marriage Act now before the Supreme Court.

Campus Pride

One of the largest LGBTQ organizations devoted to helping student leaders improve and enhance campus environments.

Encyclopedia of Contemporary LBGTQ literature of the US

What makes literature “gay” or “lesbian”?   Can straight authors write queer literature?  Is everything written by an LBGTQ novelist automatically considered  LBGTQ literature?
Reference  PS 153 .S39 2009

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Religious Archives Network

Explore the history of LGBT movements around the world, listen to in-depth interviews of religious leaders, and perhaps contribute information about individuals you know!

* Warning: browsing library resources can be mind-bending!

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