Drew Faculty Seminar 2012-13 presents

The Second of Three Events on the Theme
Scholarly Openings

Monday, March 25, 2013

4 p.m. Refreshments

4:30 p.m. Guest Speaker and Conversation

Founders Room, Mead Hall


Amherst College Press:

An Open Access Model* for Scholarly Publishing

Guest Speaker

Bryn Geffert, Librarian of Amherst College
Director, Amherst College Press


Martin Foys, Associate Professor of English

Harry Keyishian, Director, Fairleigh Dickinson University Press

Andrew D. Scrimgeour, Dean of Libraries

*The New Amherst Model

The Amherst College Press will solicit and publish compelling literature for everyone, without regard to location, affluence or affiliation. We will distribute scholarship, without charge, not just to those connected with academic libraries. Our publications will be available to all persons with Internet connections, everywhere and all the time.

  • We will produce publications rivaling those at top academic presses—created from manuscripts solicited from scholars worldwide and subject to rigorous peer-review by recognized experts.
  • Content and copy editing will be thorough, and good prose will be a hallmark of the press.
  • All publications will bear Creative Commons licenses.