Space still available for this workshop:

Though there’s more educational media—images, audio, video, learning interactives – out there than ever, there’s a  bottleneck keeping instructors from using it. The academic culture of information sharing comes up against the restrictions of copyright law with increasing frequency these days, restricting faculty to using expensive for-profit resources or putting in valuable time re-inventing the wheel to provide instructional materials for their classes. However, there are
alternatives. The Creative Commons and Copyleft communities provide ways to freely share and use educational materials with our colleagues across the globe—a model that’s working well for schools as diverse as MIT and
the Montessori Teachers Collective.

(Jointly sponsored by the Library, ITS, and the Art Department)

Jennifer Heise and Sonja Sekely-Rowland will discuss what Creative Commons and CopyLeft are, how they can be used, and how to find resources for your classes that are under these licenses.

Library Staff Room, Thursday March 29, 4 PM to 5 PM

Please contact Jennifer Heise ( or 973-408-3675 to sign up or to find out more.

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